Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[ 26 - Parvathi - Unbeatable ]

Now it was my turn to show what I could do,which none could do for over ten long years.
Brand New Machinery purchased for modernizing the mill was kept in open yard and was found rusted due to sea water,as the open sea back waters were touching the mill compound at the back of the mills.
The union was not allowing outside workers to work inside the mills,they wanted mill workers to do the work on overtime basis.This was not allowed by the management for non productive purposes.
I contacted an outside man to meet the union leaders grease their palms and take up the work only with mill workers.This plan was perfect and work went on fast as the sooner they finished the work the more money they would get since the contract was for a single job and the amount fixed.The result was fantastic.All the machinery which came in over 30 lorry's which were lying in open compound were now on production.
The stupid management was not knowing this,it approved several such contracts as every one was by a outsider in different names on a lowest quotation basis.The workers union also were happy that I had no interest in any contractor since they knew the persons.
Our Technical Director was happy on his visit and was grinning from ear to ear,seeing the machines he ordered working.He told other General Managers that I had done a wonder.
The new machines improved and workers were pleased and were happy.
Now there was pressure from my superiors for Rationalization of work loads and reduction in workmen.
This was done after a long battle of meetings with all the unions agreeing for the higher work loads and wages.
Everything was done to make the mill better than the other 4 other composite textile mills 3 in Karnataka and 1 mill which was the biggest in Andhra Pradesh and this mill in Kerala - Parvati was Unbeatable but than there was this xxxxxx man wanting my head to roll who was my superior and I had crossed swords with him,he did not succeed in his effort however I was shunted out of this mill to Karnataka.
My son was about to graduate from high school and his certificate of high school completion must be that of a school in Karnateka otherwise his college admission would be a problem with Kerala high school certificate in Karnataka.
I had to be in Karnataka or I had to shift my family so I accepted my transfer( I had no choice) and shifted to a village Tolahunse 8 KM from Davengere City which is in Karnataka.
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