Friday, August 01, 2008

[ 8 - No Breaks ]

With out a days break I enjoyed doing whatever he wanted and took a break when he would indulge in his play.
He was very fond of toy bus which he would move around th house in the big hall mostly.
I do not remember if he played with any other toys so much as he did with this bus which was big enough to make him sit on top of it and go about saying duooor,dooor,dooor and smashing any small object that he would come his way and shouting bang bang,till he was fed up with it.
He would than search his favorite brass idol of Krishna and keep taking to it to do what ever he said except asking it to pee.

Taking him for a walk no way,we walk,me carrying him wherever we go,though he was able to walk he liked to enjoy the free ride on my belly with the support of my fore arms alternating from left to right to avoid stress to my arms.
This went on with out a break so much,that I was fed up and owed not to make any more baby's.
By god I was wrong I had one more sweet pretty baby girl after 9 years..

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