Thursday, September 11, 2008

[ The Begining from the End. -1-]

After ten long years I have to remember all the good things that have happened in my family. I have not mentioned and I do not remember anything unwanted that has come to us.
Yes few friends have left me, few have let me down, few have told big lies and may be few have cheated me but nothing big or small have befallen my family.
All these ten long years of my life with my wife have been like a duet song the singers being me and my wife.
I can sing but God has taken away all my teeth and the Dentist has given me another set, if only all the body parts can be replaced with no surgery like the false set of teeth it would be so great indeed. !!!.
Singing with false set of teeth is possible but that needs another gift from God, a good voice which I do not posses. My wife had her tonsils removed even before she reached her teens and you can't sing with tonsils trimmed.
My children don't sing but make every one sing and dance to their tune including me and my wife.It is however a feather in our cap that they can do it. Both are also great writers and readers,I wonder how they can do such a thing but who cares for my wondering things such as:
My Son with his wife going over seven seas with his wife in a land he had never seen.
My Daughter completing her Masters in Archeology in a very Big city she had never seen staying alone in a girls hotel.
My Daughter going alone over seven seas to study from a tropical land to a freezing cold land in winter and seeing snow fall, which she wanted to see staying in South India.
My Son and daughter getting married with out any botheration to me or my wife in any way.
My Son getting a GOLD MEDAL in his final year of Engineering Graduation.
My Son & Daughter Securing a FIRST CLASS through out every year up to their final year of Graduation from the very first year at school to final year of their graduation.
My Son & Daughter both having such good command over English Language both in speaking & writing.
My Wife for putting up my tempers, tantrums back to back.
Myself being called as "SIR" by my seniors in my profession.
These are few of the things that I can say and many that I can't say.
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