Sunday, August 31, 2008

[ 39 - Home Alone ]

All went well at the hostel where my daughter stayed but the stereotype food and rules at the premises was not to my child's liking.
She took a decision to stay in our house and conveyed her desire to my wife.All mothers like daughters are more caring than their own self to a extent.So she took my permission and left for Bangalore to arrange a comfortable secure stay to my daughter.
She took maximum care to inform my tenant downstairs and arranged her friends daughter staying fortunately just opposite to our house to sleep in our house during nights and making sure everything is fine she and returned to joined me.
We used to talk to her on phone weekly and she was happy for over a year till she completed her first year graduation in First Class.
Now it was her desire to study for her tests in GRE and TOFEL examination and this study required maximum efforts, hard work, intelligence and undisturbed from any other worry on daily needs for her maintenance.
She was working hard and was informing us her progress and assuring us not to worry about anything.

[ 38-My life & wife at Ghadinglaj ]

I moved in to a two bed room flat after staying for 15 days in a Govt Guest House and eating rotton food from a foot path hotel.
The break fast and dinner was a stuff that I had never taken in my life and the Lunch was equally so at the village.I had no choice except to call home service.My wife was ready to come but we could not relocate our child from her college.
Our child was a brave heart and understood our predicament and was prepared to stay in a hostel.
A good hostel near the college was located and our child moved in to the hostel and our house was locked.The ground floor was rented and there was no problem from outside interference.
My house was fully furnished with all equipment and nothing was needed.My wife had to only buy groceries and stuff needed for her cooking and I used to get the best eats in the god blessed place.Our house was surrounded on all sides by temples and was near a river.The Land Lord's ( House Owner ) wife was a good friend of my wife.My wife was quite happy where ever she was as long as I was with her.Soon my mill Chairman's wife and other Lady's made my wife's time at the place worth while.
Each Friday there would be a farmers market near our house and my wife having seen a farmers market long back would welcome Fridays.Long chillys my favorites and crisp small diameter green very long cucumbers a favorites of my son would make me remember him and I would be woundering what he would be doing at Bombay.With his new job and wife.
My daughter would like everything her mother gave her and never made any demands.My wife's Rasam ( a south Indian curry with out any vegetables ) was her most delicious stuff to be eaten with cooked white rice with Ghee.
Our house owner was a farmer and his wife had to cook several dozens of jowar roti's for the workers and we had eaten thous roti's several times.My wife also learnt how to make them but hardly made them as it was good only at some time and was not a daily need in our diet.
My visit to most of the places was only with my wife on Sundays and it would be to a temple.There was only one good hotel for Lunch or Dinner and a good cinema theater screening hindi and Marati films,we some times would go if we felt like eating out or would go if we liked the movies.We soon came to know many respectable persons in the town.To my utter surprise I never heard a single person talking good of my Chairman.Even few Directors of the mills his college mates were making sour faces if I referred his name in any context.
My daughter's Summer holidays was approaching and she wanted to come to our place to see how we both were doing.There were no direct bus or train to my place from Bangalore and it was a 12 hour journey and our child could not come alone.
Fortunately my brother was staying mid way and his son also had a holiday for summer.It was so arranged that the journey would be from Bangalore to my brother's place and the next day from his place to very near the border and we would pick them up from there.
On the day of my daughter and my brother's son arrival we were late at the border but not very late the bus had arrived only about 15 minutes early.Even than I was tensed and was cursing myself not finding my daughter near the bus.A quick search and I saw her standing near a phone booth and my brother's son inside the phone booth.A gave a sigh took a deep breath and slowly went to them and hugged them.We all came back to my God's own Village.
My brother's son stayed for few days and left my daughter stayed till her summer vacation was coming close to end.I think she enjoyed seeing some wonderful places all around the place and the famous Historic Mahalaxmi temple at Kholhapur,the only temple of its kind in India and my mills surroundings where she went singing the song from the film Sound of Music.
She soon went back all alone in a private Bombay to Bangalore Bus which we stopped at a station on the high way to take her to Bangalore safely.We came home and missed her charming face but both were afraid to cry.
I was now 59 years of age but still I was a tough nut to crack,a nut not in the right place any where anytime and at any age but not now as I say this.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

[37 -The challenge at Koulge]

The Chairman and the Board of Directors had a meeting in which I was invited to participate after I joined the mills.
The Chairman introduced me to the Vice Chairman & Directors and told them that if they have no objection I may be appointed as " Managing Director " of the mills as I was selected by the Technical Director of MSCSMF.
There were two qualified professors of a local college where our Chairman was also a professor,they wanted me to tell them how I would start my work and when I would start the mill.
I was prepared for this but did not expect that I would have to make a speech.Any how I told them my dream of this mill and they were happy.I thought I would gauge them later as to how they would co operate in my work.
The Govt through a co operative bank had sanctioned a huge amount to the mill as per a project report submitted by the Technical Director of MSCSMF on behalf of the mills.
I had joined the mill without aletter of appointment issued by the Technical Director but he told me it is a mills appointment and I would get it from mills.
On joining duty I asked the Chairman that I needed a letter of appointment,since he was not knowing the terms of appointment he said that we both will have to go to MSCSMF and get it there,I phoned my friend Mr.Khatkhate regarding the procedure and he told me that my appointment must be approved by the Register of Co Operative Societies and as he is at Nagpur I must tell the Chairman to write to him enclosing a copy of the minutes of the meeting and the approval of the Board of Directors at a meeting called for this purpose.
The Chairman was not giving me any satisfactory reply when I asked him a few times about my letter of appointment.
I myself made the documents required and sent it to the Registrar of co operative Societies and got his sanction and kept quite.
I went through the project report for several days and was wondering as to how to make this a synthetic cotton blend & synthetic silk blended yarn spinning mill as the machinery was suitable only for cotton spinning.
There was no machine for pre opening of synthetic fiber bales or space provided for tinting opened synthetic fibers for color coding.
There was a heap of machinery lying unopened and machines erected by erection engineers who had erected and left with out a trial run as there was no power supply connection for sanctioned power and the power house constructed with out a distribution control board and the Electrical System Adviser staying away 70 KM from the mills.There was only a 750 KVA transformer lying near the power house.The power house itself was constructed with out any thought on expenses on cables and power transfer losses and other civil works.
There was no arrangement for water supply nor a blue print of pipe lines inside the mill to be taken up but a water pipe from the river which was several kilo meters away was drawn at mills expense and water pumped to a dry well belonging to the Chairman's big cultivated land and round the clock men were working pumping water illegally from the river unseen by the river supervisor to his land for cultivation.
I completed a half built huge water tank and arranged to get the water pumped in to that tank and there was considerable delay due to objections from a farmer in whose land the pipe had to be laid the problem was solved by the Chairman.
The whole area to be built was doubled by a independent decision of the Chairman with out any approval from competent authorities.This had eroded the finances of the mill with out a working capitol.The point I wish to make is the Civil contractor was doing the work and there was no provision for a single toilet in the whole complex.When I asked the contractor he said the Chairman had told him not to construct them as workers would use the open area behind the mill building.About a furlong away from the mill complex there were two guest houses to the left and right one for the contractor and the other for the Chairman and his team.Even to pee I had to walk a mile from my work spot to this guest house,I was told there was a free meals section also in this guest house but was closed as it went out of control due to the misuse by his brother.There was a water tap here connected and water pumped through the well from a near by friendly farmer.
The drawing for electrical connections and plumbing was never made and was never given in spite of my several requests to the civil contractor who had quit the place taking away all the fixtures and furniture from his guest house and rendering it impossible for any one to stay.
The Chairman never bothered about my repeated complaints and I had to give instructions to the civil supervisor and electrical engineer on all the works.
The mill had a Secretary who only maintained the Cheque book and another for the meetings.I had to open files and maintain all correspondence myself as few staff who were employees were all only knowing only Marati and could not write english.
There was no typist and I had to get all letters typed at a vendor in the place where I was staying 9 KM away.
The travel to mill was from a mill SVU for me and this would drop me at the mills and then would be used by the Chairman for all his personal work till 5.00 PM and would return after 5.00 PM with the Chairman and later on it would never come on many days and I had to travel bach by Bus.
The Chairman was more interested in his political career than setting up the project and would come to mills on his own time table and everything was left to me expect finance.The money sanctioned for the project was withdrawn at his will and pleasure for purposes other than mill use also.The guide lines for money to be drawn as directed by the Registrar of co operative society was never followed,since the money was deposited in a local co operative bank in which he had good influence he could draw the money any time
A sizing project,a weaving project and mulberry cultivation and silk worm rearing and silk filature production was all started using mill funds which ran in to losses and were closed.
Funds sanctioned for mills were deposited in bogus co operative credit societies and there the amount was sanctioned to persons of his political affiliations or farmers and never recovered.
The Audit that was done showing all the irregularities was negotiated with the Registrar of co operative society's who never bothered to look in to the report.
The workers were not paid full wages and their PF & ESI amount was never credited to these establishments.
The Factory Licence was never taken.
No records were kept for sundry expences.
My salary was never paid for months and they are still due.
Store expences were kept pending running up to over Rs.1,00,000.00.
Under these circumstances with workers co operation I started the mills with in 18 months.The mill was producing 900 to 1000 kg of 100% High Tenacity super long 64 mm 1.2 denier 2/30's Sewing thread and was the only mill in Maharashtra on 100% synthetic fiber and Industrial Sewing thread production when I was called back for the second time I have no Idea if it is working now since I never went after I came back from the place I did take a part of the salary due to me from the contractor who was running the mill and giving him a stamped receipt to collect the amount from the mills.

