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[ My Sweet Kids.]

My Sweet & Bright Kids 7 seas away.
My Son : - How many fishes in there.?
My Daughter :- I Like Fish.
Me - One Snap, we go back,the other end is too far,and I am scared,since you don't know how to swim,if this apology for a boat should take a leak from outside. Out of fear I may take one from inside.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

[ Kashmir is NOT negotiable.]
[The Author is my Daughter.]

Both sides of the story

By Dishaa Ganapathy.

In an era of international politics that is marked by territorial claims and expansion of power, it has been a long and hard battle for India to retain control over many of its territories, and Kashmir is in the eye of the storm. For many Indians, the problems of Kashmir are linked inevitably with Pakistan and POK is viewed as every reason for India to wage a war with Pakistan. However, many Indians overlook the fact that when it comes to Kashmir, Pakistan is not the only taker. More than 50,000 square kilometers of Kashmir's territory called Aksai-Chin lies with China. The media and the west have consistently downplayed the role China plays in the future of this once beautiful region.

This fact becomes crystal clear in the light of the recent 6-day visit paid by the Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji, to India, which assumed tangential and secondary importance, due to heightened Indo-Pak tensions. Amidst growing tensions between India and Pakistan and the rally by Tibetan demonstrators in New Delhi
, the visit itself was marked by talks of building strong business and economic
ties between the two nations. The long-standing 4,056 kilometers of border dispute between the two nations was put aside to discuss business strategies. But as long as the border dispute remains unresolved, Kashmir will remain a torn entity, to be shared between 3 nations.

Did you even know that China occupies a vast area of Kashmir? If not, get fast facts about the history of Chinese involvement in the region.

Indo-Pak tensions have reached new heights. With visits by high delegations, who is really on India's side? Who should India depend upon at this hour? Is China really the deciding factor or is West the best option?
Is there a way to build bridges and avoid animosity. Come join us, as we explore the areas of mutual co-operation and understanding that India and China can progress toward.

INTERVIEW with Claude Arpi
"The current Indo-China border problem is entirely the result of the foreign policy that Nehru followed towards China" -says Claude Arpi. An expert on Indo-China matters, he spoke to Dishaa Ganapathy on the Chinese involvement in Kashmir and prospects for peace.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[ We both at Dwaraka.]

We were in Dwaraka the Kingdom of Lord Krishna in the month of April 2005,Our mission was 2 in 1 ,to pray to Lord Krishna to grant a baby TO OUR SON,we prayed standing in the River ' Gomathi ' joining the sea just behind the temple and to meet my friend and college mate Suresh Kumar Sejpal a Gujju.
Lord Krishna took 2 years to grant and bless the baby our sweet grand daughter,a baby girl because we prayed standing in the river 'Gomathi'.Since we stood in the river 'Gomathi' a name which is feminine perhaps he therefore granted a female child,every river in India has a feminine name.(except river Bramhaputra)We also prayed to Lord Krishna at his feet to bless our son with a son.He may take another 2 years for our prayers to be heard to bless our son with a son as the 'Q' for his blessing may be too long to be heard since he has other devotes who might have asked for his blessings much earlier than us as we delayed praying for his blessings,after hundreds of devotes who had his darshan before we went to him.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

[ Old man say somethig.]

OK here I go break the code.


You cant break the code it is my version of saying few things that I can't say
Here is some thing my daughter has left in her scrap book
Bangalore Dist;-
A distance South - East situated 12 deg 14 min and 13 deg 31 min North Latitude 77 deg & 78 deg 4 min East Longitude.The greatest distance and at extreme points being 85 miles East - West - 60 miles.
Physical Features;- Main position of the district consists of the valley of Arkavathi,with the Kaveri flowing at at its s .Pennar & Western a small part of that of the Shimsha.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

[ Why Bhajan & Bhojan.]

