Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[ Is there such a House in India ]

All Steel Fabricated Home to be finished with out a drop of water or sand or cement or noise Constructed in France by an Indian company in France.

Fabricated Construction completed Home.

Eco houses of steel
Styltech® is our Light Steel Framed solution for residential housing and is used in low-rise apartment buildings. Made of cold rolled profiles of high strength galvanized steel, this product offers high seismic resistance and several architectural possibilities. Thermal insulation is achieved with external cladding, for example with our composite insulated Arval® panels, which by suppressing thermal bridges increases energy efficiency. Improved energy performance will be increasingly important for housing in the future, and steel can help meet this challenge.

A house constructed with Styltech® in St Gely du Fesc,Southern France, has been selected by the French Energy and Environment Saving Agency for its outstanding architectural and thermal potential; sensors have been installed in the house to carry out analysis of its thermal life.

Built for a family of four at a very competitive cost, the house has achieved the energy efficiency label BBC (B√Ętiment Basse Consommation). Its dry construction process also reduced waste and noise pollution on site, and the steel used in the house is 100% recyclable.


Wednesday, September 03, 2014