Saturday, September 06, 2008

[ My Lost Adventure.]

During my stay at a textile mill in a corner of Maharastra where I was was the one to see the mill come up from foundation to production,I had appointed a young qualified textile technologist* as the Spinning Master who telephoned to me that I must talk to the Vice Chairman of the mills since he had a urgent message for me.
I telephoned to him and we exchanged few pleasantries after which I told him that I had phoned as per the news given to me.
Yes,I was eagerly awaiting for your call to inform you that the mill you built and set is in very bad shape and the Chairman has told me to inquire if you would go over here to make things set once again.
I told him that I would be willing but on my terms which were:
1] As I would be coming alone I must be given a Hotel stay of my choice.
2] The period of my absence to be treated as leave.
3] That I would work with out any interference.
4] I would work as I wanted on my time frame.
5] My salary would be the same as before.
6] Transport to work must be a car exclusively for me.
All the above to be approved by the Board of Directors on my Joining.
With out a thought he said we will do what you say,just please come.I told him that I would talk to the Spinning Master* and report soon.
I told my wife and daughter that they would have to manage for sometime till I would come back,which might be few months.
This was not a big thing for my wife as she was good at managing to all things and I don't remember what my daughter had said.
I left for that God blessed place soon.
I took a train to the shortest place from the railway station to the God blessed place and my Spinning Mater* was waiting for me in a taxi,I threw in my baggage and we left for the God blessed place.I asked the Spinning Master* as to what happened to the mill Trax.He said the Chairman had taken it.It was always his personal work first.The son of a xitch wanted to become a MLA at all costs.
Though I was aware of this I went there to see the destruction after my construction like a doctor visiting a sick patient.
After reaching the God blessed place I checked in to the Hotel which had opened during my previous stay.This was the only well maintained mill.When I checked in to the Hotel they asked me an advance of Rs.2000/= [ since I told them that I would be staying on monthly basis.]
I told them I am staying as the Guest of the local textile mill.
They replied we know that and that's why we are asking.I told them that I would be paying after 30 days only and showed them my credit card,after seeing my credit card they said that will be fine.
I was wondering what would be my loss in this adventure ?.
My last Lost Adventure.
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