Friday, August 29, 2008

[ 36 - Back to square 3 ]

My first square was Madurai.
The Second was Coimbatore.
The third was Bombay,now Maharastra.
The forth was Nanjangud.
The fifth was again Coimbatore.
The sixth was Gulbarga.
The seventh was Bangalore.
The eighth was Quilon,Kerala.
The ninth was Toulahunse - Davengere.
The ninth was Warangal - Andhra Pradesh.
The tenth was again Bangalore.
The eleventh was Pollachi - Near Coimbatore.
The twelfth was again coimbatore.
The thirteenth was Ghadhinglaj - Maharastra.
The fourteenth was again Ghandiglaj - Maharastra.
Square three was in this order to square thitteenth.
After my return from self unemployment which was due to the natural effects my ego and chronic boredom of staying all alone with out my family by forced relocation,I started contacting my friends to find a suitable job for me,a good college mate working in Maharastra told me to go and meet the The Technical Director of the entire Group of co operative mills in Maharastra whose offices was at Bombay.I went to Bombay and stayed with my friend Mr.Chandu Bhave and told him the reason for my visit to Bombay.
He immediately contacted his friend Mr.Khatkhate at MSCSMF which is Maharastra State Co Operative Spinning Mills Federation.He was also my friend while he was working at Coimbatore and staying very near my house.He informed that I should meet him befour I met the The Technical Director.
The next day I went to the oficees of MSCSMF and met Mr.Khatkhate and he told me that the Job will be mine and that I should demand the post of Managing Director only.
I met the Technical Director who was with the Chairman of the co operative spinning mill in which I had to work.The Technical Director knew me well and told the Chairman to appoint me.The Chairman told me to join the mills at the earliest as Managing Director,the post I demanded.I came back to Bangalore and told my wife that I now had the designation of Managing Director in a co operative spinning mill sponsered by Govt of Maharastra through their co operative bank,sponsered by World Bank under Farmer's aid programme for cotton growing farmers in Maharastra.
My wife was very happy and I was now off to a God blessed place Ghadinglaj a small place bordering Karnataka.70 KM from Belgaum City in Karnataka.The Chairman of the co operative mill was staying in that God blessed place.The mill was 9 KM from that place at a village called Koulge the native place of the Chairman.
I was put up at a Guest House, and than the next day I visited the mills which was under construction,all the machinery had arrived at the site and was lying in a pathetic condition in a semi built shed.
The building under construction was with a supervisor without any experience but he was a qualified civil engineer who never had supervised a single residential home.
There were two rooms one for the Chairman & Vice Chairman the other for the supervisors.
I occupied the Chairman's room threw the boards of Name plates of Chairman & Vice Chairman kept on the table and started my work and was the Dictator of the mills and the village.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

[ 35 - In / out,of Mallya Apollo ]

After my wife's visit to my mill when my wife was informed by the doctor at Davengere,when my wife visited that place to procure certain certificates from the college from where my son completed his BE ( C&E) and was to do his MS at Alberta University Canada and as he was in France.My wife visited Davengere and stayed with our old friend and his wife both were doctors and my friend's wife only had done surgery on my wife to remove the uterus and after a check up had told that she had hernia.This she told me when she visited me.
I took a long leave and came to Bangalore.By this time my son had returned from France completing his Project and was staying with us.
My birthday was just around the corner and after having a birth day bash at my favorite place, "Taj West End".The day for surgery of hernia was fixed and myself and my wife were " in" the best hospital at the time"Mallya Apollo Hospital" which was set up by the APPOLO group.
We were in the Hospital for eight days and after the operation we came back home and we were "out" of the hospital happily. My son and daughter used to visit us and they were staying all by themselves and a cook from my mill was taking care of their Eat's.
I went back to my duties with a audio tape recording of " All Stewart " which my son used to give every time I traveled from home and drop me at the bus station on his Suzuki bike at 10.00PM.The two hour songs used to remove my chronic boredom of bus journey and it was to Sun rise I would woke up to at my destination.It was time to have my breakfast first and telephone my daughter next.My daughter's instructions were that I give a call home to inform that my journey was safe.The love,care and affection of my children was so sweet but the separation and my forced relocation from my family was very sour.
I had no choice but to work to support my family.I had no problem at all working but the problem was my attitude and ego.I gave 30 days notice to my employer informing that the Executive Director son of the mill Managing Director was interfering in my day to day work and it was not possible for me to work anymore and requested the Managing Director to accept my resignation and releave me from my duties.
I had a job waiting for me.
I did not get the releaving orders or intimation of my resignation being accepted since the Managing Director wanted me to talk to him.I regretted later for not doing this.
I did something which I should not have done.
Just after 30 day's I left a note to the Managing Director that my notice period was over and would not be reporting for my duties and left the mills leaving few things and packing few things to report for duties to a small mill elsewhere.
I joined this small mill as Technical Director and to my utter surprise found very soon that it was impossible to work with out sufficient working capitol the mill had to work on false declaration to Bank on stocks which was illegal.I took my salary at the end of the month and went back to my employer to find out if I would be welcome after a month.That was not possible.That was it for my ego welcoming me for a big unemployment.
I was back home to say I was unemployed.
This was again a IN / OUT.
My darling wife knew that I would not be OUT for Long.

Monday, August 25, 2008

[ 34 - Good , Bad and Sour. ]

I was given a warm welcome on my joining,a independent one room cottage was given inside the mill as I wanted to avoid transportation problem.As General Manager I was not given a car for any personal use.I had no choice but to take things as it came.
The mill was good but had poor technical staff and a highly competent Managing Director,and a Executive Director who was the son of the Managing Director.I was to report only to the MD and not his son.His interference in day to day work was a pin prick which I had to ignore and get on with my work.
The working of the mill improved and the discipline of the workers and staff was very much appreciated by the MD.This was due to my training I had working earlier under a very disciplined mill Manager.
The workers union was not very co operative due to my actions and their union leaders could not find fault with my actions.
I took up training of floor level workers leaders and taught them their duties and responsibilities and it's importance and how it will benefit them.
Training of workers in their duties was introduced and workers were asked to give lectures on how to improve the mills.
There was a quality control officer but he was unable to control any quality as the technical staff would not co operate. I utilized his services to the maximum extent and he was helpful in my day to day work.
The mill which was exporting only 20 % of it's production shot up to 40 %.
The mill had problems in marketing yarn for knitting was solved to the maximum extent and it was possible to market the yarn.
Few agreements on work loads which was kept pending due to difference of opinion was negotiated and settled and there was no pending agreements.
I used to travel to Bangalore frequently to visit my wife and daughter.I silently admired my wife's capacity to manage the home front effectively and smoothly.My daughter was doing very well in her studies and was always securing First Class in all her examinations.
All my wife's efforts took a toll and now she came all the way to my place to tell me in the hotel room one fine evening that she had a hernia and had to be operated.It was a shocking news to me.I did not know what to do,I was crying in the bath room cursing my fate.My wife had taken this news from the doctor very boldly.
She along with my daughter met my mill MD which was just a curtsey call.He spoke nicely and we all had tea.

Friday, August 22, 2008

[ 33 - Back to Coimbatore.]

