Sunday, September 28, 2008

[ What is Gokarna - 4 C - . ]

I visited Gokarna for a second time and found it more interesting than my first visit.
I purchased a guide book in Kannada and found it difficult to translate it to English.
You may find it strange in case you do not understand Kannada.My request to you is to take the meaning from your friend who knows Kannada.
Many interesting things are said in the Guide book on Gokarna.
It is said that it is five meters over the sea level at Sea level.
In case there is a earth quake there will be no Gokarna.
This hasn't happened in thousand years.
This is because Lord Shiva lives here.
You can believe it or leave it.
Sage Parasurama has re created Gokarna submerged earlier.
There is proof of this available in Gokarna.
The Atmalinga Will be White in color in Treta yuga.(Sri.Rama' time)
It will be Yellow in color in Dwapara yuga.(Sri.Krishna's time)
This will be Black in color in Kali yuga.(Our time)
In 1983 it was opened all around the Atmalinga to see the bottom of the Atmalinga but they could not see the bottom as it had gone very very deep in the ground by over 6 feet and there was a warning written on copper plates all around not to risk going further to explore the bottom.
There are 3 Atmalingas. One in Puskar belonging to and worshiped by Bramha,the second in Saligram belonging to and worshiped by Vishnu and the third in Gokarna which is of Lord Shiva worshiped by him.

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