Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[ India's Longest 9.2 KM Fly Over Express 4 lane High Way.]

This is the longest Flyover in India at Bangalore near World Famous Infosis Company between Central Silk Board on way to Hosur in Tamil Nadu Bordering Karnataka,Taxi's and any commercial Vehicles have to BRIBE RTO offices maintained at the border to enter Tamil Nadu,only Taxi drivers have to go and show their vehicle documents and DL all in original,Cab Passengers must remain seated in Cab's so that Bribe Taking is unseen.A police man guards bribery being accepted and not disturbed.When upon asking taxi driver if this goes on in other karnataka borders he said it is just worse by 500% than Tamil Nadu he said,how when asked he said I paid only Rs.300 if I had to cross Andhra Border I need to pay Rs.2,500 he said and that was per month even if you cross once you got to pay for one month he said.( We we Indians bribe for everything.)

Friday, July 02, 2010