Saturday, August 09, 2008

[ 18 - Lambs for Lion ]

The bureaucrat's would step in now after the ordinance and the management full of ignorant men at the helm of affairs would be shown the exit gate along with god knows who would be included,may be myself too.How could I tell my wife.
The next day I went to the mills as usual and headed straight to the office of the man who hired me but he had left to Delhi to appeal against the Govt Ordinance,and get a stay order.
Here we received a message that a Colonel of the Indian Army would be arriving at our place to take over the mills.We had a smart Marwadi as Manager of the mills who had never seen a textile mill.He sent a officer to receive the Army man and put him up in a Guest House and informed him that there is a Govt stay order not to take over the mills,and that he should take instructions from his superiors befour he could enter the mills violating Supreme court orders.
The smart Army man was in no hurry he waited for ten days.
At Delhi,the the Advocate for our mill told the Supreme Court,something like,that the mill was belonging to the Government of Karnataka and there was no question of take over of the mills by Government of India.
The Supreme Court askd the Advocate if he represented Governament of Karnataka.
There was no apeal by Govt of Karnataka.
The petiton by the Marvadi was dismised.
The smart army man walked in to the mills and took over the next day.
He came to the mills at 7.00 AM.
I went to the mills at 8.00 AM.
He was in the post spinning section after taking round of the spinning department.
I met him there and I don't remember what happened except remembering his sweet smile.I don't remember what happened that day.
The next day he sent a message to all Heads of Dept's to meet him at 8.00AM.
We all sat around in a semi circle.
He told us to brief him our duties and responsibilities.
Every one except me told their duties in their department*.
I told him my duties in the whole mill operations as I did so**.
*Broken English.
** My English.
The next day he called me to his office and told me to take over the complete operations of the mills and he would look in to the Management of the mills.
A circulor was sent simultaniously to all the Heads of all the Dept's.
All the Lions were now Lambs and I was the Lion.

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