I knew my days at Binny's was numbered and was trying again for a Job at any mill in Coimbatore through a friend.
For a few months I was unemployed,my daughter was studying at Bangalore and we were staying in our own house.I had expected a situation that was now on my lap now,10 years early and had purchased this house through Home Loan that was available to the officers in the organization in which was employed.It was a single storied house,through years and in stages I had built the upstairs and had kept it vacant,now we were staying upstairs and had rented down stairs.
I could not stay in the house unemployed as my daughter had to study another 6 years.My efforts were on to get a job very badly.
One fine day I got a call from my friend to meet the Managing Director of a mill near Coimbatore at his office in Madras( now Chennai ).
I went to Madras depressed and frustrated and met the Managing Director of 3 textile mills and one Warp Knitting Weaving Mill,he had taken training along with me at a Research organization.He did not recognize me and our discussion was on problems in spinning yarn.
His mill had some problems and he wanted to know the cause for it but he was a qualified technician with out any in plant experience but he had guessed the cause but again he was not sure if he was right,my answers were the same as he had guessed and he was happy.He wanted a certificate from my boss at Binny's about my work under him.
I had the certificate which I had not taken and he told me to bring it at the time of my joining his mills.
I was asked to join as General Manager of his mills as early as possible,since I was unemployed I told him I will join at a early date and would phone to him from Bangalore.
I came home met my wife and told her that I had to go leaving her with my daughter,she was bold and glad that I had bagged a good job with good accommodation including food (as it was problematic issue solved) she told me not to worry about her and my daughter and she would manage somehow till such time as it was possible.
I could not wait any longer.
I Joined the mill with in a week.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

[ 32 - Enter/Exit - BINNY'S ]

I entered my dream mill Binny's, Bangalore after a few months of unemployment, as Project Manager in charge of big expansion plans drawn up by the mills,which was approved and financed by experts in turning sick mills in to healthy mills.The interview was short as the Resident Director of the mills a very honest and capable man who had spent his life time career at the Asia's biggest mill " Madura Coats " and I had known him and he had heard good about my work at Yellamma Mills.
The first day I was taken around the various departments by The Resident Director and was introduced as the new Project Manager of the mills to all the departmental heads including the Mill Manager.
They all were new to me except one good class mate who was in charge of Ware House.He had spent his full career after graduating in technology and was very proud of his stint at Binny's and I was unable to enter the mills,now that I had entered the mill and was placed in a higher position,I was happy even though it was for a short period.
I was not having any responsibility in my work which was only to co ordinate the supply of new machines and commissioning them.This was also done by the machinery suppliers.
I had completed about 70% of the project by this time the RD and the Chairman's Secretary had problems.
The RD was a person who could not take his integrity to be scanned by a person who had no knowledge of running a mill producing 1,00,000 meters of fabric of every type in the apparel market,with 20,000 KG of yarn of every type that is required.
The RD decided to resign and told me to resign.
My Honey Moon with Binny's ended.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[ 31- Good Bye Friends.]

To all my friends at N T C (APKKAM ) Ltd.

[ My Sistres Prayer.]

ajjis video from Asterixx on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[ 30 - Down after many Ups ]

What goes up must come down.Who thinks of going down when going up,that was my stage at which I was in this textile mill which had all the infrastructure to become a fine textile giant in a State which had no place in the textile map of India.
I started my work with such a speed that the entire town that had taken this mill as a junk,started wondering who was the person in town taking the junk to turn it in to a giant that was sleeping as a junk in the middle of the town.
A detailed report of the mills condition at the time of my take over was sent in detail covering all aspects and was submitted to all the Directors and the big boss a Bureaucrat who had some knowledge of textiles some where down the line after his training. A request was made to send a senior technical adviser to verify my report.I was having his support for my work and it was this thinking only with out any back up that I went ahead with my work like shoot first and talk next.
The work that I undertook needed much of procedures and sanctions I went ahead with work and followed it up with procedures and awaited sanctions.
Most of the work involved was tuning up hundreds of machines.
1] Complete overhauling of machines.
2] Replacements of worn out parts.
3] Ordering of parts required.
4] Renovation of parts in place of replacements which was costly.
5] House keeping on a mammoth scale.
6] Calling experts from out side to fix many machines.
Each of the above things needed procedures and sanctions,as few of the work involved was completed payments were to be made.No payment was possible with out sanction.
I made the payments with out sanction and wrote to the Big Boss to permit me with a blanket sanction for every thing that I would do to get things done to improve the working of the mill on fast track.
This letter was copied it to the concerned officer who was responsible to check the procedures followed and get it approved by proper authorities at the Head office.
There were some items for which even the procedure was done at the Head office and we had to send the stupid Indents for work to be done like overhauling of machines,renovating costly spares and purchase of Tube lights ( just imagine if the Tube Lights were to be shipped over 500 KM and mean while workmen were to work in semi darkness in nights ).There was a stupid officer who had his own self interest and his supporting team which took up the procedure and got it approved by the Technical dept and was sent for sanction.This was for hundred of items for over a dozen mills in the group.They took there time and I had no time.As such I had requested a blanket sanction.
The Big Boss sent my letter with a note to the stupid office in charge of checking the procedures to give him his opinion.
A month back this stupid officer an (alcoholic and womanizer ) had visited my mills and at the same time a Senior Technical Adviser had also come to visit the mills.
A vigilance (alcoholic) officer was also visiting the mills.
The all were staying in the mill Guest House.
The stupid officer and the Vigilance officer wanted the A/C Room and there needs met.
This I refused.[ Point # 1 ].
The stupid officer now had a chance o take his revenge on me for refusing him the A/C room so he sent a note to have a meeting with technical staff.
A meeting was held and during the meeting the matter was discussed about giving blanket sanction.The stupid officer informed the meeting that I had made payments with out sanction and the sum involved was not line with the guide lines of the Holding company's policy and if any deviations were made it would involve the Big Boss in serious problems and a minutes of the meeting was made signed by all with his diction ( sign or lose your cut ) and sent to the Big Boss.
The Big Boss was more worried about his promotion than Company's progress.He just sent it back to the stupid officer to be the Chairman of a investigating committee with the help of a Technical officer and the vigilance officer to go over to the mills and inspect the work and submit it for further action.
I came to know of this and when they visited the mills I took leave so that they could inquire,check and have a free hand in all that they wanted to do as I was much depressed.
The stupid officer tried to black mail me.
I stood firm and told him sorry I was broke,[ Point #2 ]
They could not see anything out of the way technically and payments were made on lowest bids as per procedure but pending sanction.I had no authority to do such a thing but had requested for blanket sanction which was again not a procedure in any of the 11 mills all over India managed by the Govt.( now 67 mills are closed following the stupid procedure and other bureaucratic rules set up at the Holding Company and our Head office ).The stupid officer to take vengeance on me for Point # 1 & Point # 2 had a chance to take his revenge and submitted a serious report cooked up.This report was signed by the other members who did what the stupid officer told and signed with out even seeing what was in the report.This was told to me by the Technical officer after he retired and even the Personal officer told me that the report was only with the Bureaucrat who did not show the report to anyone.
I do not know what was said in the report and I was not asked to give a reply to the report a copy of which should have been given to me which is a legal procedure but told to resign or face inquiry pending suspension.
I resigned.
The whole mill stood by me and sat in my bunglow and would not allow me to leave.This was the 3rd such agitation against my transfer,the 2nd at my 2nd transfer (the first transfer was unknown to the workers as it was done over night)
when all the workers went to Head office to protest my transfer and the 3rd was in Kerala when the MP at Delhi told the Holding company to cancel my transfer immediately and to withdraw the order given to the officer who had to come to take charge from me at Kerala.I had to fight against the transfers or obey the orders in all the transfers.I was not the only one,there were others who made the transfers adjustable.For me I would break but not bend.
I left the mills to join a Gaint in Textile at Bangalore.
I left the place with my bag and baggage.
I was wondering what to do to support the family till my next pay and with no firm guarantee of the job I had.
My wife was in deep depression.
My daughter was in a different depression but kept her decorum.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

[ 29 - My son graduates ]

