Monday, August 25, 2008

[ 34 - Good , Bad and Sour. ]

I was given a warm welcome on my joining,a independent one room cottage was given inside the mill as I wanted to avoid transportation problem.As General Manager I was not given a car for any personal use.I had no choice but to take things as it came.
The mill was good but had poor technical staff and a highly competent Managing Director,and a Executive Director who was the son of the Managing Director.I was to report only to the MD and not his son.His interference in day to day work was a pin prick which I had to ignore and get on with my work.
The working of the mill improved and the discipline of the workers and staff was very much appreciated by the MD.This was due to my training I had working earlier under a very disciplined mill Manager.
The workers union was not very co operative due to my actions and their union leaders could not find fault with my actions.
I took up training of floor level workers leaders and taught them their duties and responsibilities and it's importance and how it will benefit them.
Training of workers in their duties was introduced and workers were asked to give lectures on how to improve the mills.
There was a quality control officer but he was unable to control any quality as the technical staff would not co operate. I utilized his services to the maximum extent and he was helpful in my day to day work.
The mill which was exporting only 20 % of it's production shot up to 40 %.
The mill had problems in marketing yarn for knitting was solved to the maximum extent and it was possible to market the yarn.
Few agreements on work loads which was kept pending due to difference of opinion was negotiated and settled and there was no pending agreements.
I used to travel to Bangalore frequently to visit my wife and daughter.I silently admired my wife's capacity to manage the home front effectively and smoothly.My daughter was doing very well in her studies and was always securing First Class in all her examinations.
All my wife's efforts took a toll and now she came all the way to my place to tell me in the hotel room one fine evening that she had a hernia and had to be operated.It was a shocking news to me.I did not know what to do,I was crying in the bath room cursing my fate.My wife had taken this news from the doctor very boldly.
She along with my daughter met my mill MD which was just a curtsey call.He spoke nicely and we all had tea.

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