Monday, July 15, 2013

Happyness as told by Dalai Lama.

WE ALL SEEK HAPPINESS AND SHUN and suffering,but as human beings we are distinguished from others by our intelligent ce.If we allow it to be controlled by negative emotions like hatred,the consequences are disastrous,but if we use it positively, we can not only recognize our predicament but also train our minds and ways of thinking,which enables us to transform ourselves into better,happier people. the four Reminders,explained here, form the bedrock of Buddhist practice.They are intended to encourage us to make our lives meaningful,which we can do by developing a kind heart and sense of love, compassion,and respect for others.Khandro Rinpochwho has had the benefit,the author of this book,is a young Tibetan woman who has had the benefit of combining religious up bring-ing and training with modern education, which lends a refreshing contemporary clarity to her explanation. His Holiness the Foureenth Dalai Lama