It was one fine evening more than 5 years back when my wife and myself were walking towards the park that I told my wife to go and enquire the group of lady's standing in a circle were doing some exercisers ( that I used to see daily ) as to what are the qualifications to join the group that she went enquired and came back and told me it was free for all lady's that She Joined the group called the LADY'S LAUGHING CLUB.
She was a regular there very soon and it was a good anti depression medication with out any medical help.
They were in a open ground and soon due to local Member of the Legislative Assembly who helped them to get a decent place in the public park that it was a place quite independent and open that looked nice.
My wife was there for more period of time than that was needed firstly to be accepted and than to be invited to chats that was more interesting than the real daily executrices for which the group met.
This was also overcome after a period of time which was again more than the required period of time than that which was needed due to my wife's shy nature in social group activities for which my presence was more in person or in absence and behind the seance's in the activities.This being absent she took time to get in to the heart of the group.
However soon she started going to group Bhajan's and Bhojan's in various persons homes and it was a event mostly each month.
I was keeping quite away from this mob of lady's in any function even after being invited frequently.
My wife was soon going more often to such Bhajan's and Bhojan's and she felt that she must also welcome them to such event and thus after nearly four years she arranged the event with some help from my side in this event.
This was how the function Bhajan and Bhojan was arranged in our home.

[ Bhojan After Bhajan.]

Mrs.Vasanthi Muralidhara my best friends wife at Bhajan & Bhojan.

[ Lady's Club Sing Soundaryalahari.]

Monday, October 13, 2008

[ Letter from Paris.]

This is a letter written 18 years back by our son when he was in Paris which perhaps he may not remember now.I am publishing this to keep it safe as the letter was misplaced several times and also to compare his writings in his Blog which he is doing now, ( tell me son how you remember so many things).

Letter is dated 6th Nov 90.

