Friday, August 15, 2008

[ 28 - Yearn at Yellamma ]

I took over the mill from a General Manager who was proud of his pull at the Head office of our Group of mills but had no experience in commissioning such equipment in any mills.
I was now Yearning to show my colors.
The Technical Director knowing his weakness and my strength maneuvered to see that I was there to take the reins to complete the expansion.
The mill which had undergone a sea change in it's size as the capacity was doubled with a separate building for the mill being constructed to house the plant and all the machinery including the giant humidification plant and everything in half way at all stages.
The mills expansion was planed expecting sufficient water supply,power standby taken for granted,source of supply of power point forgotten,supply of uninterrupted power assumed,and training of workers yet to begin when new machines were on production.Standards for quality not fixed.Machinery manuals kept out of reach of technicians,planed movement and storage of in process and processed goods left to go at workers will,and manuals for process ignored,testing of semi processed and finished material laboratory under equipped and no new equipment for emergency testing being absent and the most important factor being the market acceptance of product at expected selling prices.
This was an Everest climb for a technocrat of my abilities and experience,however I was able to archive everything:
New source of water supply sufficient to meet the needs of all the requirements of the mills and the mill quarters including th workers quarters.
The mill was having two Gen Sets and this was upgraded from 750 to 1000 KVA by making use of the spares of a an idle Gen set of a mill of our unit.
The mill was getting power from the Sub Station of the city through a route going at five places and the power would stop if anything went wrong at any of the five places.
A separate direct line from sub station was drawn and this prevented power shut
downs daily.
Training of workers was taken up with the help of a Textile Research Institute.
Quality of finished products were with the seal of ISI.
Testing of material was done on daily basis.
Raw materials were tested and batch wise production given.
Statistical Quality Control methods used
Flow of material path from machine to machine made vertical.
Records of machine maintenance made on the basis of working.
All records kept open for checks.
Copies of Machine manuals circulated to all technicians.
A record of implementing the highest workloads first and then getting the agreements for the same signed by the unions was made,which no mill could do.
First aid and fire fighting training was given to selected work men in all departments and all security personal.
Quality circles in all departments were set up who held meetings and guided the General Manager in improving areas that needed immediate improvement.
Registered Co-operative bank was started with workers shares.
The Idol of Goddess YELLAMMA was kept under a tree with out a cover and it was a resting place for all animals.
A temple was built by persuading the building contractor Mr.Vekata Reddy to build a stucture and a temple was innagurated by our Chairman cum Managing Director,later one of our mill yarn Merchant arranged 1001 electric bulbs fixed permenently to be lighted on all Friday's.
A Community hall for workers was built using mill scrap materials near workers quarters for social gatherings and functions and a Color TV set was kept for daily evening entertainment for workers and their families.
The mill quarters was built in such a way that all ladies had to go through the mills main gate,this was also a gate for workmen who were frisked.
The mills had a Metodor wan this was used once or twice a eek to go out for shopping there by avoiding frisking by security staff.
The Ladies were confined to their homes and would not go out for any social activities.
A Ladies Club was started by modification to a old cement go down,and here the ladies gathered in the evenings and it was a club now where in even 2 or 3 ladies could come and chit chat or could utilize a sewing machine kept there.
Health care for Ladies was arranged by talk with the help of a Doctor who was a PhD in Gynocology.
The mill Main Gate was changed using mill scrap material with company LOGO.
More than 2000 trees and 500 coconut plants were planted.
The entire 150 acres of mill was fenced using mill scrap.
Death relief to workmen by monthly collection of money in their pay was instituted.
Co-operative provision stores on credit for household needs,was started.
Wrestling Club for young workers by funds collected by young workers with their own funds on a location in mill premises was built and activities started and wrestling team was represented in Mysore Dussera celebrations.
Volly ball activities started and teams sent to various tournaments in few Districts and they won many trouphy's.
Health Clinic for local people made with qualified doctor.
Name badges given to workmen in charge of department.
Yarn market approved our quality and paid price to that of the best mills.
Yarn of highest price and super fine quality not made by any mill was made.
Synthetic yarn production and blends with cotton started.
Polyester/cotton blended High twist yarn and Fancy yarn production started(No mill was able to manufacture such yarn among 11 spinning mills).
Surat welcomed our products.
Synthetic woolen yarn started.
Synthetic yarn blend with silk experimented.
Activities of the mill published quarterly as House Magazine.
I was awarded Asia Hong Kong Trophy and asked to go over to Hong Kong.
My achievements were known to my superiors as I was continuously writing to them every week on the mills progress.
Now I was not sitting on a Volcano but floating in the clouds.
Our bosses were now aware that I should better be shifted to another mill which was a eye sore in the group at Andhra.
My activities in other areas to improve mill quality standards made me to join "Institute of Standards Engineers" a national organization and I was frequently visiting Bangalore for meetings.
The institute awarded to me their highest membership statues " F I S E ".
I was a member of Textile Institute Manchester and I was awarded by Institutes C Text A T I ( Manchester ), an honor equivalent to a Degree in Textiles in any university in the world. I was invited for the Convocation ceremony at Manchester but was not permitted to go officially by my Chairman.I had no money to go unofficially
With this background they thought that I had no work in the mills improvement and took a decision to transfer me to their most spoilt mill in Andhra.
My yearn was no more Yummy.
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