Sunday, August 03, 2008

[ 12 - Allopathy v/s Allah ]

Very often my son used to get fever for no reason.We had a doctor by name;
Dr.Bala Krishna.
the appropriate name meaning child Krishna.
He would prescribe some medicine and he would be fine.
I kept thinking,how is this happening for a healthy child ?.
One thought led to another and I found out that he was getting fever only after we returned seeing a film.
What has that got to do with a baby getting fever ?.
I remembered my mother tieing a silver 'Thali" [a one inch long and 3/8 dia tube] aroung my neck,and taking me to a Masjid [ a place of prayer by muslims] and a bearded man with a green turban tied on his head fanning me with peacock feather hand made long fan on my face.
The next time he had fever I took him to a Masjid which stood in the middle of a road in Oppanagar Street in Coimbatore and there was a bearded man with a green turban sitting with peacock feather hand made long fan and besides him was a small smouldering fire over which 'Sambrani'
SAMBRANI (Meditation)
Also known as Jhuna, is one of the oldest incense. It is a balanced resinaceous mixture of several elements derived from tropical wood, barks, roots, and resins. It induces serenity, removing negative thoughts, calming the nervous system and fostering a quiet mental state. It is well used in Indian temples in worship.
a powder which gives fumues usedboth by hindu's and muslim places of worship [if you go to ISKON temple you can see and smell them] the Moula that is the presist would utter some arabic words and fan my son on his face hit his head lightly for 3 times give few fried gram dal to eat.He would eat it and befour we reached our home the fever would have gone.I repeated it again when he had once again the fever it had the same effect. This time I asked him (Moula) what was the reason for him to get the fever.he told me that he sees a black cat with it's mouth open withsharp jaws screeming at him and that scars him,resulting in fever.
The Moula's magic was fine but where does he go in dark to see a black Cat ?.
I found out that it was a streatch of road on our way home where the road was pitch dark as there were no street lights.
When ever we travelled on that road I closed his eyes in my hand and kept taking some thing and would take of my hands when we reached good lighted road.This way the fever never came.
I visited this Masjid ten years back in 1998 and found the Masjid as it was in 1969.Everything had changed with big buildings but this Masjid stood undisturbed.I enquired with my friend as to why this was not shifted since it stood in the middle of the road,he laughed and said that they did try but the workers who came to shift disturbed it's structure with few strokes from a crowbar and fell ill and died the next day.
No one dares to shift or try now he said.The structure is there forever.
You can see it even today.
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