After all, whose son I am.Since British Visa had more formalities,we ( I & Guru ) decided to go to Switzerland. I & Guru ( from now on it will be 'we' ) got Visa International Credit Cards. So Swiss Visa over in 1/2 an hour,we made reservations ( Compulsory for TGV ) and were on our way. Sundar,his wife Mamta were also travelling to Switzerland but our routes parted at Geneva station.
Geneva is beautiful.There is a lake ( Lake Geneva ) which actually looks like a sea ( even Ships ply on it ) and is pretly huge.On Geneva harbor there is a fountain that sprays water 40 stories high.Unfortunately,it was off for this season.So we could only see pictures of it.Also,UN has a lot of agencies here.We visited UN place of Nations and generally cycles can be rented at the railway station & left at another railway station ay the other end of the country at no extra cost.
At each station ( large or small ), there is a list of hotels,tariff and whether it is full or not.There is a telephone with a panel of hotel names on them.You just a hotel of your choice you are connected to the hotel & you can make reservations.All this at no cost.There is a Tourist & information office which helps you enroll at a ballet class at the other end of the country,again with no cost for all the telephone calls.These people really encourage tourists & in style!.Kashmir,I'm sure is as beautiful,but look at the state it is in.I sometimes weep for my country!.
We decided not to visit any metropolitan cities ( like Zurich ) as we wanted to see something unique to Switzerland.So we focussed our trip on 3 places - interlaken,Zermatt & Schaffhausen.Interlaken lies between 2 huge lakes and in front of 3 of the highest mountains in the Alps,the most dangerous Eiger,the tallest of the 3 jungfrau & a lesser known Monch.
The Swiss have built a train track connecting interlaken & jungfranjoch,the highest railway station in Europe.It is just a few hundred feet from the top of the mountain jungfran.The station is at a height of 11533 ft.The last lap of the journey is thro' a tunnel 7 km long drilld into the mountain.We had to change trains 4 times.Zermatt,is a world famous resort right in front of the Matterhorn,the most impressive & the most dangerous mountain in the Alps.Every year 60 climbers attempt to climb it & every year a dozen die in the process.There is a cable car from Zermatt to little Matterhorn ( 12533 ft ) the highest inhabitable place in Europe.There is also a world famous ' Glacier Express ' from Zermatt to st.Moritz which goes thro' 291 bridges & 90 tunnels and some supposedly hair rising hair pin bends.A few kms from Schaffhausen is the Rhine falls,the highest falls in Europe.
These were the places we wanted to visit.We also wanted to visit Berne as it was the capital.
We had joined the youth hostel at Paris as this would permit us to stay in youth hostels around the world.These places provide decent and cheap accommodation.Living costs are high in Swiss & so we knew we could not afford to stay in hotels.
Our itinerary was Paris - Geneva - Berne - Interlaken - Schaffhansen - Geneva - Zermatt - Basle - Paris.
We arrived at Berne at around 7 in the evening.After some hunting,we located the youth hostel & found to our dismay that it was closed for renovations ( It was off season ) so we settled for the cheapest hotel we could find.It cost 72 Sfr including ( compare it to 12 Sfr for youth hostel.) The hotel was clean & decent,not at all cheap looking.This was a mirror blow to our plans
But we arrived at Interlaken in high sprits the next day after a good breakfast.The second blow,-this was a bad one - was when we found that Eurail pass was not valid for the ride to Jungfraujoch & that the ride cost 116Sfr ( some Rs.1500 ).Since we didn't have that much money,we used our credit cards having decided to take the train.It was worth it.The journey took 7 hours.The view was breath taking.When we arrived at Jungfraujoch,it was 1 pm.We had lunch & went looking around.The whole place is covered & has 3 hotels,an ice palace & an exit to the outside marked ' Danger ' Don't go outside for fear of avalanches & crevasses.' it was snowing and so we along with other tourists ventured outside.We could not stay outside as it was very cold.Don't worry! we got back inside safely.Then we went to the Ice Palace.It was beautiful.We then started back.I took a lot of pictures.Let's see how they come.
With our money reserves running low & finding that our pass was not valid for most cable car rides,we returned to Geneva & spent the night at the youth hostel there.It was pretty good next day,we decided to return back to Paris.But we made up our minds to come back again & visit the other places we couldn't go to.But we enjoyed ourselves and are going back next year.
We now have plan to visit Belgium,Netherlands,Germany & may be Spain in the next holidays in December.So I don't think I will be in Paris for the next year.By then,I think our Eurorail pass will have been used up.
Also next weekend ( i.e Nov 10th & 11th ),the Bull employees involved in IDBS are taking us to English channel.Should be good.We still have a lot to see in Paris,the place is too huge.
My studies have yet to pick up.But now,Sundar has moved out & other family has moved in this wife said that she'll cook on all days & so I should have more time to study.They are also pretty nice.I think now I'll be able to have Dosa for breakfast as she is a good cook.
The coat you had purchased was pretty useful in Switzerland.I also bought a shawl & gloves.Paris is not yet very cold & I can manage with a sweater.The apartment ( Including my room ) is heated & so it is not at all cold inside I can stay without a sweater in fact.I get up at around 7.30/7.45 and am in office by 9.00 am - people are at work very early here - and am back by 7.00 pm.Work's fine.I have dinner by about 9.00 and am in bed by about 11.30 - 12.00.I study some books before I go to sleep ( Textbooks and other subject matters ) it's just that I haven't started studying with an exam in view in earnest.All this was in answer to your question,Dad.
I am in good health. Hope all are too.Please take good care of yourselves.Don't worry about me.I haven't thinned at all.The food in Bull Canteen is better now as we have got adjusted.It is very nutritious,if not anything else.The cooks know what I like & so keep aside some things if they are available.
Dishaa,I will write to you about the fossils & other interesting exhibits in my next letter.I have to study the place in detail.I can tell you however that they have the fossil of an entire Mammoth,fossils of many dinosaurs,coelocanth ( the oldest living animal today) and the skulls & jaws of Neanderthal man &
Mom & Dad,, I must be able to get some good perfumes for you as the company chosen as the pilot site of of our project is Paco-Rabanne,makers of the world famous Nina Ricci perfume.Let's see.
With all this,you might be wondering if it makes any difference to me that you are not here.
Well,if you had been here,I would have been alive.Miss you all more than words can say.
( G.Dinesh Dutt )

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

[ Vijayadashami & Mysore I saw.]

