Monday, August 11, 2008

[ 23 - Luck Strikes once again ]

The news that I got direct from The Technical Director that I was transfered over phone was indeed very surprising as Bangalore posting was a premium plum job since the perks were so good besides being my home town.I moved so fast from Gulbarga after staying for over seven years that many of my friends were unaware of my transfer.I sent all my bag and baggage to by lorry and left for Bangalore and traveled in my car with my son,daughter and wife and headed straight to the big bungalow at Malleswaram which I knew was vacant and this was the best place in the city where the mill was also located.The time was nearing around 12.00 Mid Night.The security at the bunglow was in confusion as there was no instructions to let me in.I was informed that there was no key available to the bunglow.I was mad and shouted at the security to go to the mills and get it.There was utter confusion and fear but they got the key and I entered the bunglow,to find half of it was filled with cloth bales and the other half was vacant.
I occupied the bungalow with out any permission from the officer in charge of mill various bungalow's,residences and quarters he was helpless and no one had the guts to tell me to move to any other place.
The smart Army man who was my boss was the one to allot any bunglalow to any officer.He was mad of my self occupation which he thought was insubordination and told the mill civil engineer to divide the bungalow in to two.
The mill civil engineer was my man as I had appointd him at Gulbarga and he got transfered to this mill.I told him if he enters my house he will not enter the mill gate.He reported to the Smart Army man his helplessness.
The smart Army man reported to The Chairman cum Managing Director who came to my house saw that it was inconvenient to a man in charge of the mills and his position.The file on the subject went to records room.
The first thing was to remove the cloth bales befour this incident.I informed the Sales Manager to remove the cloth bales from my Bungalow and Car Shed with in a week or else I would keep it near his bunglow.He did it soon.
I told the civil engineer to paint the bungalow he was glad to do it fast.
We settled down and had the pleasure of meeting all our relatives and inviting them to our house after a long time.
Everything was fine but the smart Army man my boss at Gulbarga a punjabi had done a bangla dance unknown to me.
All transfers were done by Chairman cum Managing Director after consultation with the four Directors.
The Finance Director.
The Technical Director.
The Marketing Director.
The Director Personal.
However in my case it was done with out his consultation by C M D and TD.Even FD was not consulted and he had no objection.( He was my cast ),the Director Personal was not bothered but the Smart Army man,being a Army man it was his grudge that procedure was not followed.
With out consulting anyone he issued a order through another Army man The Personal Director to the mills Finance Manager to take Charge as Acting General Manager.
My Luck was now in the back burner and I was burning for this lost chance of becoming the General Manager.
My work was fast and furious,the mill which was a mess was turned in to a mill with pleasing look and good working conditions which the worker's union was demanding the TD very seriously, the General Manager had resigned and gone away and there was no technically capable man to set right the mills except me which they thought was the right thing so I was called to take charge over phone since the matter was serious,without waiting for a official confirmation I hurried which was my mistake.I was not a man of procedure but action.I started my work with the co-operation of all staff who were happy to work with me,since I understood their problem and got it solved very quickly.The laborers were happy when their machines were working smoothly.
The Finance Manager was not interfearing with my work.He was interested in only Turkey Towal Quality and production,which improved and satisfied him and his interest.He was in line with the Army man.
The TD evaded answer to my question as to why I was told to take charge and the Finance Manager being given Charge.
I was a man never satisfied and ever greedy for power and position and did not bother with anything else,such as greasing the palms of higher ups with the sort of things they were happy with.This was my weakness and did resulted in my taking up higher positions.
I was desperate to go up a No 1.
There was a advertisement in one of our sister subsidiaries for the No.1 position I applied direct and copied it to our CMD,since I knew it would never be forwarded to the sister subsidiaries if I followed the procedure,this copy went to files and I was never asked any question.
I got a inter view from that subsidiarie at Bombay went there on leave and got selected as General Manager of a mill in Maharastra.
I requested a transfer it was rejected.
They appointed me as General Manager of one of the big problematic mill in Kerala " Parvathi Mills " called as University of Trade Unions.
No sooner the transfer order was known to the workers union all the workers went to the Head Office away from mills and wanted the order canceled and demanded retaining me as General Manager of the mills I was working.This had no effect a the Personal Officer did some sweet talk.
I packed my things and drove straight to Kerala with my son,daughter and Wife.
My daughter was just one year something.
My Son and daughter enjoyed the drive by the side of the sea for the first time,near the coast they wanted to enter the sea and I took the car so near which I could not remove since all the tire's were half embedded in the sea.The fisher folk lifted the car manually and put it on the road it was a experience to remember.
We arrived at the mill by 7.00 PM the out going General Manager was waiting to hand over the Charge with his staff.I was welcomed warmly by all that night.
Our accommodation was arranged at a hotel but I occupied the place a air conditioned room kept as a guest room and later turned it in to a fine 18th century bunglow as it was in those days when a British man ran the unit.

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