Friday, August 22, 2008

[ 33 - Back to Coimbatore.]

I knew my days at Binny's was numbered and was trying again for a Job at any mill in Coimbatore through a friend.
For a few months I was unemployed,my daughter was studying at Bangalore and we were staying in our own house.I had expected a situation that was now on my lap now,10 years early and had purchased this house through Home Loan that was available to the officers in the organization in which was employed.It was a single storied house,through years and in stages I had built the upstairs and had kept it vacant,now we were staying upstairs and had rented down stairs.
I could not stay in the house unemployed as my daughter had to study another 6 years.My efforts were on to get a job very badly.
One fine day I got a call from my friend to meet the Managing Director of a mill near Coimbatore at his office in Madras( now Chennai ).
I went to Madras depressed and frustrated and met the Managing Director of 3 textile mills and one Warp Knitting Weaving Mill,he had taken training along with me at a Research organization.He did not recognize me and our discussion was on problems in spinning yarn.
His mill had some problems and he wanted to know the cause for it but he was a qualified technician with out any in plant experience but he had guessed the cause but again he was not sure if he was right,my answers were the same as he had guessed and he was happy.He wanted a certificate from my boss at Binny's about my work under him.
I had the certificate which I had not taken and he told me to bring it at the time of my joining his mills.
I was asked to join as General Manager of his mills as early as possible,since I was unemployed I told him I will join at a early date and would phone to him from Bangalore.
I came home met my wife and told her that I had to go leaving her with my daughter,she was bold and glad that I had bagged a good job with good accommodation including food (as it was problematic issue solved) she told me not to worry about her and my daughter and she would manage somehow till such time as it was possible.
I could not wait any longer.
I Joined the mill with in a week.
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