Wednesday, August 27, 2008

[ 35 - In / out,of Mallya Apollo ]

After my wife's visit to my mill when my wife was informed by the doctor at Davengere,when my wife visited that place to procure certain certificates from the college from where my son completed his BE ( C&E) and was to do his MS at Alberta University Canada and as he was in France.My wife visited Davengere and stayed with our old friend and his wife both were doctors and my friend's wife only had done surgery on my wife to remove the uterus and after a check up had told that she had hernia.This she told me when she visited me.
I took a long leave and came to Bangalore.By this time my son had returned from France completing his Project and was staying with us.
My birthday was just around the corner and after having a birth day bash at my favorite place, "Taj West End".The day for surgery of hernia was fixed and myself and my wife were " in" the best hospital at the time"Mallya Apollo Hospital" which was set up by the APPOLO group.
We were in the Hospital for eight days and after the operation we came back home and we were "out" of the hospital happily. My son and daughter used to visit us and they were staying all by themselves and a cook from my mill was taking care of their Eat's.
I went back to my duties with a audio tape recording of " All Stewart " which my son used to give every time I traveled from home and drop me at the bus station on his Suzuki bike at 10.00PM.The two hour songs used to remove my chronic boredom of bus journey and it was to Sun rise I would woke up to at my destination.It was time to have my breakfast first and telephone my daughter next.My daughter's instructions were that I give a call home to inform that my journey was safe.The love,care and affection of my children was so sweet but the separation and my forced relocation from my family was very sour.
I had no choice but to work to support my family.I had no problem at all working but the problem was my attitude and ego.I gave 30 days notice to my employer informing that the Executive Director son of the mill Managing Director was interfering in my day to day work and it was not possible for me to work anymore and requested the Managing Director to accept my resignation and releave me from my duties.
I had a job waiting for me.
I did not get the releaving orders or intimation of my resignation being accepted since the Managing Director wanted me to talk to him.I regretted later for not doing this.
I did something which I should not have done.
Just after 30 day's I left a note to the Managing Director that my notice period was over and would not be reporting for my duties and left the mills leaving few things and packing few things to report for duties to a small mill elsewhere.
I joined this small mill as Technical Director and to my utter surprise found very soon that it was impossible to work with out sufficient working capitol the mill had to work on false declaration to Bank on stocks which was illegal.I took my salary at the end of the month and went back to my employer to find out if I would be welcome after a month.That was not possible.That was it for my ego welcoming me for a big unemployment.
I was back home to say I was unemployed.
This was again a IN / OUT.
My darling wife knew that I would not be OUT for Long.
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