Friday, August 29, 2008

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My first square was Madurai.
The Second was Coimbatore.
The third was Bombay,now Maharastra.
The forth was Nanjangud.
The fifth was again Coimbatore.
The sixth was Gulbarga.
The seventh was Bangalore.
The eighth was Quilon,Kerala.
The ninth was Toulahunse - Davengere.
The ninth was Warangal - Andhra Pradesh.
The tenth was again Bangalore.
The eleventh was Pollachi - Near Coimbatore.
The twelfth was again coimbatore.
The thirteenth was Ghadhinglaj - Maharastra.
The fourteenth was again Ghandiglaj - Maharastra.
Square three was in this order to square thitteenth.
After my return from self unemployment which was due to the natural effects my ego and chronic boredom of staying all alone with out my family by forced relocation,I started contacting my friends to find a suitable job for me,a good college mate working in Maharastra told me to go and meet the The Technical Director of the entire Group of co operative mills in Maharastra whose offices was at Bombay.I went to Bombay and stayed with my friend Mr.Chandu Bhave and told him the reason for my visit to Bombay.
He immediately contacted his friend Mr.Khatkhate at MSCSMF which is Maharastra State Co Operative Spinning Mills Federation.He was also my friend while he was working at Coimbatore and staying very near my house.He informed that I should meet him befour I met the The Technical Director.
The next day I went to the oficees of MSCSMF and met Mr.Khatkhate and he told me that the Job will be mine and that I should demand the post of Managing Director only.
I met the Technical Director who was with the Chairman of the co operative spinning mill in which I had to work.The Technical Director knew me well and told the Chairman to appoint me.The Chairman told me to join the mills at the earliest as Managing Director,the post I demanded.I came back to Bangalore and told my wife that I now had the designation of Managing Director in a co operative spinning mill sponsered by Govt of Maharastra through their co operative bank,sponsered by World Bank under Farmer's aid programme for cotton growing farmers in Maharastra.
My wife was very happy and I was now off to a God blessed place Ghadinglaj a small place bordering Karnataka.70 KM from Belgaum City in Karnataka.The Chairman of the co operative mill was staying in that God blessed place.The mill was 9 KM from that place at a village called Koulge the native place of the Chairman.
I was put up at a Guest House, and than the next day I visited the mills which was under construction,all the machinery had arrived at the site and was lying in a pathetic condition in a semi built shed.
The building under construction was with a supervisor without any experience but he was a qualified civil engineer who never had supervised a single residential home.
There were two rooms one for the Chairman & Vice Chairman the other for the supervisors.
I occupied the Chairman's room threw the boards of Name plates of Chairman & Vice Chairman kept on the table and started my work and was the Dictator of the mills and the village.

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