Sunday, August 31, 2008

[ 39 - Home Alone ]

All went well at the hostel where my daughter stayed but the stereotype food and rules at the premises was not to my child's liking.
She took a decision to stay in our house and conveyed her desire to my wife.All mothers like daughters are more caring than their own self to a extent.So she took my permission and left for Bangalore to arrange a comfortable secure stay to my daughter.
She took maximum care to inform my tenant downstairs and arranged her friends daughter staying fortunately just opposite to our house to sleep in our house during nights and making sure everything is fine she and returned to joined me.
We used to talk to her on phone weekly and she was happy for over a year till she completed her first year graduation in First Class.
Now it was her desire to study for her tests in GRE and TOFEL examination and this study required maximum efforts, hard work, intelligence and undisturbed from any other worry on daily needs for her maintenance.
She was working hard and was informing us her progress and assuring us not to worry about anything.
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