Thursday, April 30, 2009

[ Visit to Bharat Earth Movers,Mysore by Members of " The Institute Of Standards Engineers ".]

(Mysore Complex)
Truck Division at Mysore,located
around 130 Kms
from Bangalore,
was established in 1986
with a total area of 600 acres.
Asia’s biggest Dump Truck Factory
in India is located at
Truck Division,Mysore.
The products manufactured at
Truck Division are:
Mining &
* Dump Trucks (Mechanical Drive)
* Dump Trucks (Electrical Drive)
* Water Sprinkler
* Motor Grader
* Tatra 6x6 (Euro II)
* Air Craft Weapon Loader.
* Air Craft Towing Tractor
* Air Craft Towing Tractor
with Ground Power Unit.
Manufacturing Facilities.
* Dumper Assembly
* Welding Robot
* 5 Major Hangers
o Plate / Fabrication Shop
o Machine Shop
o Light Assembly
o Major Assembly
o Final Testing & Paint Shop
* Equipment Test Track
* Tatra Hanger
* 5 Ancillary Units.
Central Test Laboratory –
NABL Accredited.
* To Ensure Quality of Conformance,
Precision Measuring, Test Equipments
and their Calibration
* Having Facility for Testing of
Materials, Castings, Forgings,
Raw Materials, Oils and Paints Rubbers
* Test Facility include Mechanical
Tests, Chemical Analysis,
Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing,
Magnetic Particle Inspection
and Dye Penetrant Testing
* Metrology & Gauge
Calibration is having facility
for Calibration of Precision
Measuring Instruments – Co-ordinate
Measuring Machine, Form Tester
and Surface Tester
* Sophisticated test cell for
performance of Engines &
Endurance Testing of Components,
Injector Tester and
FIP Calibration Bench
For further details please contact:
Truck Division
Mysore Complex,
BEML Limited,
Belavadi Post,
Mysore – 570 018.
Ph:+91 821 2402422 (24 Lines)
Fax: +91 821 2402434 / 2402429

The Institute of Standards Engineers,
I would Like to add that:-
I had joined this prestigious institute over 15 years back.As a Life Member I still participate in its activities,and my retirement has no effect on the participation in its activities,there are many who are in my class and they are all real Engineers of all the members I am the only member of the Bangalore Division representing the Textile Industry as a Qualified Chartered Textile Technologist a qualification equivalent to a Degree in Textile Technology Awarded by the Textile Institute,Manchester,UK.I was the only General Manager of a Textile Mill under Govt Controlled 16 Textile Mills under the Name of NATIONAL TEXTILE CORPORATION (APKKAM),HO at Bangalore,A Sub Subsidiary of NATIONAL TEXTILE CORPORATION,Holding Company HO at New Delhi and was Managing more than 100 Textile Mills all over INDIA.As of now its no more than what it was then when it was taken over by Govt of India,under an Ordinance and it was Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi's view of giving relief to workers thrown out of employment by private mill owners who Shut the door after mismanaging the mills.That was during Mrs.Indira Ghandi's unforgetable Era.

[ Nano Car for Bangalore City Police.]

Do our Police ever get even a Nano Car and perhaps equipped Like this.

[ Hand Sign.]

Monday, April 27, 2009

[ My Home - 4 ]

This is "My Home".

