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[ What has changed - from Copenhagen.]

Copenhagen and we have had all media spend all their money and gave us a Change.World leaders are thinking us as stupids and our intellectuals keep silent and helpless.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[ My Home 12.]

I have eleven posts on this topic and this is the 12th and perhaps more to follow as and when I feel I have few things to say.My Home is a very sweet word to me,so sweet that I am diabetic.A diabetic has to stay in his home for various reasons.The food for a diabetic is unusual and not cooked normally in many houses.he has his own menu card found only in few hotels.There are no exclusive hotels for diabetics though.In My Home,My Wife can only eat the diet that is prepared for me,she would and she can eat the diet of non diabetics but sacrifices her needs and taste for my sake a tough choice for her.
It is just not the diet that is boring sometimes but the frequency of meal times which again is another extra unusual.The normal lunch gets divided in to two and the night food is no meal but half meal with bedtime milk.
I cannot expect such Royal Luxury in a hotel let alone a friends or a relative's home as a Guest.
Travel is out of bounds for diabetics who are not filthy rich.Its only for the filthy rich and politicians.Our Prime Minister is a diabetic who can travel with team of Doctors all specialists in functioning of human body parts and the machines intricate unseen parts.
A middle class citizen who is neither rich though not filthy rich or poor though not below poverty line as defined by our Democratic Government as the one who cannot afford to even get the medical tests done properly.A test done in one Medical Diagnostic Center will not show the same result as other.Even a Diabetic Specialist Doctor's view of a report will not be the same as another and so also the drugs that a doctor prescribes same as other doctor in the same road.
Its in your home you can enjoy your blood glucose level being kept under control and keeping trust in your doctor.Its My Home that's my heaven on earth.I can keep my things where ever I want.I can find anything I want that I would have kept some where sometime but difficult immediately some times to my wife's annoyance.I can clean anything even my toilet.I can throw away anything that I have the birth right to throw away anything.
My Home is a place where there are my life time achievement of Junks that are very special to me.They are my sweetest memories as long as I can have them kept safe.What happens to them after I am gone doesn't bother me.How do I know if I remember them in another place unknown to me.When I see a museum I wish I could keep my Junk like that in wooden cupboards with glass doors.
Just last week I visited our proud Government Owned World Famous MYSORE SANDAL WOOD SOAP FACTORY,there I saw my college professor's photo in the museum.He was the adopted son of the then Princely State of Mysore,Dewan Sir.M.Visweswaraiah who made the project and implemented it and my professor and his wife with their children were in that picture.This is a factory 100 years old and has a museum.This is the type I had in my mind for my Junk.Do not :-D
The Books my children have left here is special to me and is priceless.
The Yearly Diary's,note books,magazines in which my name is found and my old gifts given on so many occasions,my textile fabrics made by me which created more foes than friends as they could not produce them like Technical Textile Yarn I made 30 years back was a challenge.
My wedding gifts that my parents in law gave me is no junk as we cooked our food for our first meal after our marriage in them.They are made of Brass with a coating of lead alloy inside it is now a show piece with vegetable dishes in 5 star hotels.
My Wedding suit is missing my wife must have given it in exchange for a new vessel as my body was much bigger after marriage,these clothes were pigmy for me.
I can set up a museum now but it won't be a Government Heritage Museum to be kept.Here in India if you lock up your room and return after a few weeks you will keep crying for a long time till the police say we will get it for you.What they meant was they will get it for them.That's how burglars and thieves work.Some cannot be caught even though the police find as they are police informers.The plight of two wheeler owners is same.The thieves have learn t all in the film GONE IN 60 SECONDS

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