Thursday, May 03, 2018

[ 5 Years was all we needed in Kerala. ]

5 years was gone for me as a General Manager of a Spinning, Weaving, Processing and the New Unit which I started for Printing of any cotton Fabric which gave me immense confidence to manage a large textile mill along with the confidence of success by turning a average mill in to a profit making mill which also gave me some not so pleasing attitude which generated few at the Head Office to dislike me including some directors and so they thought I should be put in my place and sent me to a small spinning mill which was in a mess after investing huge public money by putting up a fake project report and getting funds for 100% expansion of a small textile mill. However to their poor vision my work made this project one of the best product quality spinning mill with 100% production certified by Gov't of India "Bureau of Indian Standards" known as ISI stamped on every Kg of Yarn Package.

However I had to again put up a debate on why the profit was not there. When everything was fine including productivity that was best among other mills of my size. I had to finally tell them that if my mill was making a loss I would put it in profit with retrospective effect in one day if they agree to my plan. No one spoke as I told them in a cocktail party where all directors and GM's of various other 15 textile mills were present including the Chairman of the group who hosted the party after our annual review meeting of all mills.( Of course we had our 2nd round of Scotch. ) I knew what I was talking and our Chairman also knew what I was talking. He was Sober of course.