Where can you find the house full of Books which is left by my children who have studied from LKG to graduation,their books kept well secured in shelf's,copies of various articles,letters from various universities,their files of all sorts,their photos from kids to parenting and their kid in Blogs,Videos and innumerable artifacts of their childhood.
All items stored and if possible labeled.Arranged in all shapes and forms to almost resemble like a junk to a stranger.
Their college Final year project reports in safe custody of their mother,who went after them from kindergarten to college and felt happy that her efforts were well rewarded by their success in full education required for a firm footing in the corporate world.
The Motorbikes that were used by them is stored for ever.
Their clothes from diapers to Wedding dress kept in steel cupboard or trunks.
The computer left here and on which I am writing all my 5 Blogs since over 7 years. The Music system and World space radio parked here.
Their Maruti Alto car which we are using.
The Saree's of my daughter which she may never wear are used by My wife.
Their kitchen and furniture left behind in My Home when they left the country.
They are all looking at us,My Wife and Myself keep talking to each other as to how on earth these things could be replaced.
When they visit us all they have left all that they were using is a Junk according to them.To me they are my sweet memories.
All this and many more left in " My Home ".
My Home is a place where I have the freedom to do what ever I feel like doing,mostly sitting depressed before the PC Monitor and gazing at some web site,Blogging this and that in textiles,reading,visiting my room upstairs to renovate the paintings that I have done in the past and of course eating.
There is nobody except my wife to tell me something which I may do or I refuse to do.Mostly I do what ever she says though.
I keep calling my old friends over phone and chat for few minutes which won't be more than ten minutes.
Strangly most of my friends avoid to talk to our common friends.
When I asked my friend as to why he is not calling our common friend'X' his reply was he is not calling why on earth I should bother.
Some times I feel,that it is such a nice idea to just walk away with my wife and keep "My Home" locked.
Easyly said than done no one can do it in a city like Bangalore.If at all you return you may not find your sweet home.
You are in your Home,you call "My Home",till you go to your Home from where you came from that Home.
This is My Home Sweet Home.
My Brother has kept many things of My Home or "My Fathers Home"in his Home as he stayed in one place after the death of my parents,while I had to travel with bag and baggage all over south India and Maharashtra.I did not opt for anything since I considered that what belonged to me is as good as his since he was my only younger brother,My sisters never bothered over anything,since their husbands could afford anything.
My Home,Your Home,Their Home,That Home,This Home but all have come from One Home from some where.
That is "Our Home".
That is also "My Home".

Saturday, April 25, 2009

[ My Home - 3.]

I should say Our Home and not my
home because here my family lives and
not me alone.
Having said that my children are living
separately and they are not living in
my country.
They have their home and this My Home
they still
can call My Home or our home.
I don't know what they wish to call
My Home or Our Home.
They did say you have your Home and
we will have our Home.
So what have we Got.?
Now we have how may My Homes.
1 )My Son's Home.
2 )My Daughter's Home.
3 )My Daughter in law's Home,which is
also my Son's Home.
4 )My Son in law's Home,which is
also my Daughters Home.
They all go by the common name My Home.
Which is the Home Common to all Homes,
it's My Home.
The Home where all of us were
living except my Son in Law.
My Son in law used to visit us,
I mean my Daughter frequently.
My Daughter in law was visiting us
I mean my Son for many years,
lived with us for few years,were
in love secretively and my
Daughter in law married my son
or the other way.and were Gone
soon after marriage living my
daughter,my wife and me
and they left to seek
their future else where and
are living happily in their Home.
My Daughters marriage was also
similar but slightly different in the
sense my Son in law was not
staying with us.He had his Home.
He visited us very rarely but
was working in the same company
as my Daughter's.
My Home is the place where all
of us were parking our self
with out a parking fee.
My Home is therefore a place
of past memory as they all have
left some memento and that
you can't find it in their home.
We visited their Home and sure
we have left our memento their,
that would be Just the Guest Room
we stayed,which they can say
our parents stayed in this
room when they visited Our Home.
When I say Come to My Home
it carries so many hidden memories.
Sweetest hard to forget memories.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[ Who will be Our next PM.Comment of a indiblogger.

