Thursday, August 21, 2008

[ 32 - Enter/Exit - BINNY'S ]

I entered my dream mill Binny's, Bangalore after a few months of unemployment, as Project Manager in charge of big expansion plans drawn up by the mills,which was approved and financed by experts in turning sick mills in to healthy mills.The interview was short as the Resident Director of the mills a very honest and capable man who had spent his life time career at the Asia's biggest mill " Madura Coats " and I had known him and he had heard good about my work at Yellamma Mills.
The first day I was taken around the various departments by The Resident Director and was introduced as the new Project Manager of the mills to all the departmental heads including the Mill Manager.
They all were new to me except one good class mate who was in charge of Ware House.He had spent his full career after graduating in technology and was very proud of his stint at Binny's and I was unable to enter the mills,now that I had entered the mill and was placed in a higher position,I was happy even though it was for a short period.
I was not having any responsibility in my work which was only to co ordinate the supply of new machines and commissioning them.This was also done by the machinery suppliers.
I had completed about 70% of the project by this time the RD and the Chairman's Secretary had problems.
The RD was a person who could not take his integrity to be scanned by a person who had no knowledge of running a mill producing 1,00,000 meters of fabric of every type in the apparel market,with 20,000 KG of yarn of every type that is required.
The RD decided to resign and told me to resign.
My Honey Moon with Binny's ended.
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