Tuesday, September 30, 2008

[ The Shaligram to Worship.2.]


Shaligram.org offers rare collections of Shaligrams (saligram, saligrama) naturally found in Gandaki river of Nepal. In Hindu religion Shaligrams are worshiped in temples, monasteries and households all over the world, as visible natural symbols of Lord MahaVishnu. Regular worship of shaligram gives untold merit to devotees.

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Vaikuntha Shaligram Collection and Maha MukthiNatha Shaligram Collection have been donated. New collections will be added soon.

*****Shaligram.org firmly believes that Holy Shaligrams should be worshiped for spiritual blessings and merit, as they are the direct manifestation of Lord MahaVishnu and not for materialistic benefits and other selfish desires, which leads to misery. So devotees of Holy Shaligrama should not be carried away with these selfish and worldly desires to worship Holy Shaligram, which are projected now a days everywhere.

If you are in the path of Moksha, one has to attain desirelessness with awareness and love. Worshiping shaligrams just for material prosperity or a desire for Moksha is a great hindrance for enlightenment. The puranas have mentioned about material prosperity when shaligrams are worshipped. But one must transcend the desire for material prosperity which can lead to misery due to greed and cause hindrance for spirituality.

I hope the devotees of Shaligrams perform service/pooja with love as they are the direct symbol of Sri Maha Vishnu without any desires. Meditation like Vipassana performed in front of Shaligrams has helped many people since centuries for spiritual attainment due to the powerful vibrations of Shaligram.*****

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