मैं समझता हूं कि मायावती बनेगी।

एक कहानी याद आ गई, शायद पंचतंत्र की है। दो बिल्लियों को रोटी का टुकड़ा मिला, पर वे झगड़ने लगे कि किसे उसका कितना हिस्सा मिलेगा। वे मध्यस्थ करने एक बंदर के पास गए। बंदर ने पहले रोटी को दो टुकड़ों में फाड़ा, एक बड़ा एक छोटा। फिर बड़े में से एक बहुत बड़ा हिस्सा मुंह से काटकर खुद खा गया। अब पहले का बड़ा टुकड़ा छोटा हो गया। बंदर ने अब पहले के छोटे टुकड़े में से एक बहुत बड़ा टुकड़ा खा लिया... इस तरह सारी रोटी बंदर ही खा गया और बिल्लियों को कछ न मिला।

बिल्लियों की जगह कांग्रेस और भाजपा पढ़ें, और बंदर की जगह भासपा, तो बात आपको समझ में आ जाएगी।

मायावती यदि 60-70 सीटें जीत जाएं, तो उन्हें प्रधानमंत्री बनने से कोई नहीं रोक पाएगा। और लगता यही है कि उन्हें इतनी सीटें जरूर मिल जाएंगी।

कांग्रेस या भाजपा के पास इस बार कोई दमदार चुनावी मुद्दा नहीं है। उनके गठबंधन बिखर गए हैं। और मायावती उनकी गलतियों का खूब लाभ उठा रही है।

वरुण को द्वेषपूर्ण भाषण देने के लिए रासुका के तहत जेल भेज देना मायावती का मास्टरस्ट्रोक था। इससे मायावती तुरंत मुसलमानों का मसीहा बन गई और समाजवादी पार्टी से मुसलमानों को अपनी ओर खींच लाने में कामयाब हुई।

समाजवादी पार्टी अब तक मुसलमानों का मसीहा बताता घूम रहा था, पर कल्याण सिंह को अपनी पार्टी में शामिल करके उसके इस दावा का खोखलापन लोगों को स्पष्ट हो गया है। इसलिए मुसलमान पहले से ही समाजवादी पार्टी से खिन्न चले आ रहे थे।

मायावती ने दलित-ब्राह्मण-मुसलमान का एक विजयी तिकोन बना लिया है, और अधिकांश दलितों की मंशा भी यही है कि अब की बार देश का प्रधान मंत्री उन्हीं में से कोई हो। पासवान की तुलना में उन्हें मायवती के जीतने की संभावना ज्यादा नजर आ रही है, इसलिए मायावती को खूब वोट मिलेंगे, और संभवतः वह दिल्ली जीत सकेगी।

आपकी क्या राय है?

Monday, April 20, 2009

[ दार बलासुब्रमानियम.]

माय थो हिदी में लिक ने को कोई प्रॉब्लम नही है फिर भी फाड़ ने में क्या क्या ग़लत होती मालूम नही होगा।
अगर फाड़ ने को नही होगा लिक के क्या संतोष होगा।
दार मर। बालासुब्रमन्यम दया कर के उप इंग्लिश जल्दी से सिक लेना तो हम ओय्र बे जादा से बथ्चेसे कर सकते।
दया करो.

Friday, April 17, 2009

[ My Home - 2 ]

It's not that my father did not leave
his home to his children
that I have made a Home.
There are more reasons than that,
my Job was not a secure Job.
Though I did resign several times
and was never thrown out by any employer,
my worry was where do I keep
my Wife and Kids if I were to be
thrown out from a Job,if that should
happen,I was very confident of
getting another Job but that
involved traveling to all the textile
capitols of the country and it
was just impossible to do that.
The need for a Home was therefore
a necessity and not a do or die question.
Even assuming that this was not
going to happen there was another
question of where to go on long
summer holidays when my kids would
want to visit Bangalore first and
all others if they ever want,
to go next, as all the action
was in Bangalore for them.
All Friends,Relatives,
my parents in law,very dear
to my son(my daughter was
still a baby),The Cinema Theaters,
The Restaurants,The Shopping
Centers at Brigade Road and
Commercial Street being most
sought after,Our family's
favorite "West End"
later it was "TAJ WEST END".
Everything at Bangalore.
Therefore I needed our own
Home and could not
stay in any relative's or
my F i l 's place,not that we
were unwelcome in any place
it was my attitude.
So where do I stay.
I wanted "MY HOME"
It's not all that is there
to me,there is more
than that to call a place,"MY HOME".

Monday, April 13, 2009

[ I am worried Maya.]