Today is " Vijayadhasami " a day I considered most auspicious to start any new venture,of all the ventures I remember the mill that I supervised and built with a bunch of young Maharastrian engineers and started production on the day of the holy day of Vijayadhasami still running when others have closed.
I remember the day my father took me along with my sisters and brother to see the Mysore Dasara held at the palace and the big procession of the Mysore Maharajah on top of the over 750 KG Pure Gold Howdah and another with his Son now in the palace of the same Maharajah I had seen.This son of the Maharajah I had seen is no match to his father who we still respect.
We were going to this function several times as my father's elder brother known to most of the people of Mysore of the period up to 70's as " States Engineering Co " Rama Rao,who would go to the Durbar of the Maharajah in the Durbar Dress which consisted of white Pant Long Coat with closed collar and Mysore Turban.
Those were the days that are still a happy memory to me.

More for Tourists.

Mysore City is surrounded with plenty of places of tourist interest that are beautiful, scenic and holistic.

Including Mysore, places around Mysore have very comfortable climate throughout the year. Also all the facilities that are required by the tourists are available. Boarding is available for all sorts of people who are middle class or upper class accordingly. During Dasara festival it is better to book the accommodation before visiting Mysore. There are places near by Mysore which can be visited from Mysore staying here. There is facility to stay here and go for one or two days of tours.


The Mysore palace is the major attraction for visitors. Mysore palace is built in indo-ceracenic style. Mysore was capital and administrative center of Wodeyars. Durbar Hall "Diwan-e-Khas" and personal durbar hall are of major attractions in the palace. There are paintings of Raja Ravivarma, Siddalinga Swamy and K. Venkatappa on both sides of the walls. One of the attractions during Dasara festival is the Throne" which is kept for public viewing only for 9 days in a year!. "Golden Also the Howdah or used in the elephant parade in dasara festival is "AMBAARI" which is attractive and eye catching. This Howdah weighs approximately 715 KGs.

Palace is open from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Entry fee is Rs. 15/-. Apart from the main palace, kings' personal museum is also present and can be entered with Rs.15/- entry fee. Guides are available at the entrance. No cameras are allowed inside. Every Sunday, government holidays and on dasara festival, palace is lit up in lights. Timing of lighting is 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.


The Dasara of Mysore or Mysore Dasara as it is famously called is a 10-day long festival. On the day of Dasara, a procession of caparisoned elephants carrying the idol of goddess Chamundi is taken through the city.


This zoological gardens is one of the best and large zoological gardens in india which holds lot of rare animals. This zoological gardens has more than 2000 species of animals, birds etc. This zoological gardens holds the credit of reproducing rare and endangered animals in captivity!. Main attractions are the white tiger, chimpanzee, gorilla, penguin, giraffe etc. The zoological garden is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It requires minimum of two hours to cover the zoological gardens. Entry fee is Rs.10/- for adults and Rs.5/- for children.


This is one of the largest church's in india. This is built in gothic style of construction and eyecatching structure. There are two 165 Ft towers which are beautiful to view. "Krishnaraja Wodeyar the fourth" laid the foundation stone for this church in 1933 and was completed in 1941. This church was constructed using monetary benefits from all over the world. This church is visited by people from all religions in the city during Christmas.


This hill is in the outskirts of mysore city and 13 kms from Mysore is the temple of patron Goddess of Wodeyars, Chamundeshwari. Located on a hill 335 m high, the temple can be approached by 1000 steps. Godess Chamundeshwari is the household god of people and kings of Mysore. It is said that this temple was constructed in 11th Centuary. In 1827 the temple was repaired by kings of Mysore. In front of the temple there is a statue of "Mahishasura" the demon king. Mysore was once the city of demon king mahisha hence this place was known as "Mahishooru" and hence " Mysooru" or "Mysore" .


Half way towards the temple is the giant monolith Nandi Bull. This 4.8 meter high monolith was originally grey in colour but the application of coconut oil by the devotees has turned it black. This one of the largest statues of Nandi found in India. Close to the Chamundi temple is the giant and colorful statue of the demon Mahishasura. From the hill summit one can have a panoramic view of the Mysore city.


