Saturday, August 09, 2008

[ 19 - The Lion Moves in ]

Inside the mills the General Manager's quarters was vacant and I moved in to that Bungalow
to the surprise of all the Lions who were now Lambs.
There were no shadows to fight,it was my right,rite there,
rite than and than on.No one to come my way for nearly six and half years.
My new abode was just behind my office which was just in the same place of the Army man and his residence and was very comfortable.
With fans and air coolers.We had the services of mill paid servant and cook.
My son was now going to school in the mill car with other officers kids.
My wife had all north Indian ladies as her new friends.Everything was perfect
but inside unknown to me was a plan to use the Army man a north Indian
to bring them to their side,which he did but was unable to take away
my powers.My new appointment which he did, was sanctioned by the
Regional Director,who was a South India.Thus there was no question of
stopping the Lion's Roar.
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