Wednesday, October 01, 2008

[ The Gokarna we got to Know.]

It is said that the son's of the Occean tried to divide the entire country ( it is not mentioned why ) and in the process the sea entered the country in several low laying areas and Gokarna was completely under water.
The Atmalinga,the Thirthas,besides the Rishis,Munis and their Ashrams the entire place was also under water but now what we see in the valley of Shrthasrunga mountain middle is the sea and the land Gokarna is just above five meters and any natural calamity on this earth means the land which is Gokarna will be flooded with water from the sea.However by the power of Atmalinga this calamity has not happened since many centuries.
It is said that Gokarna was lifted above the waters by the great Sage Parasurama and even today there is a temple of Parasurama and Gokarna is also known as " Parasurama Khestra "

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