Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

50 Years after we passed from our college

Laxman,Rama, Myself,Sharma & Gopalaswamy all comming out from the college as Textile Technologists in the year 1958 from Sri Krishnarajendra silver Jubilee Textile Technological Institute,Bangalore.The first Textile College in the State built by Sir.M.VISVESVARAIAH,Engineer,statesman,"DEVAN BAHUDUR" of the Mysore State,from his personal funds in celebrating the rule of 50 years of the State, By Sri Krishnarajendra Wodayer,the ruler of Mysore State during the British rule.Now we are retired as Textile Technocrats of the good old days of Textiles.

Friday, January 04, 2008

My Sisters.

At Lunch Standing is my elder sister.Siting next to me at right is my younger last sister and at left is my wife.

The single picture is my second elder sister.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya's 94th,Aradana Funtion at his Mandhir in BANGALORE.

Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanys's photo and his Holy Padukas are decorated.

Sharry and myself visited the each yearly held since over 40 years Aradhana function at the Mandhir at Hanumatnagar on 2nd January,2008 and prayed to Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya to bless our family.These are few pictures of our visit done,every year we go but the pictures I was able to take it this year.More than 1000 devotes come to pray or take food during this function.Though this was a purely our community function started in our house 50 years ago,it has now a big mandhir constructed by one of the devotes in his own land and converted the mandhir as a Registered Trust.The devote is no more but the function now continues and all communities are welcome.Indeed the number of communities are increasing yearly due to the faith in Sri Gondavali Bramhachaitanya's blessings for the devotes prayer's for favors granted by his divine powers to grant favors to any one irrespective of any community they belong and religion they fallow.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Sharry & Myself at our club on the eve of New year 2008 enjoying the party till past midnight and myself dancing on the new year alone as Sharry could not dance due to her knee being most non co-operative in spite of my repeated requests to the knee.