My son's High School,his 5th school was at a near by city's Charitable Institution.He graduated with honors from this school after winning several prizes during his study and won the National Merit Scholarship awarded by Government of India.
He took up his pre degree collegiate education in a local Govt college.The first year he passed in first class and followed it in second year also in first class.
He was selected in district level examination to study his Engineering degree in Electronics & Communication a four year study and he stood first in his class in all the four years and passed with Gold Medal in his final year
My son was about to complete his final year.
My daughter was studying in her 9th standard.
This was a final phase for my children to complete their education and our Head Office choose to transfer me to one of the biggest mills in our group at this point of time.
This mill was a live volcano unlike YELLAMMA which was a dead Volcano. I left my family behind and went alone to join the mills in a new district away from my home state.
I arrived at the mill and took charge.The mill had 500 staff quarters and around a dozen Bunglows for officers and a palatial Bungalow for the General Manager.The mill was not only the biggest mill but a vast land of most inefficiently managed reputed mill with every type of machines that was used for over half a century.
I was waiting for my predecessor to move from his Bunglow and was staying at the Guest, in the same A/C Room where the Prime Minister of India,Mrs.Indira Gandhi was staying during her visit to this place.
No sooner he left I informed the mill engineer to get the Bunglow cleaned and painted and left on official leave to bring my wife and daughter.My son had to stay alone in a rented room near his college.
My final innings with a Govt controlled textile mill.
I came back with my wife and daughter admitted her in a school,her 2nd school some 15 K M away from my place of residence.My wife had to go daily to her school as my daughter was very young to go alone in a Auto Ricksha which was maintained by the mills for local purchases and to take the children of only the General Manager.
Everything was perfect and now it was my duty to make the mill perfect.To my good fortune I had 3 Heads of departments who worked with me the mills at Karnataka.There was to that extent some consolation in my mind that I was not a complete stranger.Besides these officers would convey to many workmen and staff as to what sort of a person I was and how I would act in this mill.
The mill was a mess everywhere in all the departments in every aspect.Knowing this fully I was sent here.I thought they trusted me.I was stupid to think as such,where is the question of trust in Govt.You have to follow procedures and get sanctions for even to buy stationary.

Friday, August 15, 2008

[ 28 - Yearn at Yellamma ]

I took over the mill from a General Manager who was proud of his pull at the Head office of our Group of mills but had no experience in commissioning such equipment in any mills.
I was now Yearning to show my colors.
The Technical Director knowing his weakness and my strength maneuvered to see that I was there to take the reins to complete the expansion.
The mill which had undergone a sea change in it's size as the capacity was doubled with a separate building for the mill being constructed to house the plant and all the machinery including the giant humidification plant and everything in half way at all stages.
The mills expansion was planed expecting sufficient water supply,power standby taken for granted,source of supply of power point forgotten,supply of uninterrupted power assumed,and training of workers yet to begin when new machines were on production.Standards for quality not fixed.Machinery manuals kept out of reach of technicians,planed movement and storage of in process and processed goods left to go at workers will,and manuals for process ignored,testing of semi processed and finished material laboratory under equipped and no new equipment for emergency testing being absent and the most important factor being the market acceptance of product at expected selling prices.
This was an Everest climb for a technocrat of my abilities and experience,however I was able to archive everything:
New source of water supply sufficient to meet the needs of all the requirements of the mills and the mill quarters including th workers quarters.
The mill was having two Gen Sets and this was upgraded from 750 to 1000 KVA by making use of the spares of a an idle Gen set of a mill of our unit.
The mill was getting power from the Sub Station of the city through a route going at five places and the power would stop if anything went wrong at any of the five places.
A separate direct line from sub station was drawn and this prevented power shut
downs daily.
Training of workers was taken up with the help of a Textile Research Institute.
Quality of finished products were with the seal of ISI.
Testing of material was done on daily basis.
Raw materials were tested and batch wise production given.
Statistical Quality Control methods used
Flow of material path from machine to machine made vertical.
Records of machine maintenance made on the basis of working.
All records kept open for checks.
Copies of Machine manuals circulated to all technicians.
A record of implementing the highest workloads first and then getting the agreements for the same signed by the unions was made,which no mill could do.
First aid and fire fighting training was given to selected work men in all departments and all security personal.
Quality circles in all departments were set up who held meetings and guided the General Manager in improving areas that needed immediate improvement.
Registered Co-operative bank was started with workers shares.
The Idol of Goddess YELLAMMA was kept under a tree with out a cover and it was a resting place for all animals.
A temple was built by persuading the building contractor Mr.Vekata Reddy to build a stucture and a temple was innagurated by our Chairman cum Managing Director,later one of our mill yarn Merchant arranged 1001 electric bulbs fixed permenently to be lighted on all Friday's.
A Community hall for workers was built using mill scrap materials near workers quarters for social gatherings and functions and a Color TV set was kept for daily evening entertainment for workers and their families.
The mill quarters was built in such a way that all ladies had to go through the mills main gate,this was also a gate for workmen who were frisked.
The mills had a Metodor wan this was used once or twice a eek to go out for shopping there by avoiding frisking by security staff.
The Ladies were confined to their homes and would not go out for any social activities.
A Ladies Club was started by modification to a old cement go down,and here the ladies gathered in the evenings and it was a club now where in even 2 or 3 ladies could come and chit chat or could utilize a sewing machine kept there.
Health care for Ladies was arranged by talk with the help of a Doctor who was a PhD in Gynocology.
The mill Main Gate was changed using mill scrap material with company LOGO.
More than 2000 trees and 500 coconut plants were planted.
The entire 150 acres of mill was fenced using mill scrap.
Death relief to workmen by monthly collection of money in their pay was instituted.
Co-operative provision stores on credit for household needs,was started.
Wrestling Club for young workers by funds collected by young workers with their own funds on a location in mill premises was built and activities started and wrestling team was represented in Mysore Dussera celebrations.
Volly ball activities started and teams sent to various tournaments in few Districts and they won many trouphy's.
Health Clinic for local people made with qualified doctor.
Name badges given to workmen in charge of department.
Yarn market approved our quality and paid price to that of the best mills.
Yarn of highest price and super fine quality not made by any mill was made.
Synthetic yarn production and blends with cotton started.
Polyester/cotton blended High twist yarn and Fancy yarn production started(No mill was able to manufacture such yarn among 11 spinning mills).
Surat welcomed our products.
Synthetic woolen yarn started.
Synthetic yarn blend with silk experimented.
Activities of the mill published quarterly as House Magazine.
I was awarded Asia Hong Kong Trophy and asked to go over to Hong Kong.
My achievements were known to my superiors as I was continuously writing to them every week on the mills progress.
Now I was not sitting on a Volcano but floating in the clouds.
Our bosses were now aware that I should better be shifted to another mill which was a eye sore in the group at Andhra.
My activities in other areas to improve mill quality standards made me to join "Institute of Standards Engineers" a national organization and I was frequently visiting Bangalore for meetings.
The institute awarded to me their highest membership statues " F I S E ".
I was a member of Textile Institute Manchester and I was awarded by Institutes C Text A T I ( Manchester ), an honor equivalent to a Degree in Textiles in any university in the world. I was invited for the Convocation ceremony at Manchester but was not permitted to go officially by my Chairman.I had no money to go unofficially
With this background they thought that I had no work in the mills improvement and took a decision to transfer me to their most spoilt mill in Andhra.
My yearn was no more Yummy.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

[ 27 - Yummy - Yallamma ]

Once my transfer was leaked to the trade union leaders immediately the matter was reported to their leader who was a MP.[ a transfer earlier attempted by this man Mr.xxxx was canceled by this MP due to workers agitation that I should not be transfered and I had continued for a year but this time they stealthily sent a person asking me to come to Bangalore for a meeting,when I was holidaying at Bombay and already a person was sent to my mills to assume charge of the mills in my absence] and this time also our CMD was asked as to why was I targeted for transfer when other General Managers were working continuesly for over 7 years in a same mill.They were told at Delhi that there was a xxx case against me and they should not not get involved in my case(a bluff).This was told to me by my CMD [ Chairman cum Managing Director] when he was in his evening moods at a party that his bluff worked in my transfer and was laughing at me.This time it was to my advantage to keep quite and get the transfer order and Join the mill at Toulahunse.
I came to my hotel room depressed but not out and left for Quilon.
My daughter was studying in pre primary class with Malayalam as her second language and she was speaking the local language with perfect accent.This was her first school.My son was in 7th Std.
My first job was to collect their leaving certificates.
Then to pack my bag and baggage which was done by my wife mostly.I do not know how she did it with her fragile body having undergone innumerable sufferings of stress,tension,fear,anxiety and with all sorts of worry,in an anemic condition and with no one to give her any sort of assurance like " I am here you don't worry ".I was out of my mind and had become an alcoholic.It was just my Guts to survive and get along to see that my family was safe at all times that I kept the will to come out of any challenges and this I did, to tell that I did, after forty plus years.
I left Kerala came to Bangalore informed my parents in law of my transfer.They were happy that their daughter was just under 260 KM from their home.
I arrived at Sree Yellama Cotton,Wollen & Silk Mills.
The mill was having a big bunglow for the General manager,this was vacated by my predecessor after I took charge.
This was a small mill with all new spinning machines and few new machines thrown here and there but was working well after it was set up by a young General Manager who left it in perfect condition.
But then this was a mill under Govt and how can things be perfect under our Govt.
There were persons to predict the mills future and invest few hundred millions of Public,tax payers money.
The mill was expanded to double the production with out any knowledge of the textile industry's pendulum swings of up and down market and no knowledge of high vale and high volume of production planning.
I was now sitting on a Volcano.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[ 26 - Parvathi - Unbeatable ]