Maya went
back to her
home just
two months.
She sees us
and smiles.
We do not
know if she
remembers us.
We feel she
us because
she smiles.
It is hard to know that
she knows us as her
someone she has seen.
She smiles many times
at many things.
We have seen her smile
at children playing in
the street.
She smiles even at the
flowers in our garden.
Most fascinating was
her smile with the group
of street Dogs ever
present here,
in front of our house.
It is hard to know if
she remembers us
because of her smile
over internet on her Dad's
presented 19 inch
ViewSonic Monitor.
Whatever be the
cause of her smile,
it gladdens our heart.
There is a worry
if she remembers us.
No one can tell.
No power can say,let alone God.
He never speaks though.

[ Mysore Masala Dosa.]

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

[ My Home ]

My Home,it's a
place where I stay.
It can be also the
place where I was Born.
It can also be
my ancestral home.
Would I Like a
Independent home.
I did not have a
choice for a hi-tech Flat.
Should I take it in a
Rural place.
Or take it only in
Urban area.?
Away from the busy area.
There are many
reasons selecting a place.
Some have no choice in selecting
the area they prefer for their home.
There are people who have made
their home away from home.
Far away from the place of
their birth,their mother land as we call.
It is in a country
where they were not born.
That can be in a different
place having it's own culture
very different from their own.
My point is where is your " Home ".
When you say Come to "My Home".
What is " My Home " then.?
" My Home ", I purchased and
renovated,later I built the first Floor.
I did not stay in my Home till
I quit my Job and it was a Chosen
Retirement for me.Few years
I did stay away from" My Home "
till the the kids could stay
on their own feet,also get married.
Both my kids after getting married
left us (that is my wife and me)
and settled in a foreign land,
Now my wife and me are together and
this place I stay is " My Home ".
Updated 16-04-09
Why is it called my Home.
Every Brick in this House is a sweet Memory.
I purchased this house
from my hard earned money
After I purchased,a House
Warming Function was to be held.
My sister did a face lift
and made it look nice.
We did Homa & Pooja and all
my relatives and friends had come,
there was a feast for all.
We could not stay in
this House as I was in Kerala
in my Company provided
Bungalow inside the 15 Acre Compound.
My friend arranged it to be
let out on rent to few bachelors.
I constructed a Garage soon.
We frequented our visits,
whenever I had to come to
Bangalore on Official duties.
We came to see the house,once
we brought 6 coconut tree saplings
and planted it.It is now 70 feet tall
and is yielding 400 coconuts per year.
This if sold would cover our Property Tax.
I was Born in Bangalore so I must
have my place to stay.
How could I as it was Let out for Rent.
I constructed the First Floor with
One Room a Small Prayer Room and
a Bathroom Like in my Hotel
where I used to stay.
Myself,My wife,My Son and Daughter
would stay here when ever we
used to come on Summer Holiday's,
as staying in Hotel or in
my Father in Law's house
was not comfortable for my purse
and my prayers that I did daily.
This was soon upgraded to
another two rooms to be used as
Kitchen and Dining Rooms.
Now my Son was a tall Boy so
he used to sleep in the Dining Room
where a Folding Bed was used,so it
was a Dining Room for us and at
Night it was my Son's Bed Room.
It was a full fledged house used
only once a year on summer holidays.
The Plan of the house was
complete with a open space
of 220 sq ft of open Terrace.
This was soon made as
a A/C Bed Room with Bath & Toilet
and in front of it was a
Dressing Room Like in the Hotel
where we used to stay.
All this took over
3 years to come in one shape
as First Floor.
It was my Father's Wish that I
must have a house in Bangalore
as he had to sell our ancestral
house to clear the Loan he had taken
from the Bank to construct a
First Floor but instead had
given it to a big money lender
as deposit at unimaginable
interest and the money lender
went Bankrupt soon and my Father
lost the money and our
Ancestral Home.He was so much
hurt till his death that he had
lost our ancestral HOME which
he could not keep for his children
to do what they wanted.