Saturday, August 02, 2008

[ 10 - First 2 Fifth ]

My wife and myself knew nothing about bringing up a child from birth.We stayed away from elders of the family and relatives,in a land that was new to my wife.She had very few friends about six ladies all wife's of my friend.A marati,a gujarati,a tamilian,a mangalorein,a keralite,and a coorgi.Each had a child to look after except the mangaloreian.
We males enjoyed our stay with our own booze parties away from Coimbatore in the border town of Kerala as there was no prohibition there.Coimbatore was under prohibition in those 60's.
Ladies were out of bounds in our parties and they never met to have any get-together like we did.There was a knowledge gap among the ladies.My wife had never even touched a bottle nor had smelt liquor.I was afraid to let her know that I had booze friends.
My son was only under the care of my wife.My contribution was nothing compared to my wife's in bringing up my son.He even slept by her side as a baby and was refusing to sleep by my side.I tried to squeeze him and he would start yelling mummy - mummy node nan na hichik tare and my wife would tell me to keep my hands off her baby.
One day after I removed my hand there was silence for a second and than he hit me on my cheek and I saw lighting and thunder.Oh yes he was a fighter I was glad.

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