Sunday, April 25, 2010

[ Our Dearest Children.]

The day that you see us old we ask that you please have patience and that above all that you try to understand our dearest children,If when we talk to you we repeat the same old things a thousand and one times,so don't interrupt us to point out that we have already told you that,instead just listen to us.Remember a time when you were told day and night till you went to bed the same things again and again.Please do not scold us or be angry on us or embarrass us.Remember we would chase you to drink milk or take food so do not get upset or look with mocking face.

Remember our dear children that we taught you how to do so many things so that you can confront and deal with your life.

The day you notice we have become old our dearest children please have patience and above all,please try to understand us,If,occasionally we lose the memory or what ever you told us let us have the necessary time to remember and if we do not do it don't become nervous or impatient or arrogant,Instead just know in your heart that the most important thing for us is to simply be with you and have you listening to us.

When our tired old legs won't let us walk as before give us your hand in much the same way we did when you took your first step.When we tell you some day that we do not want to live any more that we are ready to die,please do not get upset or angry,because our dearest children you will understand that when at our age we reach a point where we do not live anymore we just exist.

When the day comes that we have to go do not feel sad,instead we ask you to be with us on that day try to understand us and help us.Help us in our final journey to the end of our life with love,with deep understanding and appreciation for the gift of time and love we were blessed to share together.