This important and not to be missed place is located about 15 KMs towards North-West from mysore city. This place is in "Mandya District". A dam has been constructed across river Kaveri that originates from "Bhagamandala" in Kodagu district and is used for irrigation purposes. This project was dreamt by "Krishnaraja Wodeyar the fourth" and brought "Sir M. Vishweshvariah" from Bombay government and took him as Chief Engineer for Mysore State. This dam was completed in 1932 and brought joy and helped the farmers from Mysore and Mandya district.

A garden has been made below the dam using the water resources of the dam. The lighting is fantastic in the night, the main attraction is the "Dancing Fountain" where the fountain has been made to sprinkle water according to the music being played. People stay to see this beautiful event.

Brindavan garden is open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily and during weekends the lighting are done from 7:00 PM to 8:45 PM. There will be lighting on all days during Navarathri or Dasara festival.


Rail Museum.

The Railway Museum at Mysore, the first regional Rail Museum in India was set up in 1979. The Museum sets a good pattern for regional display and has good collections. A circular gallery called Chamundi Gallery has interesting collections of photographs, series of paintings showing the development of the Railways and signaling signs right from its inception.

The adjacent building named Sri Ranga Pavilion houses two Royal coaches that formed part of the Royal train of Maharaja of Mysore reflecting the era of bygone splendor. This pavilion incorporates in its construction beautifully carved wooden pillars, doors and balustrades from the old Srirangapatna Railway Station. It is said that these carved wooden works came from the wooden royal palace of Mysore, destroyed in a fire accident. The saloon used by the Maharajas is now at the National Railway Museum at Delhi. Mysore Rail Museum has the Maharanis' saloon, kitchen and dining care unit. The eight wheeler Maharanis' saloon was built at Mysore Railway workshop in 1899 adjustable to both the broad gauge and meter gauge.



This place is located about 15 KMs towards Nort-East of Mysore city and on the Mysore-Bangalore State Highway. This place is on the banks of river Kaveri. One specialty is that this place is an Island! Where River Kaveri splits into two parts as North Kaveri and South Kaveri and again combines near a village called " Ganjam" and the place in between the two parts of the river is the town of Srirangapattanam.

Long back this place was the capital city of Mysore kings. This is the place where the legendary king "Tippu Sultan" who lived here. He fought and died while fighting against the British army. There are many places of interest here, of them the "Sri Ranganatha" temple is one of them and this temple is very huge and very artistic in construction. Here the idol of Lord Ranganatha is seen sleeping on "Kalinga" the seven-headed serpant. Tippu had a summer palace, which was known as "Dariya Daulat" , where the paintings, gardens are eye-catching and fantastic.

Tipu Palace.

On the city outskirts near the small village of "Ganjam", there is the "Gumbaz" which is the burial place of King Tippu sultan, his father Hyder Ali and his mother. Also near this place is "Nimishamba Temple" which is on the banks of river Kaveri.


This place is about 13 KMs towards North-East to the city of mysore. This bird sanctuary is located on the backwaters of river Kaveri. Nature has made small islands here to facilitate the birds to stay and breed here. Birds from far off places like Siberia, North America migrate here every year to breed new ones and fly back to their own place. The Department of Forests has made arrangements of boating inorder to watch the birds. Every year during May and September you can see large variety of birds here. There is separate entry fees for entry into the bird sanctuary and for boating.


Nanjangud Temple.

This place is 25 KMs towards south of Mysore on the way to Ooty. This is a place of worship and is located on the banks of river "KAPILA" . The temple here is of prime importance, which is the temple of "Lord Shreekanteshwara" (Shiva). The temple here is one of the largest temples of south India. The temple is spread around 1 Acres. There are 121 statues of Shiva in different avatars, also there are 65 Lingas. There will be festival during March and April where lakhs of devotees gather for the occasion.

There is very good bus facility from Mysore City by KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) a government run bus service in Karnataka to Nanjangud and the journey is of half an hour and costs around Rs. 14/-. Since there is no good facility for staying in Nanjangud, visitors stay in Mysore and visit Nanjangud.


Somanathapura Temple.

