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You hug Mom.

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You alone.

Maya Baby


Maya see your Tata running after your daddy.

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Show this to Maya Please.
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Friday, April 04, 2008


Introduced by Natasha Pratap

Sangita is effervescent and energetic. At forty, she exudes the curiosity, enthusiasm and insatiability of a fourteen year old. Yet, at times she will surprise you with her serenity, certainty, and centredness. It is this seeming contradiction that enables her to dream a dream and make it a reality, not just for herself, but for all the others that she always had in mind.

Of course, it wasn't overnight that she got to be this way. Sangita's ventures arise from the depths of a lifetime's exploration. In her twenties, she was eager to learn various forms of creative expression. She first qualified as a graphic designer. This foundation was then complemented by further courses in jewellery designing, ceramics, fashion designing, interior decoration, photography, and silkscreen printing. A combination of all these led to the founding of Mélange, a fashion house whose every minute detail reflects Sangita's talent and taste.

Through the process of setting up Mélange, Sangita was struck by the tremendous debt we owe to our art and craft heritage. Even today, they play a pivotal role in clothing us, dressing our rooms, and enhancing the quality of our lives. In recognition of this, Sangita established Morcrafts, a non-profit dedicated to increase the interaction between rural artisans and urban designers.

In October 1998, Sangita launched a special year-long, non-sale exhibition of modern Indian art with the support of Neville Tuli. Held at a unique gallery called The Window set up expressly for the project, the exhibition allowed students and collectors to observe significant works of contemporary art for a fortnight each. The result was a historically significant step towards building a knowledge base in this sphere. Today, Sangita keeps up her dedication to art by serving on the Executive Council of HEART (Holistic Education and Art), and on the Advisory Council for Aesthetics and Style of Osian's, Connoisseurs of Arts Pvt. Ltd.

So how does Sangita manage so many commitments? By never losing perspective of the truly important things in life. She believes firmly in spending quality time with her family and herself. "I have been practicing yoga, and now t'aichi, for over ten years," she says. "The benefits keep unfolding." Perhaps this is the secret of her success.