Thursday, September 04, 2008

[ 43 - Rest is Best at Bangalore.]

We left Miraj with out any Grudg and left for Bangalore for rest at last and fast.Our daughter was happy with our arrival.
For a few months it was only rest and it was also best for my health at sixty plus.I was able to have my health check up and my daughter and her friend were helpful in taking me to a good Hospital for a complete Executive Medical Check Up and advice on my medication that was needed.My daughter insisted that my wife also should get hers done.
The diagnostic reports were fine [ touch wood ] but the Doctor's could have done better than machines,they hardly inquired our previous medical records or medical reports or even questioned on any chronic problems.They looked at the reports standing and said everything is fine and said made a face to get lost.
I do not remember how I spent my days going around all places that was my favorite hunt in Bangalore the Brigade Road,where I miss the good old KHOSHY'S with a JUKE BOX, the BASCOS with a cool ambiance for a bottle of BEER and a good view of the road to see any one going down the road etc,etc.
However there was a feeling that I often remembered to having a feeling that I may have to work to keep my savings which had already depleted considerably due to my frequent unemployment's which were all avoidable.Most of the time I spent was in keeping my car in good condition and clean in all areas and the Tyre of each wheel clean and shining.
As a sentimental feeling I maintained my son's first 0.50 CC Moped called Hero Majestic which was a gift to my son when he secured a First Class in his Final High School Examinations and which he did maintain for a short period be four he got his 150 CC. Suzuki
as his build and weight was not suitable for this 50 CC poor Hero Majestic which he called Hero Pathetic.I kept this also clean and in running condition and I was also using this for quite some time.
The next was my daughter's 1.50 CC Moped with Gear drive Called Hero Puck which she was insisting on getting only this Motor Bike for going to her collage as going by Bus was very tedious I maintained this motor Bike and used this also for some time and fell down also with my wife sitting on the pillion once, I refused to sell both the motor bikes for a good price.
However time was on my head weighing heavily and I was under depression and confused regarding my future some how due to depression,boredom and helplessness I did not bother on my seventy's as I did not expect to see those due to what I was thinking in my mind in my early sixty's the deadly diabetes.
My rest was getting restless and rusty,with out any action there was only deep emotion all due to natural effects of chronic boredom.I was just watching the calender and the days left in the month day after day.
I never thought that I would see the inside of a textile mill to hear the sound of machines a music for my ears.It was not so for long now.
I received a telephone call one day and then I was back to square # 13.
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