This place is 38 KMs towards east of Mysore. Somanathpur, a small village on the left bank of river Cauvery is an outstanding centre of tourist importance for its wonderful Hoysala temple, dedicated to Prasanna Chennakeshava constructed in 1268 A.D by Soma, an officer of the Hoysala Kingdom. The temple is built on a star shaped plan similar to other Hoysala temples at Belur-Halebid. It is a triple shrine temple, of which two are dedicated to Lord Janardhana and Venugopala, the two different forms of Lord Vishnu.

The Keshava temple is a trikutachala , situated in a courtyard 215 ft. in length and 177 ft. in width, surrounded by a prakara . It has a verandah along its interior, divided into 64 cells each formally housing a deity. Rows of lathe-turned pillars support the ceiling of their frontage. The temple proper stands on an elevated jagati, which is 3/4 mtr. In height and it is sufficiently broad giving the old structure the shape of a casket. The jagati enables the visitors to go round the temple and have a clear view of the fine sculptures on the outer walls. The jagati is designed with the projections and recesses in harmony with the contours of the outer wall as is common with any Hoysala temple. The outer wall is divided into two portions. The lowest having rows of elephants, another above having the moving cavalry, the third is a series of creepers and a fourth having a long sculpture gallery depicting the story of Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Krishnavathara. This place can be reached by private vehicle.


This Place is 85 Kms east of Mysore river Cauvery gushes down a 75 meter deep gorge in form of two waterfalls "Gaganachukki" and "Bharachukki" . These falls are best during the monsoons, nevertheless their beauty mesmerizes tourists throughout the year.


This is the national game reserve, which is on the road to Ooty and is around 80 KMs south of Mysore City. This forest encompasses areas of neighboring Tamilnadu and Kerala states. This place is known as heaven of vivid living beings. Here animals roam in freedom. Here some of the important animals are Elephant, Tiger, Cheetah, Deer and Indian Bison. This place can be visited during April to October. Also there is facility of elephant safari. Timings here are from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Visitors need to make certain arrangements before coming to this place. There is separate entry fee for foreign tourists for elephant safari. There are jungle lodges for stay in here and need to be booked before visiting this place. For more information, "Jungle Lodges and Resorts", Shringar Shopping Complex, M.G.Road, Bangalore or Field Officer, Project Tiger, Aranya Bhavan, Ashoka Puram, Mysore can be contacted.


This National reserve is about 96 KMs towards North-West of mysore city and encompasses the districts of Mysore and Kodagu. Visitors can visit this place by staying in mysore and starting on morning and returning in evening back to mysore. This sanctuary consists of Elephant, Tiger, Cheetah, Deer, Sambars, pangolins and about 250 species of birds. There are excellent facilities for visitors to stay at the Kabini river lodge and for viewing wildlife. May to September is the suitable time to visit and the timings are from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM. There is facility for Elephant Safari and there is facility to stay here. Large rooms costs around thousand a day, there is also facility for large groups to stay together. For more information, " Chief Forest Officer, Wildlife Region (South) Aranya Bhavan, Ashoka Puram, Mysore or Forest sub-officer, Hunsur can be contacted.

Also in this national park, there is " KARAPUR Forest" which is equally beautiful and filled with wild animals. This place is about 80 KMs from Mysore. River Kabini flows through this forest. There is lodge in between the forest and tents are also available. For more information, "Jungle Lodges and Resorts", Shringar Shopping Complex, M.G.Road, Bangalore or Field Officer, Project Tiger, Aranya Bhavan, Ashoka Puram, Mysore can be contacted.


This place is located around 60 KMs east of Mysore City and is on the banks of river "KAVERI" . This place is part of T. Narasipur taluk. This place was once the capital city of "Ganga Dynasty" . Here "Lord Keerthi Narayana Swamy" is famous. Many of the temples were submerged in the sands of river kaveri and now they have been unearthed by archeological survey of India. The meeting place of two rivers Kapila and Kaveri at this place makes it a beautiful place. Since the transportation is not good to this place, visitors are advised to make their own transportation to reach this place. Also taking the food for lunch or breakfast along is advised.