Now it was my turn to show what I could do,which none could do for over ten long years.
Brand New Machinery purchased for modernizing the mill was kept in open yard and was found rusted due to sea water,as the open sea back waters were touching the mill compound at the back of the mills.
The union was not allowing outside workers to work inside the mills,they wanted mill workers to do the work on overtime basis.This was not allowed by the management for non productive purposes.
I contacted an outside man to meet the union leaders grease their palms and take up the work only with mill workers.This plan was perfect and work went on fast as the sooner they finished the work the more money they would get since the contract was for a single job and the amount fixed.The result was fantastic.All the machinery which came in over 30 lorry's which were lying in open compound were now on production.
The stupid management was not knowing this,it approved several such contracts as every one was by a outsider in different names on a lowest quotation basis.The workers union also were happy that I had no interest in any contractor since they knew the persons.
Our Technical Director was happy on his visit and was grinning from ear to ear,seeing the machines he ordered working.He told other General Managers that I had done a wonder.
The new machines improved and workers were pleased and were happy.
Now there was pressure from my superiors for Rationalization of work loads and reduction in workmen.
This was done after a long battle of meetings with all the unions agreeing for the higher work loads and wages.
Everything was done to make the mill better than the other 4 other composite textile mills 3 in Karnataka and 1 mill which was the biggest in Andhra Pradesh and this mill in Kerala - Parvati was Unbeatable but than there was this xxxxxx man wanting my head to roll who was my superior and I had crossed swords with him,he did not succeed in his effort however I was shunted out of this mill to Karnataka.
My son was about to graduate from high school and his certificate of high school completion must be that of a school in Karnateka otherwise his college admission would be a problem with Kerala high school certificate in Karnataka.
I had to be in Karnataka or I had to shift my family so I accepted my transfer( I had no choice) and shifted to a village Tolahunse 8 KM from Davengere City which is in Karnataka.

[ 25 - Problem v/s My Charm ]

The mill was a composite textile mill with spinning,weaving and processing departments and a engineering department to carry out any repairs that arose in day to day working of the mills.
I had a spinning master,weaving master,a processing master,a general engineer,a costing manager,finance manager and personal officer to run the mills with around 500 workers in three shifts of 8 hours each.
As I was new to the mills and place besides my inability to speak the local language it took me several months to talk freely with the workers union office bearers.I on went with my observation and was trying to improve the office garden which was neglected,these plants had no union leader.
One day one of the office bearers of the union asked me if I would do something to improve the mills or keep supervising the garden mending operations.
If I do something to improve the mills there should be co operation from all unions I told him.
He said I should call for a meeting of all the unions and ask them to co operate and tell them what I intend to do periodically.
I called a meeting of all the unions,18 unions with 36 representatives, gave them a high tea and told them what I wanted to do and asked them if it was a problem for them.They all replied that it was fine and if any workers should have any grievance they would come to me,I agreed and my work started in full swing.

[ 24 - My Son's forth school ]

Brother & Sister

Few weeks after we took position of our new residence we had to take our food in a hotel which could supply the food like in Bangalore.
There was not much work for me as I was just observing things and I knew that there would be no pressure from my superiors or officers,staff or workers.
I had to set up my residence as it was a mess;
The kitchen was a coffee and smokers paradise dirtied to the maximum extent.
Two rooms were part of the main office.
One room was a trash bin.
All had to be cleared and painted.
Meanwhile our household goods arrived.
My Wife was an expert in packing or unpacking due my transfers.
Everything was ready to place the unpacked items mostly kitchen items.
The furniture was there including 2 air conditioners.
It was perfect.
My son had to be enrolled in the local convent " Trinity Lyceum " it was not a problem.
My daughter the Lucky star who made me General Manager was 18 months young.
She was just everybody's darling child at the mills,playing anywhere she wanted in the office or outside in the big garden.We had a servant boy to watch her so that she will not enter the mills as no one could stop her.

We also had another cook who was a local boy and office boy.
My wife learned several kerala recipes which was our special items.
My son enjoyed his school and friends as also his new language Kerala.He was now a vorocious reader of Heardly Story Book Serious and even had a library called Harley Library.His friends used to borrow books.

Monday, August 11, 2008

[ 23 - Luck Strikes once again ]

The news that I got direct from The Technical Director that I was transfered over phone was indeed very surprising as Bangalore posting was a premium plum job since the perks were so good besides being my home town.I moved so fast from Gulbarga after staying for over seven years that many of my friends were unaware of my transfer.I sent all my bag and baggage to by lorry and left for Bangalore and traveled in my car with my son,daughter and wife and headed straight to the big bungalow at Malleswaram which I knew was vacant and this was the best place in the city where the mill was also located.The time was nearing around 12.00 Mid Night.The security at the bunglow was in confusion as there was no instructions to let me in.I was informed that there was no key available to the bunglow.I was mad and shouted at the security to go to the mills and get it.There was utter confusion and fear but they got the key and I entered the bunglow,to find half of it was filled with cloth bales and the other half was vacant.
I occupied the bungalow with out any permission from the officer in charge of mill various bungalow's,residences and quarters he was helpless and no one had the guts to tell me to move to any other place.
The smart Army man who was my boss was the one to allot any bunglalow to any officer.He was mad of my self occupation which he thought was insubordination and told the mill civil engineer to divide the bungalow in to two.
The mill civil engineer was my man as I had appointd him at Gulbarga and he got transfered to this mill.I told him if he enters my house he will not enter the mill gate.He reported to the Smart Army man his helplessness.
The smart Army man reported to The Chairman cum Managing Director who came to my house saw that it was inconvenient to a man in charge of the mills and his position.The file on the subject went to records room.
The first thing was to remove the cloth bales befour this incident.I informed the Sales Manager to remove the cloth bales from my Bungalow and Car Shed with in a week or else I would keep it near his bunglow.He did it soon.
I told the civil engineer to paint the bungalow he was glad to do it fast.
We settled down and had the pleasure of meeting all our relatives and inviting them to our house after a long time.
Everything was fine but the smart Army man my boss at Gulbarga a punjabi had done a bangla dance unknown to me.
All transfers were done by Chairman cum Managing Director after consultation with the four Directors.
The Finance Director.
The Technical Director.
The Marketing Director.
The Director Personal.
However in my case it was done with out his consultation by C M D and TD.Even FD was not consulted and he had no objection.( He was my cast ),the Director Personal was not bothered but the Smart Army man,being a Army man it was his grudge that procedure was not followed.
With out consulting anyone he issued a order through another Army man The Personal Director to the mills Finance Manager to take Charge as Acting General Manager.
My Luck was now in the back burner and I was burning for this lost chance of becoming the General Manager.
My work was fast and furious,the mill which was a mess was turned in to a mill with pleasing look and good working conditions which the worker's union was demanding the TD very seriously, the General Manager had resigned and gone away and there was no technically capable man to set right the mills except me which they thought was the right thing so I was called to take charge over phone since the matter was serious,without waiting for a official confirmation I hurried which was my mistake.I was not a man of procedure but action.I started my work with the co-operation of all staff who were happy to work with me,since I understood their problem and got it solved very quickly.The laborers were happy when their machines were working smoothly.
The Finance Manager was not interfearing with my work.He was interested in only Turkey Towal Quality and production,which improved and satisfied him and his interest.He was in line with the Army man.
The TD evaded answer to my question as to why I was told to take charge and the Finance Manager being given Charge.
I was a man never satisfied and ever greedy for power and position and did not bother with anything else,such as greasing the palms of higher ups with the sort of things they were happy with.This was my weakness and did resulted in my taking up higher positions.
I was desperate to go up a No 1.
There was a advertisement in one of our sister subsidiaries for the No.1 position I applied direct and copied it to our CMD,since I knew it would never be forwarded to the sister subsidiaries if I followed the procedure,this copy went to files and I was never asked any question.
I got a inter view from that subsidiarie at Bombay went there on leave and got selected as General Manager of a mill in Maharastra.
I requested a transfer it was rejected.
They appointed me as General Manager of one of the big problematic mill in Kerala " Parvathi Mills " called as University of Trade Unions.
No sooner the transfer order was known to the workers union all the workers went to the Head Office away from mills and wanted the order canceled and demanded retaining me as General Manager of the mills I was working.This had no effect a the Personal Officer did some sweet talk.
I packed my things and drove straight to Kerala with my son,daughter and Wife.
My daughter was just one year something.
My Son and daughter enjoyed the drive by the side of the sea for the first time,near the coast they wanted to enter the sea and I took the car so near which I could not remove since all the tire's were half embedded in the sea.The fisher folk lifted the car manually and put it on the road it was a experience to remember.
We arrived at the mill by 7.00 PM the out going General Manager was waiting to hand over the Charge with his staff.I was welcomed warmly by all that night.
Our accommodation was arranged at a hotel but I occupied the place a air conditioned room kept as a guest room and later turned it in to a fine 18th century bunglow as it was in those days when a British man ran the unit.

