Saturday, September 20, 2008

[ I saw what I could't believe.]

My home 25 years ago now a home of Snakes and fully uninhabitable.

Sri Yellamma Goddess,family deity of the owner who built the mill before NTC took over paying few lacks of Rupees now worth several Crores of Rupees.

The Temple for Yellamma which I designed and was built by the New Mill Building contractor.

The Board that made all it said during my period as General Manager.

The Gate that sent tons of yarn of every type of Synthetic yarn never made by other NTC mills in the group to which this mill belonged.

The huge Humidification plant for the new Mill with 12,000 Spindles still inside rusting.

The medical center run by the mill for rural sick at the rural mills of the village of Tolahunse.

Acrylic yarn Reeling machines and High Twist Polyester yarn twist setting building.

The new block built in 1982 with brand new machines rusting inside.

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