This place is a religious place, which is in "Chamarajanagar District" . This place is located about 142 KMs from mysore. There are seven hills and in the center of the hills is this religious place. The lord Mahadeshwara (Shiva) temple is located in this place. This is one of the holy places for shaivaits. There are many government run guest houses for the devotees visiting the place. Facilities are good here. There are lots of Tourist buses and private buses plying to and from Mysore. This place can be visited in one day.


This place is a religious place, which is in "Chamarajanagar District" . This place is located about 90 KMs from mysore. The temple of lord Biligiri ranga is located on top of the main hill. For people interested in camping and adventure there is K.Gudi jungle camp located on the way to BR hills where they offer jungle trek and other adventure sports. There are lots of Tourist buses to this place and can be visited in one day.

OOTY (Ootchamund or Nilgiri Hills)

This famous place is in TamilNadu state and about 160 KMs south of Mysore. Previously this was part of Karnataka State and was known as "Udakamandala" . This place is in the Nilagiri hill range and has cool and pleasant climate. This place is heaven for the newly wedded couples. The 22 Acre botanical gardens is one of the beautiful places in Ooty. Climbing the hills is also a new experience for the tourists. There is facility of buses from Mysore and can be visited in one day. There are lot of lodging facility here but they are bit costly. There are rooms, which are available from one thousand to ten thousand rupees. It is better to enquire and see rooms before taking them.

Information kind Courtesy - H. N. Naveen.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

[ Navaratri at 987/24 - Sept,2008.]

These are the Dolls that are worshiped during Navaratri Celebrations being done in our homes in Bangalore.
The former State of Mysore ruled by the Wodayar Family was called as The State of Mysore.This included our Bangalore city.This Navaratri Festival is one of the Major happy occasions and is celebrated in every household mainly by the Bramhin community and the tradition is to keep the Pair of Dolls the male doll in the Head Gear and the other being his newly wedded wife.These Dolls are a part of the package during wedding presented by the parents of the girl who was doing the pooja during the Navaratri festival at her parents home.These dolls are to be worshiped in her parents home only,But since the girl after her marriage has to leave elsewhere the parents give her a new set of dolls to worship in her place whereever it be.The same being the case with the mother of the girl.The doll worshiped by my mother will be in our family after passing away of my mother and this doll will go from our family to my son's family till such time we are alive.The doll to the left of the P.C is my daughter's which she has left with us as she is not in India and the doll to the right is the doll given by my Wife's parents which she has to worship as long as she is alive.
The significance being that the girl after marriage is forever by her husband's side all her life and so her husband too all his life.
This is a 9 day funtion and a Joy for boys and girls in Bangalore.

Monday, October 06, 2008

[ Return from Gokarna.]

All of us returned safe from our visit to Gokarna.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

[ The Gokarna we got to Know. 2 .]

