Saturday, August 16, 2008

[ 29 - My son graduates ]

My son's High School,his 5th school was at a near by city's Charitable Institution.He graduated with honors from this school after winning several prizes during his study and won the National Merit Scholarship awarded by Government of India.
He took up his pre degree collegiate education in a local Govt college.The first year he passed in first class and followed it in second year also in first class.
He was selected in district level examination to study his Engineering degree in Electronics & Communication a four year study and he stood first in his class in all the four years and passed with Gold Medal in his final year
My son was about to complete his final year.
My daughter was studying in her 9th standard.
This was a final phase for my children to complete their education and our Head Office choose to transfer me to one of the biggest mills in our group at this point of time.
This mill was a live volcano unlike YELLAMMA which was a dead Volcano. I left my family behind and went alone to join the mills in a new district away from my home state.
I arrived at the mill and took charge.The mill had 500 staff quarters and around a dozen Bunglows for officers and a palatial Bungalow for the General Manager.The mill was not only the biggest mill but a vast land of most inefficiently managed reputed mill with every type of machines that was used for over half a century.
I was waiting for my predecessor to move from his Bunglow and was staying at the Guest, in the same A/C Room where the Prime Minister of India,Mrs.Indira Gandhi was staying during her visit to this place.
No sooner he left I informed the mill engineer to get the Bunglow cleaned and painted and left on official leave to bring my wife and daughter.My son had to stay alone in a rented room near his college.
My final innings with a Govt controlled textile mill.
I came back with my wife and daughter admitted her in a school,her 2nd school some 15 K M away from my place of residence.My wife had to go daily to her school as my daughter was very young to go alone in a Auto Ricksha which was maintained by the mills for local purchases and to take the children of only the General Manager.
Everything was perfect and now it was my duty to make the mill perfect.To my good fortune I had 3 Heads of departments who worked with me the mills at Karnataka.There was to that extent some consolation in my mind that I was not a complete stranger.Besides these officers would convey to many workmen and staff as to what sort of a person I was and how I would act in this mill.
The mill was a mess everywhere in all the departments in every aspect.Knowing this fully I was sent here.I thought they trusted me.I was stupid to think as such,where is the question of trust in Govt.You have to follow procedures and get sanctions for even to buy stationary.

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