Sunday, August 10, 2008

[ 20 - Non Stop - Drive ]

I started my work as a Production Manager driving down all the manufacturing activities of all departments,like a screw driver moving it slowly so that there is no slip of the screwdriver.
The screw wouldn't go so easy it was a hard good wood but my hand was firm.
All went fine with the mills and the working improved so much under me but the credit went to my CEO the Smart Army man.
My son was in the 6th standered securing 1st Rank from the 1st,at St.Joseph's school in our place at Gulbarga.
He was very smart amoung all boys in the officer's colony.He used to sing hindi songs quite nicely and had a girl friend by name Manu daughter of the Marwadi finance controller,to sing with duet songs.
My son's birth day was also our CEO's and there was a compition of this birth days with that of another officer's son and my son.It went to such a pitch that my workers would come to attend his birth day and dinner with huge presents such a bicycle.
The CEO told me to stop such huge expenses in front of workers in order to show our simple living from there after it was a simple function at our residence.
Now it was a bolt from the blue my wife told me she was PREGNANT.
I was worried about the baby and mothers safety.
The doctor assured me my wife was in good health to have the baby.
My son's age was 8 plus and it was the time to celebarate his thread ceremony
the day for his thread ceremony "Upanayana".was fixed and the function went of well with few of the relatives and children.This is a must for bramhin boys in our community.The boy's after wearing the scread thread are elligable and authorised by the holy scriptures to recite the holy "Gayatri" mantra.My son practiced reciting the Gayatri mantra for over 6 years non stop.
My wife's pregnancey period was nearing and one fine day she said,take me to the hospital.I was having no fear as she was in such good health and under a good doctor's vigil over her my son myself and our family friend was with us,they had planed to operate her for the delivery of the baby.I hardly knew of this.
The doctor told us to get a bottle of Detol,my son ran out of the hospital and got the bottle.
She gave birth to a baby girl.
The nurse brought the baby to show it to me.I was so happy seeing the baby since I had not seen my son being shown to me,I took out my purse and emptyed it in to the nurse's hand.That was my happyest day.
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