Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[ 24 - My Son's forth school ]

Brother & Sister

Few weeks after we took position of our new residence we had to take our food in a hotel which could supply the food like in Bangalore.
There was not much work for me as I was just observing things and I knew that there would be no pressure from my superiors or officers,staff or workers.
I had to set up my residence as it was a mess;
The kitchen was a coffee and smokers paradise dirtied to the maximum extent.
Two rooms were part of the main office.
One room was a trash bin.
All had to be cleared and painted.
Meanwhile our household goods arrived.
My Wife was an expert in packing or unpacking due my transfers.
Everything was ready to place the unpacked items mostly kitchen items.
The furniture was there including 2 air conditioners.
It was perfect.
My son had to be enrolled in the local convent " Trinity Lyceum " it was not a problem.
My daughter the Lucky star who made me General Manager was 18 months young.
She was just everybody's darling child at the mills,playing anywhere she wanted in the office or outside in the big garden.We had a servant boy to watch her so that she will not enter the mills as no one could stop her.

We also had another cook who was a local boy and office boy.
My wife learned several kerala recipes which was our special items.
My son enjoyed his school and friends as also his new language Kerala.He was now a vorocious reader of Heardly Story Book Serious and even had a library called Harley Library.His friends used to borrow books.

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