The Holy river Ganga which was brought to earth by King Bhagiratha flows in to the Arabian sea which is the sea next to the temple of Mahabaleswar,so a dip in this sea is as good as a bath in the river Ganga.
There is also a belief about " Kotithirtha " that,it is a place where even the Devathas and other Sages from heaven take their bath on the aspicious day of " Tula Sankrathi day in the month of Karthika
The entrance to the town of Gokarna adores the temple of " Badrakali " gaurding the town of Gokarna as per the wishes of Lord Shiva.You can read it in the Guide Book on Gokarna about " Badrakali ".
There is also a temple of Lord Vishnu and Lord Venketesha a 6 feet tall idol standing in front of Mahabaleswar temple.
The temple of " Patavinayaka " also known as " Chinta Haran Ganapathi ",the temple of " Sri Krishna "," Sri Shankaranarayana "." Sri Sharadamba",Sri Kala Bhirava "," Sri Narasimha ",this is also the original place of " Sri Samsthana Gokarna Ramachandra Matt " now in Shivmoga.
Other Temples of high Significance are:
1 ] Sri Nageswara
2 ] Tamraparni.
3 ] Pitrusthaleswara.
4 ] Sri Rudrapada.
5 ] Sri Hithala Ganapathi.
6 ] Sri Kethaki Vinayaka.
7 ] Sri Surya Devalaya.
Great Historical places to visit are:
1 ] Sri Rama Mandira.
2 ] Sri Manibhadra.
3 ] Gobhadra.
4 ] Ekabindu... Sahasrabindu.
5 ] Jatayu Thirtha.
6 ] Maninaga.
7 ] Pandava Ashrama.
8 ] Sri Uma Maheswara.
9 ] Asokavana.
10] Vytharani Devi.
11] Rudrabhumi.
The Beaches that are around Gokarna:
1 ] Main Beach ( Near Temple Mahabaleswar ).
2 ] Kudle Beach.
3 ] Om Beach.
4 ] Half Moon Beach.
These are the Beaches that attract foreign visitors.
Sri Mahabhaleswara Astabanha is held once in 12 years when the shaligram that covers the Atmalinga is removed and pooja havan program mes are held for eight days.
It is said that many people from all over the world had come to see the real shape of Atmalinga at it's bottom could find only that the base of the Atmalinga was deep inside the earth and the Atmalinga was not a STONE.
The other most important festival is " Maha Shivaratri ".
Every where day and night for 24 hours you hear only,Har Har Mahadev,this festival is held in the month of Feb or Mar each year.
The Important Hindu Calender months Poojas and Traditional functions.
Highly Important months
Shravana & Kartika.
Important Utsavas and Car processions.
1) Kamadahanotsava - On Palguna Shudha Trayodashi
2) Dhadhirostava - On Shravana Bahula Navami.
3) Gangastami - On Aswina Bahula Astami.
4) Gowri Vivaha - On Aswina Bahula Chaturthi.
Other than the above during the begining of Karthika Shudha Prathipada till Wyshaka Bhahula Amavasya all Mondays Palaki Utsav is held and on Amavasya Rathotsava ( Car Procession ) is a special function.
Other Tirthas and Temples in Gokarna are:
1]Adi Gokarneswara.
4] Shastreswara.
5] Viswamitralinga.
6] Bramheswara.
7] Kalakeswara.
8] Kumareawara.
9] Samvartakeswara.
10] Varuneswara.
11] Dharmeswara.
12] Sarveswara.
13] Naradeswara.
15] Kowshikeswara.
16] Rasalinga.
17] Bhagalinga.
18] Bharadwajeswara.
19] Kamadhahaneswara.
20] Ganeswara.
21] Agasteswara.
22] Garudeswara.
23] Mahandeswara.
24] Narayaneswara.
25] Sagareswara.
26] Kuberaswara.
27] Ravaneswara.
28] Durgadevi.
29] Saraswathi.
30] Amruteswara.
31] Madhuparkeswara and many more ......
The Thirthas are:
1] Vinayaka Thirta.
2] Samvartakawyapi Tirtha.
3] Agni Tirtha.
4] Aranya Tirtha.
5] Chakra Thirta.
6] Saraswathi Thirta.
7] Bramha Thirta.
8] Guha Thirta.
9] Viswamitra Thirta.
10] Gayitri Thirta.
11] Gokarna Thirta.
12] Aditya Thirta.
13] Markandeya Thirta.
14] Durga Kunda Thirta.
15] Unmagna Thirta.
16] Ytharani Thirta.
17] Asoka Panchaka Thirta.
18] Gangadhara Thirta.
19] Agastya Thirta.
20] Yshista Thirta.
21] Garuda Thirta.
22] Shankumara Thirta....... and more.
Songs and slokahs form the last part of the Guide book.
Gelayara Balaga
Ratha Beedhi
Gokarna .( U K ) - 581326

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

[ The Gokarna we got to Know.]

It is said that the son's of the Occean tried to divide the entire country ( it is not mentioned why ) and in the process the sea entered the country in several low laying areas and Gokarna was completely under water.
The Atmalinga,the Thirthas,besides the Rishis,Munis and their Ashrams the entire place was also under water but now what we see in the valley of Shrthasrunga mountain middle is the sea and the land Gokarna is just above five meters and any natural calamity on this earth means the land which is Gokarna will be flooded with water from the sea.However by the power of Atmalinga this calamity has not happened since many centuries.
It is said that Gokarna was lifted above the waters by the great Sage Parasurama and even today there is a temple of Parasurama and Gokarna is also known as " Parasurama Khestra "