Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[ 25 - Problem v/s My Charm ]

The mill was a composite textile mill with spinning,weaving and processing departments and a engineering department to carry out any repairs that arose in day to day working of the mills.
I had a spinning master,weaving master,a processing master,a general engineer,a costing manager,finance manager and personal officer to run the mills with around 500 workers in three shifts of 8 hours each.
As I was new to the mills and place besides my inability to speak the local language it took me several months to talk freely with the workers union office bearers.I on went with my observation and was trying to improve the office garden which was neglected,these plants had no union leader.
One day one of the office bearers of the union asked me if I would do something to improve the mills or keep supervising the garden mending operations.
If I do something to improve the mills there should be co operation from all unions I told him.
He said I should call for a meeting of all the unions and ask them to co operate and tell them what I intend to do periodically.
I called a meeting of all the unions,18 unions with 36 representatives, gave them a high tea and told them what I wanted to do and asked them if it was a problem for them.They all replied that it was fine and if any workers should have any grievance they would come to me,I agreed and my work started in full swing.
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