Friday, August 08, 2008

[ 17 - Luck strikes Again ]

My Son Brings me Luck again
That night over radio we heard that the Govt of India had promulgated an ordinance taking over 43 textile protect the interest of the workers and prevent private company's miss management of mills which were making huge losses,they were also threatening to close down.Our mill was one among them but with a difference,the trade unions had complained to the Governament of India through the office of the Textile Commesionar's office,that the mill which was belonging to the Governament of Karnataka was managed by a Marwadi from Delhi and he was swindling money and had employed his men who had no knowledge of running the mills.This was investigated and the commetee had recomended to the Governament to take action.It was on the basis of this report that the mill was taken over.
That night I could not sleep.

Government was interestd only in workers and not us. The management staff were in some way had connections,like our mills which had all officers and few staff in whom the Officers were interested.I was the only the Guy with no connections with any one but my son's star made me a lion amoung lambs.

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