Monday, August 11, 2008

[22 - Luck Strikes Lion Again ]

My boss on the basis of his good work was transfered to the Head Office as Director of Marketing.He had no background in Marketing,Our mill marketing and sales was done by a committee including me, as I was to plan production.The key man was the Marwadi who was incharge of mills operations befour take over did all the Sales even after the mill take over but it was through a committee in cluding me.
My CEO the smart Army man took him also along with him as Sales Manager for our Group of 16 mills. Now I had one more responsibility which was not new to me as I was poking my nose in every ones work, what ever it was, in which ever area, even what ever that enters the main gate and goes out of the main gate. I had the support and advice of a brillent Bengali officer incharge of Quality Control.
We had a new man as CEO a South Indian Bramhin and he was very fond of our family and was depending on me for all the things but not for long.
During a review meeting of our mills he said the chief of 111 mills Technical Director that he could guide us to run the mill better for a question on mill operations resulting in the Technical Director loosing his cool transfered him to a post of Vigilance officer at our Head Office.
We had another CEO another South Indian Bramhin who was my boss now.He liked my daughter so much that he used ti visit our house very often to see her and tell us she is her girl friend.
My daughter was just about to reach her first birthday and we were planning to celebrate it as we did or our son. I went to the mills feeling great as my boss liked my daughter and I would be able to make a grand first birth day.
I never even dreamt what happened that day.
I had a direct phone call from my Technical Director to report to a mill in Bangalore and take charge as this mill was in a Mess.
This mill in the heart of the city where my father had worked,was a dream come true to see his boss who sat,would be my chair.
This was the Luck my daughter had brought with in one year.
We celebrated her birth day with our relatives and freiends in Bangalore.
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