Monday, September 01, 2008

[ 40 - Visit to Gondavali ]

My work at the mill from start to finish took nearly two years and now the mill was producing a small quantity of around 600 Kg of 1/60's Polyester/67, Cotton/33, blended yarn and trail marketing of the yarn was being done after a function of a Lorry Load of the material which was dispatched to Bombay.
The trial marketing was done by me through a reputed yarn selling merchant known to me.The entire marketing process was explained to the Chairman and his good friends who were Directors of the mills.
A director was also sent to Bombay to understand the marketing procedure and meet our yarn merchant at his office.I had informed the yarn merchant to explain the system of marketing of yarn in detail to this Director who was a professor in the local college.He returned back with some knowledge, some confusion and some doubts.
I was all the time trying to get the feed back on yarn acceptance in the market on the quality and was trying to improve the product.
Our mill entry in to the market spread quickly and the near by market to our mill was a big center for the yarn that we were trying to sell in a distant market and the cost of transport was to our disadvantage.However being also in charge of Marketing for over 25 years, I knew this is only a short term loss and my aim was to improve quality and consistency in quality as utmost importance for long term gain I did not wish to sell to any unknown selling agent.As most of the trade was in the hands of unscrupulous agents of a known particular community.
This was one of the reason to doubt my integrity by the Director who was sent to Bombay for in depth study of yarn selling system that was widely prevalent.
As my integrity was under secret scrutiny by few Directors, I contacted my friend at the nearby textile mill center and told him to be on the look out for a job else where.
My friend was already on the look out for a person like me not knowing my wish to have a change when my mill was doing great after the news of my yarn acceptance in Bombay.
My friend told me to contact a mill Managing Director who was near by.I was planning to go when my 60th birth day was on the cards.
Arrangements were made at the Holy Center " Gondavali " for pooja and " Abhishek " to our family " Guru " Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya Maharajs " padukas on the date of my birth day. We had to go by road only to this Holy center. We had to pass through the offices of this my would be employer to reach the center Gondavali.
We took of a day earlier by Taxi after breakfast and reached the center Gondavali halting on the way near the offices of my would be employer and thought of meeting him on my way back.
We reached Gondavali and the Chief Trusty Sri.S.B.Damble had made all the arrangements including serving of extra sweet for Lunch at noon.The pooja was performed with extra arrangements befour the " Samadhi Mandhir " of our beloved Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya Maharaj ".Myself and my wife performed pooja to the " Padukas " actually used by the Maharaj during his life time of over 80 years and this one of his several " Padukas ". After the pooja we took the blessings and rested in the special Room provided for us.We attended the evening pooja and prayers as also the final Arati to " Tulasi " and had a very large serving of the Prasad in the late evening and rested for the day.
The next early morning we left Gondavali to return again after paying our respects to Sri.S.B.Damble and leaving our donation with him.
On the way returning from Gondavali, I had to stop for Lunch at the place where the offices of my would be employer was located. After Lunch I phoned to the Managing Director of the mill who wanted to meet me and discuss on my terms of contract. He invited me and sent his lead vehical to take me to his office.I met the person and he saw me and said that I can now finalise the terms of my contract with his brother who was sitting in the next room. It was just a few minutes of talk and the contract was ready for my approval.This was as a Chief Executive Officer of the mills with better pay and perks than what was in my hand. I was told to sign the contract and was given the same.A copy was with them. Armed with the contract and 30 days to report for my new job as CEO I came back and contineuwed my work.
Now it was my son who had to visit us and see his,Mom his pet and daddy his Gut with his pretty little, sweet darling, his classmate, sweet heart, our family friend's daughter now his [admired by us] wife.
He arrived by bus from Bombay at a city famous for " Sri Mahalakshmi " and it's name was Kholapur 70 KM from my place.We myself and my wife went to that place a day earlier and stayed in the old Kholhapur Maharaja's palace Hotel called "Shali Palace Hotel".The next day we traveled to our place.
My son with his wife were staying with us and they saw a few places around and also visited the mill I built and was operating cool.
Few days later the Director who was sent to Bombay and the mill scretary a high school drop out had a meeting with me and their talk once again was something like you do what you want but show us that the mill is making profit.
That was a writing on the wall that my actions in marketing was in my own interest to make money for myself.Few days later I explained how the money that was to be spent on the setting up of the mills was spent on other non profit and non returning investment done out of the project santioned amount and told them to think about it and talk to me.
That was my final meeting.
My son wanted to go back to Bombay and Goa being only 107 KM from my place I suggested that he travel by road to Goa the land a dream to all Indians and people all over the world and enjoy even the road to Goa from my place which was very picturesque to the eyes,his face gave a big grin as usual on my surprises for him since a baby,he jumped with joy and he was off to Goa the next day dreaming of travel to Bombay by Sea,which he had not done.
The next day after a brief talk with the Director who was always suspicious of me was again singing his song of profit and selling.
I just kept my keys on the table told him to inform the Chairman that I would not be enjoying their company from the next day and left the mills.
The next day it was my last day at the God Blessed place,I told my wife that we are going to relocate and she was very happy to leave the place so had her things including mine packed and ready to leave.I made a list of fixtures furniture's and other articles including spoons gave it to Land Lord gave my house keys and told him to give it to mill people after they settled the dues of house rent obtain the signature that every article belonging to mill is received and then hand over the keys to remove all the articles and lock it up and keep the keys.My wife and myself soon were in the new place staying in a Hotel provided by my new employer.
Now I was nearer to my Holy place " Gondavali "
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