Monday, September 08, 2008

[ Time to roll up my Sleeves.]

I woke up next morning early and after my morning blah blah and prayers had my breakfast and was getting ready to go to meet the Chairman when the General Manager of the mills called me from the Reception Counter and wanted to come and meet me and take me to the mills,he met me and after seeing him I was sure that I would be in deep shit.We had tea and came down from my room.The good old Trax had came to pick me up from the hotel.
The Driver whom I had known smiled on seeing my face and was perhaps wondering why this man has come to eat the money that was his and others in the mills,I just said how are you son and sat in the Trax.
I told the Driver to take me to meet the Chairman,he said he was not knowing as to where he has gone and it's better I go to mills first and meet the Chairman when he comes there the General Manager also was of the same view.
I told him that is fine with me and we were driving along the 7 KM country road when he told me that the Chairman is coming and stopped the TRAX at the road side.I met the Chairman and gave him a Hug and we had a chat on the road.He told me to meet him in the evening at the place where he would discuss things with his followers daily.
I went to the mills with the General Manager and saw the machines and men.The men few of them were glad to see me but I was disappointed to see the conditions of the machines.
Around mid day the Chairman came with his two Directors and we all sat in the Offices I had made for him when I was there previously.The Chairman after few rounds of discussions on mill working told me that the entire yarn production of the mills was rejected by the contractor who was running the mill on conversion basis.
The contractor had purchased six months production by paying post dated cheques for each month.
The mill had in turn deposited all the six months cheques in a local bank and had drawn 75% of the total amount and paying interest on that amount.The amount being already spent by the mills.
Once the present serious problems facing the mill was explained to me with about 4 or 5 Directors sitting with a gloomy face,I told all those present at the meeting that with in the earliest possible time I would solve the problem if there was no interruption in my work. They were having no choice as I told them I would walk away once I found any pin picks in my work.However the Chairman said that they have to have some one t take care of the mills technically if I have to have that option of walking away.I said that was not a problem if that person would keep away from my path.I even sang the song indicating that I have come here to:
Jeena yaha marna yaha iske shiva janah kaha".
The Chairman laughingly told " Nahi Nahi Aap Tho Jeena Idhar Marna Nahi ".
I was not interested in any more talk and kept quite.
The Chairman said he had to inform the Yarn conversion contractor about my appointment and I may have to meet him at his office as soon as I could.So ended the day and I was now back at the mills to take control of the mess.
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