Sunday, August 31, 2008

[ 38-My life & wife at Ghadinglaj ]

I moved in to a two bed room flat after staying for 15 days in a Govt Guest House and eating rotton food from a foot path hotel.
The break fast and dinner was a stuff that I had never taken in my life and the Lunch was equally so at the village.I had no choice except to call home service.My wife was ready to come but we could not relocate our child from her college.
Our child was a brave heart and understood our predicament and was prepared to stay in a hostel.
A good hostel near the college was located and our child moved in to the hostel and our house was locked.The ground floor was rented and there was no problem from outside interference.
My house was fully furnished with all equipment and nothing was needed.My wife had to only buy groceries and stuff needed for her cooking and I used to get the best eats in the god blessed place.Our house was surrounded on all sides by temples and was near a river.The Land Lord's ( House Owner ) wife was a good friend of my wife.My wife was quite happy where ever she was as long as I was with her.Soon my mill Chairman's wife and other Lady's made my wife's time at the place worth while.
Each Friday there would be a farmers market near our house and my wife having seen a farmers market long back would welcome Fridays.Long chillys my favorites and crisp small diameter green very long cucumbers a favorites of my son would make me remember him and I would be woundering what he would be doing at Bombay.With his new job and wife.
My daughter would like everything her mother gave her and never made any demands.My wife's Rasam ( a south Indian curry with out any vegetables ) was her most delicious stuff to be eaten with cooked white rice with Ghee.
Our house owner was a farmer and his wife had to cook several dozens of jowar roti's for the workers and we had eaten thous roti's several times.My wife also learnt how to make them but hardly made them as it was good only at some time and was not a daily need in our diet.
My visit to most of the places was only with my wife on Sundays and it would be to a temple.There was only one good hotel for Lunch or Dinner and a good cinema theater screening hindi and Marati films,we some times would go if we felt like eating out or would go if we liked the movies.We soon came to know many respectable persons in the town.To my utter surprise I never heard a single person talking good of my Chairman.Even few Directors of the mills his college mates were making sour faces if I referred his name in any context.
My daughter's Summer holidays was approaching and she wanted to come to our place to see how we both were doing.There were no direct bus or train to my place from Bangalore and it was a 12 hour journey and our child could not come alone.
Fortunately my brother was staying mid way and his son also had a holiday for summer.It was so arranged that the journey would be from Bangalore to my brother's place and the next day from his place to very near the border and we would pick them up from there.
On the day of my daughter and my brother's son arrival we were late at the border but not very late the bus had arrived only about 15 minutes early.Even than I was tensed and was cursing myself not finding my daughter near the bus.A quick search and I saw her standing near a phone booth and my brother's son inside the phone booth.A gave a sigh took a deep breath and slowly went to them and hugged them.We all came back to my God's own Village.
My brother's son stayed for few days and left my daughter stayed till her summer vacation was coming close to end.I think she enjoyed seeing some wonderful places all around the place and the famous Historic Mahalaxmi temple at Kholhapur,the only temple of its kind in India and my mills surroundings where she went singing the song from the film Sound of Music.
She soon went back all alone in a private Bombay to Bangalore Bus which we stopped at a station on the high way to take her to Bangalore safely.We came home and missed her charming face but both were afraid to cry.
I was now 59 years of age but still I was a tough nut to crack,a nut not in the right place any where anytime and at any age but not now as I say this.
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