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Comes as a surprise gift after 9 years after our Brainy boy was born, our "Sweet baby girl".Till her birth some sort of inner fear had made me to bend too much and this fear vanished after her birth.Whatever the cause it did not matter to me.A do or die attitude was my philosophy of life. A year after her birth my flight to the top was indeed smooth and was also with few big obstacles in profession.However I was on the winning side only. Her needs were very little in all the years of her teenage beginning,but kept on growing steadily after her high school graduation.July 15th,1989.

Sharry and myself at our house"Shankota Nilayam" with our adorable son,I fondly called him "DINI-WEENY-REENY-YELLOW POLKA- DOTTED BIKINI, a boy with big brains.(Wanted to be a Electronic Engineer and then a Computer Engineer) . He was not a boy of ordinary things in life. I could guess it the way he acted and behaved. His tastes were not those that I could afford nor even show him. We lived in a good house but our mode of transport was by public transport(Bus).
It was therefore not possible for us to go from shop to shop carrying our bright boy which only I had to do,Sharry was very fragile and had lost lot of blood during our bright boy's birth,which I came to know very very late as she was herself not knowing the normal flow during her periods.

Posted by PicasaI was 27,she was in her final teens when I entered the family life.A final departure from my bachelor boy days.
My bachelor friend dear Murali with his his Big 350 CC BSA motor bike stayed with me for a long time with his wife Vasanthi with us.The house also had another good friend Deepak with his wife Rita who came from Ahmadabad,stayed with us for a short time,soon my good friend Deepak and his wife moved to their Company Quarters at R S Puram.
My bachelor friend and his wife Vasanthi also left to relocate with a new job at Calcuta.The house was all to ourself and we stayed for many years in this house "Shakota Nilayam" owned by the MLA of Madras Mrs.Kolandeammal who was our son's God Mother.
It was after three years of our marriage,that my son was born.
We had a baby girl after nine years later.*(Photo above)
Coimbatore the "Manchester of South India" was our sweet city. It was also called as poor man's Ooty.A hill station and tourist favorite spot.The Maharajah of Mysore had a palace,it was called"Fern Hill Palace".
Coimbatore had over 200 textile mills.I was in one of the best mills as a senior level management employee.My most enjoyment and entertainment was my son.His very presence in my view was a pleasure.The city has very good hotels serving 2 feet dosa's and Pongal which was our favorite eats.
There were many temples and ours was the the temple at"Perur" more than 500 years old,dedicated to Lord Shiva.(our family Deity).We used to visit on all auspicious days.We had a army base and on all christian festivals they would hold Ballroom dance arranged.My wife did not enjoy this party.So there ended my fancy of Ballroom dancing,which I had learnt at Bombay.I had a Madeline which I used to play,this I had learn' t in my younger days at Bangalore.My wife did not like my playing this instrument as she could not talk to me.This ended my playing the instrument and it was sold.I had my weekly off' on Thursdays and that was our day to see a movie.Mostly English films.
So it was nearly 10 years and time to say goodbye to Coimbatore a city I loved and was about to settle down. The mill management transfered my boss and a new boss took over. It was a uphill task for me to convince the new boss my capabilities and I had no desire to do that since working elsewhere and with better position and pay would satisfy my ambition to climb the ladder in the Industry.
Our son was just 4 years of age and my Astrologer had predicted that I will start climbing the ladder once our son was of 4 years of age.
I got a new job with a position that I never dreamed as the boss of Spinning Department at MSK Mills, Gulbarga.The mill owned by Govt of the state was handed over to a Industrialist who was managing a mill at Mysore.
We moved lock,stock and barrel to Gulbarga and stayed in one of the big Bunglows outside the mills.While at Gulbarga my sister got married.
The mill was taken over by Govt of India.Operating under NTC Ltd.Now I had a new Boss from the Indian Army a Colonel.As he was a army man and had few months of insight in mill working,he had to select a person to Head Production Management of the mills.He was swift to select the right person and it was me.
The moment he told me that I was to Head the full operations of all the departments,it was like a dream I never even dreamt.I went to the office and told my wife over phone to light ghee lamps to the God we prayed and went home to give her the news.How delighted she was I could see from her face.
Now we had a baby girl for our son to play with.It was just fun watching them play,learn and sing.It was also 5 years now and my work was showing the mill making net profits.It was the only cloth manufacturing mill among 5 other mills to start production of polyester blended shirtings,suitings and saries.
When living in Gulbarga I lost my father and he is now with my mom.
Our baby girl was born one year after my father's passing away and it was his wish,that I must add a baby girl in the family.She was born in the same Hindu Astrological star "Kritika" and it was my father's star also.It was my thinking that my father was born as a girl in our family.The Astrologer who wrote my baby girl's Horoscope told us that she would bring us good luck.
That was in the year 1976,just after one year after her birth I was transfered to Bangalore to work in Mysore Spg & Mfg Mills with the promise that I would be designated as General Manager but politics prevented and made me frustrated with the management of my superiors at the head office.
Soon I had a job in my hand as General Manager of a mill in our sister group in Bombay.With that in my hand I requested the Chairman Cum Managing Director to transfer me to that unit.THEY THEN PROMOTED ME to my surprice as General Manager of Parvathi Mills at Quilon,again after over 4 years they transfered to Sree Yellamma Cotton Woollen & Silk mills at Toulahunse a villsge 7 km from Davengere.Again I was transfered over 7 years to one of the biggest mills of the group Azam Jahi Mills at Warrangal near Hyderabad.That was the end of my carrear in NTC as I had to resign due to dirty politics of the persons who hated my guts.
Soon I had a Job In Bangalore Cotton Woollen & Silk Mills Co Ltd as Project Manager and had to resign due to the fact my superior was resigning and he wanted me to resign.
Again it was job hunting and I had a good job at Kwality Spg Mills Ltd at Pollachi near Coimbatore as General Manager, here I had to stay alone without my wife and daughter.It was heavy work and sleepless nights.I resigned and again I had the Job of my dream as 'Managing Director' of a mill near Kholapur,Maharastra from where I had to say goodbye to the Textile Industry in 1998.
Blog Craze.From the year 2005.
It was freedom from everything , now that I had done all that was expected of me.
My wife and my life were now different,having a small income and trying to live the way we were was not easy.We had somebody to explain our doings and this was not a easy thing in the beginning but it was simple later on,due to our life style changes .
My dear wife and myself as usual went under depression and a attitude that was never before in our lives from the beginning of our happy married life.Time went so fast that my son and daughter were married and even left the country.
We two in India - Our's two in USA
04 - 05 - 07
We visited USA twice as we had no choice but to go when we were invited so lovingly. Another reason being that we were
not sure that we will be fit to take a 20 hour flight (10 Hours - non stop.) twice, with Airport security being what it is as
all those who have come to USA. The Airports as long as the runways.
I had plenty of time to do some blog on "Technical Textiles For India" a project with a big technical textile university and
a big mill producing technical textiles.

We were here in USA for over three months.We first visited our daughter's house at ATLANTA,the drive from Airport to her home was awesome with trees on both sides of the six lane highway, Behind the trees were such tall buildings we had not seen for long time after our first visit to USA.


Since then we both are in our home at Bangalore.
It is over 2 years now that we are blessed with a Grand Child, a baby Girl "Maya Aditi Dutt" as she is named by my son and daughter in law. The Baby girl is born on 10th Feb,2008 at California in my son's place.
We consulted the astrologer on her birth:
Her Star and future,it was indeed a very lucky dasa for her all her long life.
We are here waiting to see her in the next year.
12- 07- 08.