[22 - Luck Strikes Lion Again ]

My boss on the basis of his good work was transfered to the Head Office as Director of Marketing.He had no background in Marketing,Our mill marketing and sales was done by a committee including me, as I was to plan production.The key man was the Marwadi who was incharge of mills operations befour take over did all the Sales even after the mill take over but it was through a committee in cluding me.
My CEO the smart Army man took him also along with him as Sales Manager for our Group of 16 mills. Now I had one more responsibility which was not new to me as I was poking my nose in every ones work, what ever it was, in which ever area, even what ever that enters the main gate and goes out of the main gate. I had the support and advice of a brillent Bengali officer incharge of Quality Control.
We had a new man as CEO a South Indian Bramhin and he was very fond of our family and was depending on me for all the things but not for long.
During a review meeting of our mills he said the chief of 111 mills Technical Director that he could guide us to run the mill better for a question on mill operations resulting in the Technical Director loosing his cool transfered him to a post of Vigilance officer at our Head Office.
We had another CEO another South Indian Bramhin who was my boss now.He liked my daughter so much that he used ti visit our house very often to see her and tell us she is her girl friend.
My daughter was just about to reach her first birthday and we were planning to celebrate it as we did or our son. I went to the mills feeling great as my boss liked my daughter and I would be able to make a grand first birth day.
I never even dreamt what happened that day.
I had a direct phone call from my Technical Director to report to a mill in Bangalore and take charge as this mill was in a Mess.
This mill in the heart of the city where my father had worked,was a dream come true to see his boss who sat,would be my chair.
This was the Luck my daughter had brought with in one year.
We celebrated her birth day with our relatives and freiends in Bangalore.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

[ 21- My son gets a Sister ]

Very Cute.Very Pretty.-My Friend a Gujarati told us to name her Dishaa
click on the picture to see her on the big screen so very charming.

My son now was so happy that he had a baby sister to play with.As most of the officer's had more than one kid my son was pestering my wife why we have only him and not a single one to play with.I was happy and my wife and son were happy.It become a happy family.
My son had brought me Luck,so my daughter too should.we had a very good pundit who was also a astrologer,I called him and told him to see her Kundali and tell me what Luck see will bring in our family.He challenged that with in one year she will flood our house with money,& and I would be promoted as C.E.O.AS he told when Dihu was 1
year old same month I was promoted as C.E.O.

The picture here was a B & W picture.Our mill driver liked her so much that he wanted her picture in color.He took the photo to Hyderabad from our place Gulbarga and made it in color and kept one copy with him and another to us.

[ 20 - Non Stop - Drive ]

I started my work as a Production Manager driving down all the manufacturing activities of all departments,like a screw driver moving it slowly so that there is no slip of the screwdriver.
The screw wouldn't go so easy it was a hard good wood but my hand was firm.
All went fine with the mills and the working improved so much under me but the credit went to my CEO the Smart Army man.
My son was in the 6th standered securing 1st Rank from the 1st,at St.Joseph's school in our place at Gulbarga.
He was very smart amoung all boys in the officer's colony.He used to sing hindi songs quite nicely and had a girl friend by name Manu daughter of the Marwadi finance controller,to sing with duet songs.
My son's birth day was also our CEO's and there was a compition of this birth days with that of another officer's son and my son.It went to such a pitch that my workers would come to attend his birth day and dinner with huge presents such a bicycle.
The CEO told me to stop such huge expenses in front of workers in order to show our simple living from there after it was a simple function at our residence.
Now it was a bolt from the blue my wife told me she was PREGNANT.
I was worried about the baby and mothers safety.
The doctor assured me my wife was in good health to have the baby.
My son's age was 8 plus and it was the time to celebarate his thread ceremony
the day for his thread ceremony "Upanayana".was fixed and the function went of well with few of the relatives and children.This is a must for bramhin boys in our community.The boy's after wearing the scread thread are elligable and authorised by the holy scriptures to recite the holy "Gayatri" mantra.My son practiced reciting the Gayatri mantra for over 6 years non stop.
My wife's pregnancey period was nearing and one fine day she said,take me to the hospital.I was having no fear as she was in such good health and under a good doctor's vigil over her my son myself and our family friend was with us,they had planed to operate her for the delivery of the baby.I hardly knew of this.
The doctor told us to get a bottle of Detol,my son ran out of the hospital and got the bottle.
She gave birth to a baby girl.
The nurse brought the baby to show it to me.I was so happy seeing the baby since I had not seen my son being shown to me,I took out my purse and emptyed it in to the nurse's hand.That was my happyest day.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

[ 19 - The Lion Moves in ]

Inside the mills the General Manager's quarters was vacant and I moved in to that Bungalow
to the surprise of all the Lions who were now Lambs.
There were no shadows to fight,it was my right,rite there,
rite than and than on.No one to come my way for nearly six and half years.
My new abode was just behind my office which was just in the same place of the Army man and his residence and was very comfortable.
With fans and air coolers.We had the services of mill paid servant and cook.
My son was now going to school in the mill car with other officers kids.
My wife had all north Indian ladies as her new friends.Everything was perfect
but inside unknown to me was a plan to use the Army man a north Indian
to bring them to their side,which he did but was unable to take away
my powers.My new appointment which he did, was sanctioned by the
Regional Director,who was a South India.Thus there was no question of
stopping the Lion's Roar.

[ 18 - Lambs for Lion ]

The bureaucrat's would step in now after the ordinance and the management full of ignorant men at the helm of affairs would be shown the exit gate along with god knows who would be included,may be myself too.How could I tell my wife.
The next day I went to the mills as usual and headed straight to the office of the man who hired me but he had left to Delhi to appeal against the Govt Ordinance,and get a stay order.
Here we received a message that a Colonel of the Indian Army would be arriving at our place to take over the mills.We had a smart Marwadi as Manager of the mills who had never seen a textile mill.He sent a officer to receive the Army man and put him up in a Guest House and informed him that there is a Govt stay order not to take over the mills,and that he should take instructions from his superiors befour he could enter the mills violating Supreme court orders.
The smart Army man was in no hurry he waited for ten days.
At Delhi,the the Advocate for our mill told the Supreme Court,something like,that the mill was belonging to the Government of Karnataka and there was no question of take over of the mills by Government of India.
The Supreme Court askd the Advocate if he represented Governament of Karnataka.
There was no apeal by Govt of Karnataka.
The petiton by the Marvadi was dismised.
The smart army man walked in to the mills and took over the next day.
He came to the mills at 7.00 AM.
I went to the mills at 8.00 AM.
He was in the post spinning section after taking round of the spinning department.
I met him there and I don't remember what happened except remembering his sweet smile.I don't remember what happened that day.
The next day he sent a message to all Heads of Dept's to meet him at 8.00AM.
We all sat around in a semi circle.
He told us to brief him our duties and responsibilities.
Every one except me told their duties in their department*.
I told him my duties in the whole mill operations as I did so**.
*Broken English.
** My English.
The next day he called me to his office and told me to take over the complete operations of the mills and he would look in to the Management of the mills.
A circulor was sent simultaniously to all the Heads of all the Dept's.
All the Lions were now Lambs and I was the Lion.

