Sunday, August 10, 2008

[ 21- My son gets a Sister ]

Very Cute.Very Pretty.-My Friend a Gujarati told us to name her Dishaa
click on the picture to see her on the big screen so very charming.

My son now was so happy that he had a baby sister to play with.As most of the officer's had more than one kid my son was pestering my wife why we have only him and not a single one to play with.I was happy and my wife and son were happy.It become a happy family.
My son had brought me Luck,so my daughter too should.we had a very good pundit who was also a astrologer,I called him and told him to see her Kundali and tell me what Luck see will bring in our family.He challenged that with in one year she will flood our house with money,& and I would be promoted as C.E.O.AS he told when Dihu was 1
year old same month I was promoted as C.E.O.

The picture here was a B & W picture.Our mill driver liked her so much that he wanted her picture in color.He took the photo to Hyderabad from our place Gulbarga and made it in color and kept one copy with him and another to us.
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