Thursday, August 14, 2008

[ 27 - Yummy - Yallamma ]

Once my transfer was leaked to the trade union leaders immediately the matter was reported to their leader who was a MP.[ a transfer earlier attempted by this man Mr.xxxx was canceled by this MP due to workers agitation that I should not be transfered and I had continued for a year but this time they stealthily sent a person asking me to come to Bangalore for a meeting,when I was holidaying at Bombay and already a person was sent to my mills to assume charge of the mills in my absence] and this time also our CMD was asked as to why was I targeted for transfer when other General Managers were working continuesly for over 7 years in a same mill.They were told at Delhi that there was a xxx case against me and they should not not get involved in my case(a bluff).This was told to me by my CMD [ Chairman cum Managing Director] when he was in his evening moods at a party that his bluff worked in my transfer and was laughing at me.This time it was to my advantage to keep quite and get the transfer order and Join the mill at Toulahunse.
I came to my hotel room depressed but not out and left for Quilon.
My daughter was studying in pre primary class with Malayalam as her second language and she was speaking the local language with perfect accent.This was her first school.My son was in 7th Std.
My first job was to collect their leaving certificates.
Then to pack my bag and baggage which was done by my wife mostly.I do not know how she did it with her fragile body having undergone innumerable sufferings of stress,tension,fear,anxiety and with all sorts of worry,in an anemic condition and with no one to give her any sort of assurance like " I am here you don't worry ".I was out of my mind and had become an alcoholic.It was just my Guts to survive and get along to see that my family was safe at all times that I kept the will to come out of any challenges and this I did, to tell that I did, after forty plus years.
I left Kerala came to Bangalore informed my parents in law of my transfer.They were happy that their daughter was just under 260 KM from their home.
I arrived at Sree Yellama Cotton,Wollen & Silk Mills.
The mill was having a big bunglow for the General manager,this was vacated by my predecessor after I took charge.
This was a small mill with all new spinning machines and few new machines thrown here and there but was working well after it was set up by a young General Manager who left it in perfect condition.
But then this was a mill under Govt and how can things be perfect under our Govt.
There were persons to predict the mills future and invest few hundred millions of Public,tax payers money.
The mill was expanded to double the production with out any knowledge of the textile industry's pendulum swings of up and down market and no knowledge of high vale and high volume of production planning.
I was now sitting on a Volcano.

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