Thursday, August 07, 2008

[16 - My Son's Second School]

My wife wanted to get information about a good convent school.There was only one officer who used to talk to me during my rounds in the mills as it was my habit from the day I entered the mills in my career even as a trainee.This officer was friendly while others were keeping away from me, I did not bother about this behavior of the officers.I inquired this friendly officer about the convent school and he told me about the convent school's location where all officers sent their children.
I told my wife about the convent school's location and told her to go and get my son enrolled there and she did it not with out my son asking her all questions about the school.All the time my son was clinging to my wife in her delicate arms not allowing her to make him walk.[ even after he was returning to home after his admission was completed,my wife carried him all he way to our home from school since she could not get any cycle rickshaw for transport.] .
When she put him down at the school Head mistress office the first thing he wanted to know was if the teachers beat the students at this school.My wife told him they would if he was misc hives.He immediately told her that he would not join if that was so.The Head mistress laughed and told him they won't beat any kids.He was still below the age as he was just 4year's of age and so they could not put him in 1st standered, he again joined for U.K.G. and after he passed in first class he was admitted to 1st Standard.This was his second school up to 7th standard.

My work was indeed very hard every day was a shadow fight with my Spinning Master,he was a non stop smoker in my presence, he knew that I never liked smoke smell, he would instruct the testing department to set the spinning machines with out consulting me and I had to face complaints from the Weaving department that yarn quality was giving them problems.I had to make arrangements to separate the batches which was giving further problems.The machinery maintenance staff had to report to him all the work done which he would not record properly.his was a major problem and the rest were just irritating ones.I did manage some how as I had no alternative.The other Heads of Departments never liked me.It was one South Indian against several North Indians controling the mill working. All having just a shadow fight.

T D is Coming ! !

I came to the mills as usual and saw the whole mill kept clean like a slate.
I asked the gate keeper what is the occasion,he told me T D is coming.
I was glad he was coming since he was the real boss and all the persons acting like big boss were a head ach to me.
Every officer was clean shaven dressed in white and looking as if they were expecting a train any movement.
The Olive Green Ambasoder zoomed in to the mill compond and stopped at the portico where all of us were standing.
He was looking very fresh,smiling and had a printed coloured silk bush shirt over a white pant.
He went straight to his office which was always kept unused but clean with his two side kicks the Finance and Operation Manager,oon the Sales Manager was called and the meeting went on till noon.
He led us all straight in to the mills and to my departament first.At the spinning preparatory department he looked at the hygrometer and asked the Spinning Master why the humidity was poor.The spinning Master replied that it was noon and the temperature was ubnormal.
He called a worker and asked him to fetch a ladder,I was wondering what the hell.
As soon as the long ladder was brought he put it himself under a humidification vent pulled the grill and inserted his hand inside and took a more than a fit full of cotton dust as big as a foot ball and throw it on the ground in less than five minutes,came down from the ladder and looked at my junior and asked him if the temperature was ubnormal.My junior was shaken with a pale face and stood like a kid on the bench in a school punished by the teacher in front of his class mates.I did not utter a word but he told me to look in to this and other minor but critical areas for good spinning.I had learnt a lesson.
He took his hour long inspection and at the gray cloth inspection table he chcked the cloth for a few hundred yards and looked at the sales manager.The sales manager just smiled.He asked me if I could make the cloth better.I was gazing at the cloth and he understood my problem and showed me brown specks as big a pin head, the cotton broken twigs which remain in grey cloth due to improper opening of cotton during spinning,I got his point and promised him improvemnt at the earliest.
I never met him again.
The Govt of India took over the mills.

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