Sunday, August 03, 2008

[ 11 - Second 2 Fifth ]

My son now,was two years of age and started taking no sooner he was 1 plus like a child,since my wife was not knowing the local language Tamil and as I was used to speak mostly in English,it was the language of our conversation at home.
My son could only learn the harsh language in our mother tongue that I used to say to my wife at times which he picked up:
Hoge - meaning go away.
Made - meaning do it.
Baree - meaning come on.
He picked this up as his harsh language and used to use them all at a time:
Sharry - Hoge,Made,Bareee against his mother.
Calling her mom he could not as he used to hear her mother always called by me as Sharry,he used to o the same.
As a child of just under two years of age he disliked darkness.It was a problem to sit in a movie theater the moment lights were switched off he would start crying.
Once we made the gate keeper to tell him in Tamil:
Chumma Okaaru illenna arasi sack le potu kati kondu po iduve,meaning keep quite or else I will put you in a rice bag and take you away.
This did not work well as he came to know no one came for such things when other baby's were crying.
We had to keep a boy to take him and keep going around the city in any bus and come at the time the show ending,he enjoyed going in buses for any period of time.
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