Wednesday, August 06, 2008

[ 15- What to do ?]

My Son, this little sweet fellow was such a fun I do not know how things moved from start to shift from Gulbarga.We landed after informing the mills our arrival time and date.we arrived some time after midnight and I was expecting some representative would be present at the railway station. I had not informed my wife about this.She like her father would face any force however strong it might be and had the look like her father a face that looked very innocent to any person. I was happy to have and be with such a girl as my wife.The train stood at a far away platform that I could hardly see the railway station name anywhere. The lighting was so poor in thous days, but there were porters to take our bag and baggage to the other side of the platform the exit from the place.
I understood the attitude of the management but was helpless.
I just took a room in the best hotel in town and slept that night.
The next day I reported at the mills to the person who had seen me at Coimbatore.He another marwadi but a CA and in charge of all financial matters of the mills sent me to another marwadi who was in charge of mills operations.He sent words to the person in charge of the spinning department designated as Spinning Master, another bihari and told him that I was his boss from that day.The Spinning Master was knowing that I would be coming as I had met him when I had come to take a look at the mess he had made,it was then that I had noticed that he was not happy that I had come and at that point of time I had told him that I would not come if he felt that my appointment would weaken his standing.He had told me that I was most welcome.I wanted to keep my professional ethics not knowing that all would do the same. I was in the dark on his intentions.I inquired about my free quarters that was promised,the CA told me it was getting ready.It was however after 15 days that that my wife and son spent in the hotel room.The climate at that point was very hot there was humidity problem. I used to pour buckets of water at night all around our beds to keep cool,I was remembering the weather at Coimbatore,which was just like a/c compared to this Kalburgi.
I moved in to a independent big house out side the mills.All other Heads of the departments were inside the mills in a separate enclosure.
I assumed charge as Spinning Superintendent and Head of the department.
I met the Heads of other department:
The Weaving Master - From Punjab.
The Processing Master - From Haryana.
The Folding Master - From Punjab.
The Labour Officer - From Bengal.
The SQC officer - From Calcutta.
The Sales Manager - From Madya Pradesh.
The Accounts Officer - From Surat.
The Costing In Charge - From Kerala.
I was the only man from Karnataka as Head of the largest Department in the mills.
Their was no technical personal who was knowing the problems the mill was facing and none was there to brief me about it.
I went about on my system which was just house keeping as every corner of the department was a dumping place for all unwanted things.
The Marwadi who had taken over the mills from Govt of Kanataka with out any personal stake and a bank guarantee from the Govt to of Karnataka to a nationalized bank for Rs.105,00,000.00 used to give orders from Delhi to the manager of the mills '.
He was known as " Technical Director.
He was expected to visit the mills Manager of Operations,Finance Manager and Sales Manager at the Air Port of Hyderabad.He had instructed the Mill Manager of Operations to tell me to join them for a meeting at the Air Port.
There was a meeting by the FM & SM without me in the Air Port Lobby itself in a separate seat,I was sitting few seats away.
They then came and sat near me.
The Technical Director told me that he was informed that there was some little improvement but the utilization of raw material was not very significant and I must ensure that it is kept well above the norm.I told him that this aspect was not informed to me by the costing department.He said the system was that they report to them and if I wanted can ask them to show the figures.I said I would be doing that hence forth.The meeting ended and he left by the next plane to Delhi.
I had completed two months.
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