Wednesday, September 03, 2008

[ 41 - Enter the Boiler Room ]

We were just under 100 KM from my previous place and arrived at the new place and after dumping our bag and baggage at our quarters, we took up a room in a hotel and informed my big employer that I would like to meet him and then take up my assignment.
He said he would be sending his vehicle to my hotel and that I can report to the mills and meet him in the evening.
A big car arrived and I went with my wife to report to the mills, the Company secretary met me and he called the Spinning Mater and told him that I was the new CEO. The look on the Rat eaten face of the Spinning Master was not so friendly however looks are not the face of ones qualities. I went around the mills which had also a good quality control lab and good staff after a visit to the Lord Ganesh place of worship which was inside the mills ever since it was built by the previous owner more than 70 years back and was happy it this place maintained very well.
I spent the whole afternoon visiting various dept's again and again and rested in my new office a drably looking room and was busy making it look like a office till evening.The arrival of my employer was heard with blowing whistles by security personal.
I went out of my office and saw the two faces of the hefty figures emerging out of their cars one after another.Not a soul was present to see them or salute them signifying their presence perhaps as a dreaded visit most unwelcome.
Some time later I was called and went to see them sitting in two chairs not big enough to hold them and their belly protruding out like a balloons from inside their Kurtas.
The discussions were very cordial and I was happy with the meeting they told me that they both (brothers )would be visiting the mills in the late noons only as they have to be in their office about 7 KM from the mills their main business was buying and selling cotton the offices of the mills were well kept like in a " Boiler Room ".
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