Friday, August 08, 2008

[ 17 - Luck strikes Again ]

My Son Brings me Luck again
That night over radio we heard that the Govt of India had promulgated an ordinance taking over 43 textile protect the interest of the workers and prevent private company's miss management of mills which were making huge losses,they were also threatening to close down.Our mill was one among them but with a difference,the trade unions had complained to the Governament of India through the office of the Textile Commesionar's office,that the mill which was belonging to the Governament of Karnataka was managed by a Marwadi from Delhi and he was swindling money and had employed his men who had no knowledge of running the mills.This was investigated and the commetee had recomended to the Governament to take action.It was on the basis of this report that the mill was taken over.
That night I could not sleep.

Government was interestd only in workers and not us. The management staff were in some way had connections,like our mills which had all officers and few staff in whom the Officers were interested.I was the only the Guy with no connections with any one but my son's star made me a lion amoung lambs.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

[16 - My Son's Second School]

My wife wanted to get information about a good convent school.There was only one officer who used to talk to me during my rounds in the mills as it was my habit from the day I entered the mills in my career even as a trainee.This officer was friendly while others were keeping away from me, I did not bother about this behavior of the officers.I inquired this friendly officer about the convent school and he told me about the convent school's location where all officers sent their children.
I told my wife about the convent school's location and told her to go and get my son enrolled there and she did it not with out my son asking her all questions about the school.All the time my son was clinging to my wife in her delicate arms not allowing her to make him walk.[ even after he was returning to home after his admission was completed,my wife carried him all he way to our home from school since she could not get any cycle rickshaw for transport.] .
When she put him down at the school Head mistress office the first thing he wanted to know was if the teachers beat the students at this school.My wife told him they would if he was misc hives.He immediately told her that he would not join if that was so.The Head mistress laughed and told him they won't beat any kids.He was still below the age as he was just 4year's of age and so they could not put him in 1st standered, he again joined for U.K.G. and after he passed in first class he was admitted to 1st Standard.This was his second school up to 7th standard.

My work was indeed very hard every day was a shadow fight with my Spinning Master,he was a non stop smoker in my presence, he knew that I never liked smoke smell, he would instruct the testing department to set the spinning machines with out consulting me and I had to face complaints from the Weaving department that yarn quality was giving them problems.I had to make arrangements to separate the batches which was giving further problems.The machinery maintenance staff had to report to him all the work done which he would not record properly.his was a major problem and the rest were just irritating ones.I did manage some how as I had no alternative.The other Heads of Departments never liked me.It was one South Indian against several North Indians controling the mill working. All having just a shadow fight.

T D is Coming ! !

I came to the mills as usual and saw the whole mill kept clean like a slate.
I asked the gate keeper what is the occasion,he told me T D is coming.
I was glad he was coming since he was the real boss and all the persons acting like big boss were a head ach to me.
Every officer was clean shaven dressed in white and looking as if they were expecting a train any movement.
The Olive Green Ambasoder zoomed in to the mill compond and stopped at the portico where all of us were standing.
He was looking very fresh,smiling and had a printed coloured silk bush shirt over a white pant.
He went straight to his office which was always kept unused but clean with his two side kicks the Finance and Operation Manager,oon the Sales Manager was called and the meeting went on till noon.
He led us all straight in to the mills and to my departament first.At the spinning preparatory department he looked at the hygrometer and asked the Spinning Master why the humidity was poor.The spinning Master replied that it was noon and the temperature was ubnormal.
He called a worker and asked him to fetch a ladder,I was wondering what the hell.
As soon as the long ladder was brought he put it himself under a humidification vent pulled the grill and inserted his hand inside and took a more than a fit full of cotton dust as big as a foot ball and throw it on the ground in less than five minutes,came down from the ladder and looked at my junior and asked him if the temperature was ubnormal.My junior was shaken with a pale face and stood like a kid on the bench in a school punished by the teacher in front of his class mates.I did not utter a word but he told me to look in to this and other minor but critical areas for good spinning.I had learnt a lesson.
He took his hour long inspection and at the gray cloth inspection table he chcked the cloth for a few hundred yards and looked at the sales manager.The sales manager just smiled.He asked me if I could make the cloth better.I was gazing at the cloth and he understood my problem and showed me brown specks as big a pin head, the cotton broken twigs which remain in grey cloth due to improper opening of cotton during spinning,I got his point and promised him improvemnt at the earliest.
I never met him again.
The Govt of India took over the mills.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

[ 15- What to do ?]

My Son, this little sweet fellow was such a fun I do not know how things moved from start to shift from Gulbarga.We landed after informing the mills our arrival time and date.we arrived some time after midnight and I was expecting some representative would be present at the railway station. I had not informed my wife about this.She like her father would face any force however strong it might be and had the look like her father a face that looked very innocent to any person. I was happy to have and be with such a girl as my wife.The train stood at a far away platform that I could hardly see the railway station name anywhere. The lighting was so poor in thous days, but there were porters to take our bag and baggage to the other side of the platform the exit from the place.
I understood the attitude of the management but was helpless.
I just took a room in the best hotel in town and slept that night.
The next day I reported at the mills to the person who had seen me at Coimbatore.He another marwadi but a CA and in charge of all financial matters of the mills sent me to another marwadi who was in charge of mills operations.He sent words to the person in charge of the spinning department designated as Spinning Master, another bihari and told him that I was his boss from that day.The Spinning Master was knowing that I would be coming as I had met him when I had come to take a look at the mess he had made,it was then that I had noticed that he was not happy that I had come and at that point of time I had told him that I would not come if he felt that my appointment would weaken his standing.He had told me that I was most welcome.I wanted to keep my professional ethics not knowing that all would do the same. I was in the dark on his intentions.I inquired about my free quarters that was promised,the CA told me it was getting ready.It was however after 15 days that that my wife and son spent in the hotel room.The climate at that point was very hot there was humidity problem. I used to pour buckets of water at night all around our beds to keep cool,I was remembering the weather at Coimbatore,which was just like a/c compared to this Kalburgi.
I moved in to a independent big house out side the mills.All other Heads of the departments were inside the mills in a separate enclosure.
I assumed charge as Spinning Superintendent and Head of the department.
I met the Heads of other department:
The Weaving Master - From Punjab.
The Processing Master - From Haryana.
The Folding Master - From Punjab.
The Labour Officer - From Bengal.
The SQC officer - From Calcutta.
The Sales Manager - From Madya Pradesh.
The Accounts Officer - From Surat.
The Costing In Charge - From Kerala.
I was the only man from Karnataka as Head of the largest Department in the mills.
Their was no technical personal who was knowing the problems the mill was facing and none was there to brief me about it.
I went about on my system which was just house keeping as every corner of the department was a dumping place for all unwanted things.
The Marwadi who had taken over the mills from Govt of Kanataka with out any personal stake and a bank guarantee from the Govt to of Karnataka to a nationalized bank for Rs.105,00,000.00 used to give orders from Delhi to the manager of the mills '.
He was known as " Technical Director.
He was expected to visit the mills Manager of Operations,Finance Manager and Sales Manager at the Air Port of Hyderabad.He had instructed the Mill Manager of Operations to tell me to join them for a meeting at the Air Port.
There was a meeting by the FM & SM without me in the Air Port Lobby itself in a separate seat,I was sitting few seats away.
They then came and sat near me.
The Technical Director told me that he was informed that there was some little improvement but the utilization of raw material was not very significant and I must ensure that it is kept well above the norm.I told him that this aspect was not informed to me by the costing department.He said the system was that they report to them and if I wanted can ask them to show the figures.I said I would be doing that hence forth.The meeting ended and he left by the next plane to Delhi.
I had completed two months.
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[ I Need a Break Please.]

