Tuesday, August 05, 2008

[ 14 - Forth 2 Fifth ]

My mother passed away in July 1971. I was depressed,removed my mustache my proud possession,in her memory.
My friend who was an administrative staff in the mills I was working met me along with his father in Sri Rama Temple at Ram Nagar,which was his place of residence.My wife and myself were regular visitors to this temple on every week end.I had seen my friend's father who was a well known astrologer in Ramnagar.
The next day when I met him in the mills I enquired my friend that it was a surprise to me to know that his father was Ramnagar's well known man in Astrology.
He just laughed and asked me if I was interested in consulting his father for any specific question.
I told him I would be greatful if he could arrange it,he said he will inform me the next day.
The next day he told me to meet his father on a Thursday morning at 9.00AM being our weekly holiday.
I visited their house with my horoscope and asked the astrologer my immediate future and prospectus,since finance was my main concern.
I was told that my son would bring me good luck before his 5th birth day.
The owners of the mill I was working had two textiles mills in Coimbatore,ours was called Singanalore Unit and the other was called as Tudiallur unit.
All of a suden the CEO of our unit was transfered to Head Office,his deputy my Boss was transfered to Tudiallur unit,and the CEO of Tudialur unit was now my mill new CEO,he brought along with him his deputy as my boss.I should have been sent to Tudialur unit as deputy of my boss,who was now CEO of Tudialur unit.This was the perfect system in the company.The CEO of Tudiyallur unit had a great impact with the management since his mills products were in great demand and the mill was making net profit year after year and ours was just the opposite due to my mills CEO's indifference to my mills losses as such the management just did what he told.I lost my promotion and was frustrated.
My mill CEO who was transfered to HO soon returned after resigning his job and started his own business in Dyes and Chemicals.
I met him and asked him if what was done to me was justified for no fault of mine.He told me to wait for few weeks to find a suitable job for me for my experience and qualification.He than informed two of his friends,he was a Gujarati and so were his friends who supplied spare parts of textile machines to various mills all over south India.A Marwadi who was managing the Govt of Karnataka textile mill at Gulbarga wanted a good spinning expert to head his mills.He had asked these two Gujarati merchants to locate a person.When my ex boss told them,they immediately phoned me and told me to meet the Gulbarga mill representative at a local hotel "Wood Lands " the same day,I was hesitant to go and meet him but my wife would not let me sleep and I had to promise her that I will meet the Gulbarga moll representative.I met him the next day and he just looked at me and after a few questions asked, he told me to go over to the mills and confirm that I would be able to set it right.I went saw the mills condition which was so pathetic,and told him I can do it.He said I can go back and resign my job as soon as I get a confirmation on my appointment.He sent a telegram confirming my job designation and salary.
The new CEO who knew my background did gave me all encouragement and respect and I had no complaints against him.
Soon I had a new job with my ex boss's influence which gave a big Jump in my career with two and half times the salary and as Head of the Spinning Department of a Large textile mill in my own State.
This was the Luck, my son brought me, as predicted by the astrologer.
I was now to bid good bye to Coimbatore my city for nearly nine years.I had plans to settle down in Coimbatore since my working in the mills was fine and my new boss was also good to me.He was kind enough to en quire about my new job in a big mill and told me to think well be four I jumped from his compound.He even told me he would wait for my decision keeping my resignation pending.I thanked him to relive me just that day itself and would be much obliged he had no option but to let me go.News spread and all the workers were now saying "Misegaran vele uttuta" meaning mustache fellow has left the job [I had kept a big mustache]

All the staff were in for a shock at my achievement and congratulated me, gave me a dinner and that was my last spot in a place that I liked most.

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