Monday, August 04, 2008

[ 13 - His favorites ]

Toys are the favorites of all children but there are few toys which all children like.Dolls are there in every category in so many shapes that sometimes even adults might get confused to select.The best way is to take the child to the toy shop and allow the child to select.
My son would select his favorite toy a bus or a car,he was not interested in dolls of baby's,boys,girls,animals or miniature things like phone,radio,etc.
During those days when he was a child there was only one good shop selling toys in Coimbatore.He had few toys to play and we had very few budget for toys,we used to go by bus to eat masala dosa in a hotel near oppanagar street "Bombay Cafe" as we liked the dosa here.The toy shop - we had to walk past to go to the cafe and this toy shop was a very wide big shop.If my son should see it we were in for unexpected expenses.We used to walk in such a way that he would not see the shop.
He was nearing his third birth day and my mother had told me that he should be admited to school before he completes his third birth day.Now we had to also have his first hair cut " Chowla " as per our family tradition,he had such lovely hair we used to dress him as a girl and enjoy.My first hair cut was performed by my father in our family diaty's place Nanjangud 70 KM from Mysore.I informed my mother and arranged the Mysore Maharaja's free hall for social funtions with the help of my friend.The funtion was done in presence of my family and my wife's and all his hair was removed expect small tail at the back of his head was kept which we call as " JUTTU ",he sat through the funtion on my lap.He was also made to write on a slate for the first time the words "OM" which we call as "Aksharabhyasa",after reciting holy mantras from scirptures.He was so fed up that he bit me on my shoulders till it bled.The funtion was concluded with a special Lunch at a hotel in the place.
There was a school by name " PREM GARDEN " near our home and we admited him in Lower Kinder Garden class where,only English was tought.Our servent maid would carry him [ etkondu ] or he would walk with her daily to school.My wife use to go in the afternoon taking his lunch and on Thursday I would accompany her also with a Chocolate.This was our day of seeing him in school,a joy.
The school took him on a picnic to the hill station "Ooty" by bus.[ I had never seen this place with my wife this nice place called as "Queen of Hill stations" even tough I had spent years so near to it] He wanted to take money for any expences,how can a boy of 3 years carry Cash?.
M wife stitched a small bag with a string and made it like a necklace and put it around his neck and told him to use the money only if needed.He never spent it and when asked he said there was no need as none of the kids spent any money.
He never refused to go to school any day.
He was vey quick to learn and started even speaking English and to encourage him I purchased Comic books and allowed him to learn to read.He was a fast reader and I had to buy more comic books.[ I still have those books ].
There were so much Comic books you could call it a library and a friend of mine use to borrow these books.
If there was no book I would tell him stories of the Comic charecter Tarzan which was his favorite by creating my own version.I could see his English improve in speach and in prounciation.
My son was very fond of writing,he would take a note book or a old diary and use our bed as table sit on his knees and write till he was satisfied.
I saw his interest in writing and called a carpenter to make a small table with a drawer and chair.He used it well.I still have it with me.[ I thought his kid would use it but his kid is seven seas away now.].
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