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

[ 14 - Forth 2 Fifth ]

My mother passed away in July 1971. I was depressed,removed my mustache my proud possession,in her memory.
My friend who was an administrative staff in the mills I was working met me along with his father in Sri Rama Temple at Ram Nagar,which was his place of residence.My wife and myself were regular visitors to this temple on every week end.I had seen my friend's father who was a well known astrologer in Ramnagar.
The next day when I met him in the mills I enquired my friend that it was a surprise to me to know that his father was Ramnagar's well known man in Astrology.
He just laughed and asked me if I was interested in consulting his father for any specific question.
I told him I would be greatful if he could arrange it,he said he will inform me the next day.
The next day he told me to meet his father on a Thursday morning at 9.00AM being our weekly holiday.
I visited their house with my horoscope and asked the astrologer my immediate future and prospectus,since finance was my main concern.
I was told that my son would bring me good luck before his 5th birth day.
The owners of the mill I was working had two textiles mills in Coimbatore,ours was called Singanalore Unit and the other was called as Tudiallur unit.
All of a suden the CEO of our unit was transfered to Head Office,his deputy my Boss was transfered to Tudiallur unit,and the CEO of Tudialur unit was now my mill new CEO,he brought along with him his deputy as my boss.I should have been sent to Tudialur unit as deputy of my boss,who was now CEO of Tudialur unit.This was the perfect system in the company.The CEO of Tudiyallur unit had a great impact with the management since his mills products were in great demand and the mill was making net profit year after year and ours was just the opposite due to my mills CEO's indifference to my mills losses as such the management just did what he told.I lost my promotion and was frustrated.
My mill CEO who was transfered to HO soon returned after resigning his job and started his own business in Dyes and Chemicals.
I met him and asked him if what was done to me was justified for no fault of mine.He told me to wait for few weeks to find a suitable job for me for my experience and qualification.He than informed two of his friends,he was a Gujarati and so were his friends who supplied spare parts of textile machines to various mills all over south India.A Marwadi who was managing the Govt of Karnataka textile mill at Gulbarga wanted a good spinning expert to head his mills.He had asked these two Gujarati merchants to locate a person.When my ex boss told them,they immediately phoned me and told me to meet the Gulbarga mill representative at a local hotel "Wood Lands " the same day,I was hesitant to go and meet him but my wife would not let me sleep and I had to promise her that I will meet the Gulbarga moll representative.I met him the next day and he just looked at me and after a few questions asked, he told me to go over to the mills and confirm that I would be able to set it right.I went saw the mills condition which was so pathetic,and told him I can do it.He said I can go back and resign my job as soon as I get a confirmation on my appointment.He sent a telegram confirming my job designation and salary.
The new CEO who knew my background did gave me all encouragement and respect and I had no complaints against him.
Soon I had a new job with my ex boss's influence which gave a big Jump in my career with two and half times the salary and as Head of the Spinning Department of a Large textile mill in my own State.
This was the Luck, my son brought me, as predicted by the astrologer.
I was now to bid good bye to Coimbatore my city for nearly nine years.I had plans to settle down in Coimbatore since my working in the mills was fine and my new boss was also good to me.He was kind enough to en quire about my new job in a big mill and told me to think well be four I jumped from his compound.He even told me he would wait for my decision keeping my resignation pending.I thanked him to relive me just that day itself and would be much obliged he had no option but to let me go.News spread and all the workers were now saying "Misegaran vele uttuta" meaning mustache fellow has left the job [I had kept a big mustache]

All the staff were in for a shock at my achievement and congratulated me, gave me a dinner and that was my last spot in a place that I liked most.

Monday, August 04, 2008

[ 13 - His favorites ]

Toys are the favorites of all children but there are few toys which all children like.Dolls are there in every category in so many shapes that sometimes even adults might get confused to select.The best way is to take the child to the toy shop and allow the child to select.
My son would select his favorite toy a bus or a car,he was not interested in dolls of baby's,boys,girls,animals or miniature things like phone,radio,etc.
During those days when he was a child there was only one good shop selling toys in Coimbatore.He had few toys to play and we had very few budget for toys,we used to go by bus to eat masala dosa in a hotel near oppanagar street "Bombay Cafe" as we liked the dosa here.The toy shop - we had to walk past to go to the cafe and this toy shop was a very wide big shop.If my son should see it we were in for unexpected expenses.We used to walk in such a way that he would not see the shop.
He was nearing his third birth day and my mother had told me that he should be admited to school before he completes his third birth day.Now we had to also have his first hair cut " Chowla " as per our family tradition,he had such lovely hair we used to dress him as a girl and enjoy.My first hair cut was performed by my father in our family diaty's place Nanjangud 70 KM from Mysore.I informed my mother and arranged the Mysore Maharaja's free hall for social funtions with the help of my friend.The funtion was done in presence of my family and my wife's and all his hair was removed expect small tail at the back of his head was kept which we call as " JUTTU ",he sat through the funtion on my lap.He was also made to write on a slate for the first time the words "OM" which we call as "Aksharabhyasa",after reciting holy mantras from scirptures.He was so fed up that he bit me on my shoulders till it bled.The funtion was concluded with a special Lunch at a hotel in the place.
There was a school by name " PREM GARDEN " near our home and we admited him in Lower Kinder Garden class where,only English was tought.Our servent maid would carry him [ etkondu ] or he would walk with her daily to school.My wife use to go in the afternoon taking his lunch and on Thursday I would accompany her also with a Chocolate.This was our day of seeing him in school,a joy.
The school took him on a picnic to the hill station "Ooty" by bus.[ I had never seen this place with my wife this nice place called as "Queen of Hill stations" even tough I had spent years so near to it] He wanted to take money for any expences,how can a boy of 3 years carry Cash?.
M wife stitched a small bag with a string and made it like a necklace and put it around his neck and told him to use the money only if needed.He never spent it and when asked he said there was no need as none of the kids spent any money.
He never refused to go to school any day.
He was vey quick to learn and started even speaking English and to encourage him I purchased Comic books and allowed him to learn to read.He was a fast reader and I had to buy more comic books.[ I still have those books ].
There were so much Comic books you could call it a library and a friend of mine use to borrow these books.
If there was no book I would tell him stories of the Comic charecter Tarzan which was his favorite by creating my own version.I could see his English improve in speach and in prounciation.
My son was very fond of writing,he would take a note book or a old diary and use our bed as table sit on his knees and write till he was satisfied.
I saw his interest in writing and called a carpenter to make a small table with a drawer and chair.He used it well.I still have it with me.[ I thought his kid would use it but his kid is seven seas away now.].

Sunday, August 03, 2008

[ 12 - Allopathy v/s Allah ]

Very often my son used to get fever for no reason.We had a doctor by name;
Dr.Bala Krishna.
the appropriate name meaning child Krishna.
He would prescribe some medicine and he would be fine.
I kept thinking,how is this happening for a healthy child ?.
One thought led to another and I found out that he was getting fever only after we returned seeing a film.
What has that got to do with a baby getting fever ?.
I remembered my mother tieing a silver 'Thali" [a one inch long and 3/8 dia tube] aroung my neck,and taking me to a Masjid [ a place of prayer by muslims] and a bearded man with a green turban tied on his head fanning me with peacock feather hand made long fan on my face.
The next time he had fever I took him to a Masjid which stood in the middle of a road in Oppanagar Street in Coimbatore and there was a bearded man with a green turban sitting with peacock feather hand made long fan and besides him was a small smouldering fire over which 'Sambrani'
SAMBRANI (Meditation)
Also known as Jhuna, is one of the oldest incense. It is a balanced resinaceous mixture of several elements derived from tropical wood, barks, roots, and resins. It induces serenity, removing negative thoughts, calming the nervous system and fostering a quiet mental state. It is well used in Indian temples in worship.
a powder which gives fumues usedboth by hindu's and muslim places of worship [if you go to ISKON temple you can see and smell them] the Moula that is the presist would utter some arabic words and fan my son on his face hit his head lightly for 3 times give few fried gram dal to eat.He would eat it and befour we reached our home the fever would have gone.I repeated it again when he had once again the fever it had the same effect. This time I asked him (Moula) what was the reason for him to get the fever.he told me that he sees a black cat with it's mouth open withsharp jaws screeming at him and that scars him,resulting in fever.
The Moula's magic was fine but where does he go in dark to see a black Cat ?.
I found out that it was a streatch of road on our way home where the road was pitch dark as there were no street lights.
When ever we travelled on that road I closed his eyes in my hand and kept taking some thing and would take of my hands when we reached good lighted road.This way the fever never came.
I visited this Masjid ten years back in 1998 and found the Masjid as it was in 1969.Everything had changed with big buildings but this Masjid stood undisturbed.I enquired with my friend as to why this was not shifted since it stood in the middle of the road,he laughed and said that they did try but the workers who came to shift disturbed it's structure with few strokes from a crowbar and fell ill and died the next day.
No one dares to shift or try now he said.The structure is there forever.
You can see it even today.